Perspective drawing- environments

In 2G we have been very busy this term learning about one point perspective drawing. We created perspective landscape drawings using coloured pencils and learnt about using vanishing points in our drawings. We think that our skills have improved heaps using this technique and we hope to explore more perspective drawing skills in the future. What do you think of our environments?

birds in the environment- recycled collage

In term four 2G have been exploring collage using different recycled materials to make artworks of nesting birds. In spring we see a lot of nesting birds in our environment around the school. This inspired our collages and we think they are very beautiful. How can you help birds survive in their environment? The prep classes made feeders in term two to help them survive. Our collages are also environmentally friendly as they have been made out of 100% recycled materials. We love using things we find in our resource rescue box to make Artworks.

Making Sherbet!

This morning in 2F and 2G, we have conducted a science experiment and made our own sherbet.  We needed to follow a procedural text, making sure we measured each ingredient accurately in order for the experiment to work effectively.

During the experiment we noticed how each ingredient was mixing together and we saw how the colour changed only a little bit.

We were able to do a taste test after making our sherbet and made a connection between the citric acid and the sour after taste we got!

Performing Arts ~ Blue

In Term Four we have been making links to our CBL Big Idea “Environment”. We have created movements to match different animals with different music.  Have explored rhythm paths using ti-ti, taa, and zaa and used these to create our own rhythm patterns and to play along with songs. We have used clapping sticks, xylophones and a variety of percussion instruments. We have also started to read and play music using boom whackers.


Year 2 Sleepover

On Wednesday the 6th of December, we had the Year Two Sleepover at Aitken Creek Primary School. We changed into casual clothes. After that, we went to the learning neighbourhood and we played ‘The Invisible Ball’.

We played some outdoor games all together.

Then we came to free time on the playground.

Later, we had afternoon tea, which was fruit and biscuits.

After that, we had a scavenger hunt. In the scavenger hunt, we had to find the teachers and follow the instructions on the posters.  Some were easy and some were hard. There were lots of people and activities.

We had delicious fish and chips for dinner.

After dinner we had free time and icy poles. Some people got their icy poles the next day. Then we went inside and and set up our sleeping bags, brushed our teeth, changed into pyjamas and watched a movie, which was Monsters University. Then we all went to bed.

In the morning we ate breakfast which included rice bubbles, cornflakes. toast and juice. After breakfast we brushed our teeth. We had to pack our sleeping bags, tidy up and change back into our uniform. Then we watched the Bee Movie and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in the morning.

We had a great time at the sleepover.

Water and the environment

In Year One and Two we have been looking at how the water from drains affects the water in our oceans and bays. We read the book “I Only Drain Rain” and designed out own water awareness posters. We hope that they will make people think about the environment and stop littering.

All of us can make a difference by collecting rubbish and making sure that we never throw anything on the streets that can end up in the drains.

We hope they inspire you to make a difference.

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox

We have been reading Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge in our class.

We made predictions and changed them after reading information about the text.

We used thinking hats to make connections to what we already know about nursing homes.

We described a character from the book and compared Miss Nancy and Wilfrid Gordon using a Venn diagram.

We worked with a partner to think about the mood and tone of the text and used evidence to support our opinions

We made connections to our own memories by linking different types of memories found in the text. We recorded our memories in a flip book to share with the class.

After sequencing Miss Nancy’s memories, we made a timeline using our own memories.

Working together to research different types of energy.

We have been using roles to help us work collaboratively. It has helped us to make sure everyone is helping contributing and participating in the group. We have researched different energies and started thinking about problems and possible solutions.

Alvana is researching hydro power and learnt that the Snowy River Hydro plants took 25 years to build.

Jayden and Jaisal have been researching coal. They know that it is made from bark and trees that have been buried for a very long time.

Emma, Saad and Ahmed have learnt that solar energy is renewable and comes from the heat of the sun.

Chelsea, Sameen, Vidhi and Arda are also researching solar energy and are beginning to understand how solar panels work.


Navraj, Attila, Ishan, Vihaan and Sanjay have found out that petrol is made from oil and is used in most cars. Some cars use diesel though.

Jack, Charlotte, Japnoor, Azra and Mohammad are exploring how energy is used in our bodies. They have found out how food is absorbed and turned into energy.

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