Balloon Magic

Today we completed a science experiment. We followed the scientific process as we had seen in Ada Twist Scientist.

We started by asking the question: What would happen if we mixed baking soda and vinegar together? We then made a hypothesis.

I predict the balloon will pop – Sophie

I predict the balloon will float – Arya

Next, we did the experiment. For the experiment, we had to fill an empty bottle with vinegar. We then put baking powder in a balloon using a funnel. We attached the balloon to the top of the bottle and watched what happened. Can you guess what happened?

….The baking powder mixed with the vinegar, which caused a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction produced Carbon Dioxide. The Carbon Dioxide had no where to go so it ended up inflating the balloon.


Skittles Investigation

In 2E we have been investigating Skittles.

We made different predictions about what we thought would happen when we added Skittles into water.

In our experiment, we followed a method and used materials to complete it.

2E discovered that the colours from the Skittles came off and melted into the water to make patterns and a design of colours.

We also discovered that the letter ‘S’ from the Skittles came off.

Thankyou for reading!

From Miss. Sahin and 2E

Sketchnoting in Grade 2C

Dear parents and carers,

We have been learning about the Big Idea of “Discovery”. Some of our questions were:

  • Why is space dark? – Olivia
  • How do you live in space? – Devika
  • How many stars are in space? – Jannat M
  • Who discovered space? – Avani
  • Why are there planets in space? – Sia
  • How is the sun made? – Lakshmeet
  • How many rocks are in space? – Japtesh
  • Why does space have gravity? – Shaurya
  • What are planets made out of? – Mirha

We have been reading books about space and researching answers to some of our questions.

We have also been sketch noting to take notes using key words and pictures. Here are some examples:

“I learned there are lots of planets.” – Shaurya

“I learned there are stars and the moon in the sky.” – Sia

“Space started with the big bang.” – Aish

“I learned there are thousands of things in the sky.” – Mirha

“I learned that Mars is red.” – Benny

“I learned about Earth.” – Armaan

Thanks for reading!

From Mrs Mladenis and Grade 2C


STEM engineering project based on The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The troll would not let the billy goats cross the river however the children from 2I using their scientific reasoning, problem solving and teamwork skills worked on constructing a raft to carry the billy goats across the river.

The process

  • Designing our rafts – which materials do you think will work best?

  • Building our rafts – do you need to change your design?
  • Testing our rafts to see if they sink or float.

  • Did  your raft support the weight of your goat?










Being Better Buddies!

This week we were lucky to spend almost all day Monday with our buddy class 5B. We worked together on Art, Spanish, PE, and Performing Arts activities.

We focused on Teamwork and showing our Classroom Expectations.

In numeracy we have continued our work on Problem solving and are trying new strategies.

We have also been looking at doubles facts and vertical addition too!

We’re looking forward to sharing more of our learning into discovery soon!

Fun with our Buddies!

On Monday, we got to spend four sessions with our grade 5 buddies for Better Buddies day. In the morning we completed a photo scavenger hunt. For this activity we had to take photos of ourselves performing different activities with our buddies. We then created a collage of some of the photos we had taken.

In the afternoon we completed a Spanish and Art activity. For this activity, we had to create a portrait using pictures of fruits and vegetables. We then had to name the fruits and vegetables in Spanish. It was so much fun to spend almost the whole day with our buddies!
In 2D we have also just started a Buddy Bear Adventure Book. Each week a lucky student in our class will get to take home Buddy Bear. They will get to take Buddy Bear on cool adventures and then share this with the rest of the class.


2C Better Buddies Day

Dear parents and carers,

Today was Better Buddies Day.

We show respect and responsibility to our buddies and in our community. – Milind and Armaan

We have to be nice to each other. – Olivia

We should care for people. – Sadika

We show teamwork with others. – Japtesh

First we worked with our buddies to cut out pictures of fruits and vegetables. – Paul

We made some pictures. – Jannat M

We learned Las Fruitas in Spanish. – Armaan

While we were doing the activity, we worked hard on our task. – Avneet

When we finished the vegetables, we had to find words in Spanish in a word find.  – Sia

We got house points. – Janet U

Next we went on a scavenger hunt. – Shylah

We have to show good values. – Armaan

At performing arts, we did a dance. We were acting like we were singing but we weren’t. – Aish

We did lip syncing and we had to dance.  We could choose from these songs: Roar, Dynamite and Happy. – Milind

Thanks for reading!


Discovering the art of Joan Miro

This term we have been exploring the art of the Surrealist artist Joan Miro. He was a Spanish artist and created silly creatures in strange landscapes. His work was very colourful and bright and many of the creatures in his work look funny.  Our sculptures were challenging to put together but we used our collaboration skills and helped each other.

We hope you enjoy looking at our fantastic sculptures!

Fun with Addition!

This week in 2F we have been practising different strategies to help us with our Addition. One of the skills we have learnt this week is doubling.  Doubling is when we add two of the same numbers together.

We listed all the doubles facts we know from 1-20 and here are some of the things we noticed:

Charli: I noticed that the answers are all going up by 2’s

Zeynep: It’s like we are skip counting by 2’s

Noah: The answers are all even numbers

Take a look at our ‘Doubles Creatures’ that we created. Now we can  practise our doubles facts everyday!

Independent Reading in 2A and 2I!

Wow, this morning Mrs Fernandes and I were so excited during our reading session that we had to video the amazing effort put in by our grades. The independent reading that was modelled by all was absolutely fantastic. We had our students making fabulous seating choices, reading independently, showing excellent stamina skills, practising personalised reading goals and engaged in their ‘just right’ books.

2A reading beautifully!

2I and their fantastic reading!

We self assessed our efforts to identify how we think we went during this time:

Andriana – We did a great job in reading because we were nice and quiet and not screaming and running around the room. 

Rishi – I like how people weren’t walking around the classroom they were sitting and reading quietly. 

Harvinjeet – We were good independent readers because we like reading books . 

Fifa – I found it easier to read today. 

Kaushik – I stayed in my seat the whole time and didn’t stop reading. 

Such a proud moment to watch the effort put in by everyone during this reading session.

Check out our video and leave us some feedback, we’d love to hear from you! 

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