Worldwide communities!

This week in 2F we have been looking at world maps and the different communities we come from all over the world. We have a variety of cultures in our classroom and had lots of fun learning about where our classmates come from.

We also discussed the importance of maps and why we need them.

Aryaman: We can use maps when we get lost to help us find our way back.

Arav: My dad has a GPS in his car that he uses while driving when we don’t know how to get somewhere.

Noah: Maps help us get from place to place.

Nasrin: We can use maps when we go on holidays and want to visit different countries.

Arvin: A map can help us see all the places we come from in the world.

We hope you enjoyed reading!

By 2F and Miss Barba

2B visited the Craigieburn Library

On Wednesday the 14th of March,  we walked to the Craigieburn Library. We visited the library to learn more about our local community and what happens at the library.

When we arrived at the Library, Josie showed us the Art Gallery. “The Art Gallery was beautiful” – Jaylee. We had a tour of the library, we saw people working at the library and people studying hard. We went into the children’s section. “We had story time, sang songs and did a craft activity.” – Lilly.

We asked lots of open ended questions to find out interesting facts about the Craigieburn Library.

Did you know, “the Craigieburn Library has 65,000 books!” – Curtis. “It was awarded the World’s best library in 2015!” – Arjun. “The walls of the library were made out of compacted mud that was found in the ground before the library was built. This helps keep the library nice and cool during hot weather.” – Divjot.

Our visit to the Craigieburn Library was very interesting!

Thanks for reading,

From 2B and Miss Davis.

Busy times in 2H

In the last weeks we looked at the School-wide Positive Behaviour Matrix and judged how well we do each behaviour. We thought about what we need to work on more. We made connections to Community and how to be respectful.

In Mathematics we worked on place value and attempted a number line. We found it was more difficult than we thought, but learnt a lot about numbers up to 1000.

‘I know 500 should be in the middle, because its half of 1000’

‘We can count by 10s to work out how far it should be’

We thought about what we learnt about programming from the Bee on the Team performance and used what we know about directions to program bee bots. We found we had to think ahead and try different things.

It’s been an exciting time.

Can  you program a robot?

Number Formation

In Numeracy today, we were learning how to write numbers correctly. We firstly watched a video on YouTube with a rhyme to remind us how to write the digits 0-9.

Then we had a go writing the numbers in our books. Once we did this, we used the ozobots to trace our numbers. Sometimes the ozobots didn’t follow our paths because the lines were too thin. We had to debug to solve the problem.

Thanks for reading!

Grade 2C and Mrs Mladenis

How do we show the school values in our home community?

Yesterday we looking at the Aitken Creek Positive School Wide Behaviour Framework for the learning spaces in the school. We discussed and shared how we show each of the school values in our different learning spaces. We then began thinking about how we show the school values in our home community. We completed our own positive behaviour matrix for our home environment.

‘I show responsibility by helping my dad cook rice’ – Arya

‘I show teamwork by playing games with my brother’ – Dilshan



Week 4 and 5 in 2D

Read below to find out what 2D have been getting up to….

Reading and Writing

In reading, we have been looking at a text called ‘Children Just Like Me’. The text has showed us the lives of children from all around the world. We have learnt about their homes, food, outfits, schools, families, and hobbies. We have made connections to these children’s lives and learnt new words such as mosque. In writing, we have created our own Children Just Like Me book. We have included information and pictures about ourselves so that we can educate others about our lives. To see our ‘Children Just Like Me’ book come in and visit our community library!


In maths, we have been using Google Earth to locate the important places that make up the Craigieburn Community. We have created a key for the map and discussed the importance of each of these places in making a successful community. We have chosen two places in the community and wrote a set of directions to get between them, using street names, as well as left/ right directional language.

‘We need a library in the community so that people can get smarter’ – Shan

‘We need Splash in the community so that people can learn to swim’ – Ruhani


Sustained Spontaneous Writing

This is what Sustained Spontaneous Writing time looks like in 2I.  Twenty minutes of writing on personally chosen topics. Usually a five minute warning will signal the session is about to end, allowing time for students to complete their thoughts on paper.

SSW is important because it helps to build our writing skills and stamina. By writing every day we exercise our writing muscles. It also clears our mind to make room for new ideas and learning.  2I

SSW encourages creativity and allows students to feel free to take risks by trying out new ways of expressing themselves.

Mrs Fernandes-Ieu


Creating respectful relationships in 2A!

In 2A we have been working hard to create a classroom environment that promotes our school values. We have been working together to build on our knowledge of our peers and have used this knowledge to accept each other for our unique differences. We have embraced a positive approach to making sure our daily learning experiences are encouraging everyone in our room to ‘do their best always’ and to feel respected in our classroom community at all times.

2A worked in teams to take on the Cup Challenge to build a cup tower using resources. Through collaboration, discussions and sheer determination we achieved some wonderful results.

By learning about our peers it has encouraged every individual to learn about themselves. We have found out a lot of important information about how we learn and how our feelings can impact on our learning. By using the Zones of Regulation as a guide we have been able to identify the different emotions that we may face throughout our working day. Our aim is to be in the green zone to ensure that we are ready to learn. Check out our amazing brainstorm identifying key vocabulary that fits into each zone!

This week in 2G…

This week in 2G we have been focusing on reading, comparing, ordering and renaming 4-digit numbers. We have enjoyed practising these skills while playing mathematical games like Mastermind, Race to the Moon and Rhino Race.

We have also been learning about community in class. We have learnt about different jobs within our community and the different types of communities including rural, suburban and urban communities. We have also been looking at our family communities and created our own family trees.

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