Discovery in 2E

The CBL topic in Year 2 this term is Discovery!

This week during the tuning in stage of Discovery, the Year 2 students have been able to explore a variety of areas that include; Biology, Water, Human Body, Senses, Buildings, Animals, Space, Earth, Sports, Engineering, Robot, Technology and much more.

2E have been given many opportunities to discover these topics and they have been very curious by collating their wondering’s and initial questions into their CBL Journals. These journals will be used throughout Term 2 to document students thinking and learning processes.

“I would like to learn about how to catch insects and look after them” – Baran

“I am curious to learn more about different types of water” – Kayla

“I am wondering why we have so many bones and what do we use them for” – Hadiah













Thankyou for reading!

Welcome Back to Term 2

Welcome back to Term Two!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and now in preparation for the new term there are a few reminders to get us on our way.

Arriving at school and attendance:
It is essential that students are attending school every day and arriving to their classroom at 8:50am. Our classroom instruction commences at this time and if students come any later they miss out on important learning time and social interactions with their peers. Across the Year Two cohort we will be celebrating 100% attendance and punctuality when we achieve this within our rooms.

Writing Seeds:
It would be great to see children bringing in seeds/writing prompts from their holiday experiences. This will help remember the wonderful moments they’ve had over the holidays and stimulate ideas and creativity in writing.

Please ensure that if your child has an iPad to bring in every day. It needs to be fully charged and have all required Apps downloaded and updated. This is really important as we will be using them on a daily basis as a learning tool throughout the term.

2018 P-2 ACPS Student iPad App List 

The Year Two Teachers are super excited to be back and we look forward to seeing all your smiling faces Monday morning, ready to learn and start some new discoveries this term. 

Home Learning

Dear parents and carers,

Here is some information about Year Two Home Learning. Please see the attached document for specific tasks to complete.

Year Two Home Learning.docx-19urtj6

Homework tasks to incorporate

  • An optional grid with a set of open ended activities relating to unit of study/life skills or research
  • Can involve Manga High/Literacy Planet as part of the grid for additional practice and challenge
  • Personal spelling words that come from student writing (If students are competent spellers then the focus is on extending vocabulary)
  • Number fluency activities around automatic response and real life experiences e.g. shopping. (not excessive, to fit in line with policy)
  • Reading to your child, with your child and/or children reading by themselves take home, library and any other relevant reading material  


  • No consequences (detention) for students not completing the homework.
  • Communication with parents required if expected tasks (reading, number fluency and spelling) are not completed.
  • Communication with parents should focus on the reasons why homework is not completed and the reasons for the importance of this practice to support child’s learning.
  • Homework needs to be acknowledged (corrected) and not take up a lot of time to correct.

Kind Regards,

Year Two Teachers

Making a class community artwork using Van Goghs’ Sunflowers

This term we have been exploring the artwork of the Artist Vincent Van Gogh. We made a collaborative piece of art as a class community of his painting ‘Sunflowers’. After we finished our class painting we all had a go at drawing and painting our own sunflowers using watercolour paint. We used different photographs of sunflowers to paint ours and tried to make them different to Van Goghs’. How do you think we did?

Celebrating Cultural Diversity Week!

During week 8,  we celebrated Cultural Diversity Week. We had a parade with all the Year Two students and got to share our cultural outfits with everyone. We worked collaboratively with our grades and were respectful to other classes as we walked around the basketball courts.

2A went to different classes and took part in lots of multicultural activities. We learnt about the diverse cultures in our communities. We got to make a plate of food to represent the food we eat in our own homes with Miss Barba. We also got to colour and dance with Mrs Fernandes and created some masks and lanterns with Miss Davis and Miss Sahin. We had a class discussion with Mrs Rushworth and identified the purpose of the  ‘Welcome to Country’ statement. This is part of our Assembly routine and acknowledges the traditional land owners of Australia.

Throughout the day, we tried different cultural foods in our classroom and found that our classmates and their families have come from many varying countries.


Overall we enjoyed all the activities and celebrations and had a lot of fun working with other students and teachers.

Student reflections:

Angad – I learnt that in China they have nice lanterns.

Julian – I had fun with Miss Barba making our own food.

Jasmine – I had fun with Miss Sahin. I liked making a lantern.

Mia – I had a lot of fun in Miss Fernandes’ class because we danced and coloured.

Fifa – I enjoyed the parade because we got to see everyone and their clothing.

Cassandra – I enjoyed all the activities we did.

Toshani – I enjoyed doing the drawing, colouring and dancing with Miss Fernandes.

Izaan – I enjoyed colouring the mask with Miss Sahin.

Wania – I enjoyed dancing with Mrs Fernandes.

Hafsa – I learnt that we should use teamwork so we all get along.

David – I learnt that the Egyptian mask had a snake on it because it had connections to the Pharaoh. Also, there were head coverings.

Cultural Diversity Day in 2F!

Today the year 2 students celebrated Cultural Diversity day. We dressed up in different costumes to showcase our cultures from all over the world.

We had a parade in the morning to celebrate and share our costumes with all the year 2’s, parents and special guests.  After our parade we participated in an activity where we learnt about different foods from all over the world. We read a story about different family meals and then created our favourite family dish out of a paper plate and other craft materials.

We also had a cultural feast with our class members and brought in a  popular dish  to share. We got the opportunity to try lots of delicious foods from all over the world.  After our feast we participated in another fun cultural activity with Ms Davis.


We had an amazing day and hope you enjoyed reading our post. Thank you Miss Barba and 2F


Cultural Diversity Week

Today we were celebrating Cultural Diversity Week. We dressed up in beautiful costumes to show our different cultures.

We had a parade on the basketball court with all the Year Two classes. It was so much fun seeing all the cultural outfits! Everyone looked fantastic! Here is a photo of the best dressed students.

We also had a cultural feast. Everyone brought food to share from their cultures. We had Indian, Albanian, Sri Lankan, Turkish, Lebanese, Syrian and Australian food. It was delicious!

Afterwards, we went to different classrooms to learn about cultures around the world. We went to Mr Hampton’s class to learn a Japanese dance. Then we went to Mrs Rushworth’s class to do some dot paintings. At the end of the day we went to Mrs Mladenis for The Amazing Race. We learned about different countries and had a lot of fun!

Thanks for reading!

Worldwide communities!

This week in 2F we have been looking at world maps and the different communities we come from all over the world. We have a variety of cultures in our classroom and had lots of fun learning about where our classmates come from.

We also discussed the importance of maps and why we need them.

Aryaman: We can use maps when we get lost to help us find our way back.

Arav: My dad has a GPS in his car that he uses while driving when we don’t know how to get somewhere.

Noah: Maps help us get from place to place.

Nasrin: We can use maps when we go on holidays and want to visit different countries.

Arvin: A map can help us see all the places we come from in the world.

We hope you enjoyed reading!

By 2F and Miss Barba

Flags From Around the World

We have been looking at flags this week. We have discovered that each country community has a different flag which includes symbols that represent important things to do with that country. We decided to create our own flag with symbols that represent our 2D community. We first designed our own individual flag. We then shared it with the class. As a class, we chose the ideas we liked the most and created our 2D community flag. Look below to see our flag.

‘We should put an Australian animal on our flag because most people in our class are born in Australia’ – Prabhleen

‘We should include a star with four points to represent each of the ACPS school values’ – Rehat

‘We should include a heart because we are friendly and kind to eachother’ – Angel and Loveleen

‘We should include a rainbow because we are all different’ – Jana



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