End of Term Three

What a great end to term 3!

Today 2B made pizzas at school just to finish our term on a high note. We used English muffins, mozzarella cheese and tomato paste as our ingredients and cook them in the oven. Students also made chef hats for themselves and chose to make their own pizzas by putting different ingredients on them.

Here are some photos of 2B having a great time being chefs today:)

W are looking forward to term  four!

Happy holidays:)


What has 2F been upto?

Over the last few weeks our class has been reading Oliver Jeffers and Aaron Blabey books. We have been exploring their style of writing and illustrations as well as the different techniques they.

Image result for bad guys bookImage result for oliver jeffers

For book week, we all got to dress up as our favourite character from story books. We had a Year 2 Parade and got to see all the different costumes!

In Numeracy, we have been working on Subtraction and Problem solving. We have been developing our strategies to help us solve subtraction number problems.  It is really fun when you are working to solve the problem because you have to keep trying!

We have also been working on planning and writing our own narratives. We have planned the different parts of our stories and have began writing our drafts. Some of us are even up to revising our writing and adding more details. We are going to create interesting and curious stories!

Thankyou for reading!!

Survival- Animals

This year in 1&2 Art classes we have explored the idea of survival by looking at animals and how they survive in their environment. We have learnt so much and we have created some amazing pictures that we wanted to share with you. We even illustrated a book about a penguin who got caught in fishing rope. We hope you come and see our spectacular work at the Aitken Creek Learning Journey Showcase next week.


Our Term 3 Learning so far!

So far this term we have been exploring the big idea of ‘curiosity’. We’ve been investigating digital technology and games. We have learnt and investigated how games are made, who makes them, and the ideas of coding.

We’ve explored ideas such as ‘algorithms’ and ‘computational thinking’, which is kind of like planning moves and actions in a logical order.

Not only that but we’ve been using these skills to begin coding our very own games with our amazing buddies in 4A as well as create our own versions of picture books we love in ScratchJr!

As for Maths we’ve been enjoying investigating subtraction and using different subtraction strategies in different ways to find what works best for us.

In Reading and writing we’ve been exploring ‘The Authors Craft’. We’ve looked at the structure of a narrative and the plot.

‘A plot follows a line called a narrative arc.’ – Rishi

Finally we’re preparing to begin using our understandings of the authors craft to create our own original narratives!

We’re very excited! We’re looking forward to sharing more of our learning soon!

Term 3 – Curiosity

This term, for CBL our Big Idea is ‘Curiosity’. We have been learning about what it means to be curious and how it helps us in learning.

In Reading,  we explored a variety of books. Students wrote down reasons about how books make them curious. We learnt how authors make us curious to read their books by writing interesting stories that spark our curiosity.

In CBL,  we unpacked the word ‘curiosity’ by exploring different games that makes us curious to play them. Students had the opportunity to play a variety of old and contemporary games. They then recorded what did they enjoyed or disliked about the game and what made them want to play more.

Thank you from 2B and Miss Kaur!

National Tree Day – 26th of July

Dear Parents and Carers,

Today, Year 2E and 4E participated in Schools National Tree Day (Planet Ark Day). It is Australia’s largest community tree-planting and nature care event.

We worked together as a team and participated in National Tree Day by planting trees in the school yard today. We worked with their buddies, dug some soil out, planted trees and also spotted some worms and grubs. It was so much fun.

“I enjoyed planting with my buddy.” – Shyla (4E)

“I like digging. So, I enjoyed digging and planting.” – Aleyna (4E)

“I enjoyed watering the plants and watching our buddies dig the soil.” – Rista (2E)



Our ‘Big Idea’ for CBL this term is Curiosity. We have been unpacking the definition of curiosity and how it helps us learn. We have analysed technology, coding, games, the makers of popular games and when they were made. We wrote down the things we see, think and wonder.

In writing we have been working on writing our own version of Pig the Pug. After completing our work, we edited to fix our mistakes and published our best version. We also made Pig the Pug masks, matching our story. We asked each other questions about the troubles our Pig the Pug got up to.

Joshua – “Why did Pig the Toothpaste throw toothpaste everywhere?”

Tyler – “Why couldn’t Pig the Underpants save the world?”

Thank you for reading!

2A’s Library Visit

Today in 2A we walked to the Craigieburn Library to see our animal report display from last term.

We all created information reports about endangered animals to help animals survive.  Mrs Lowe-Wheeler set up the display at the library so that others can read or view our information reports. People can scan the QR Codes and they will find us reading our reports.

While we were in the Library Josie read us some stories, she gave us a tour around the Library and we sang some songs.

Please go down to the Library to see our display and leave us some feedback!

From 2A


Grade 2 – Term 3 Spanish – Mr Pablo

In Grade 2, we’ve started learning how to say in Spanish the days of the week. We found it particularly interesting to learn that the names of most days come from the planets in our solar system. We’ve therefore enjoyed identifying and writing down in Spanish which days are derived from which planets. For the remainder of Term 3, we look forward to learning how to say the months, seasons and different types of weather in Spanish.

‘I enjoy writing the days of the week both in Spanish and English’ – Nikita (2E)

‘I enjoyed doing work about the days of the week and the planets’ Teju (2G)

Welcome back for Term 3

We are so exciting to be back for another term of school!

Related image

Our first week back at school has been exciting. We have already started learning about so many different things.

In Reading we have read a variety of book that have made us curious. Some of the stories were funny and some of them made us think really hard. We were trying to work out what sparked our curiosity in the text.

Related imageImage result for can a skeleton have an x ray book

Image result for arthur and the curiosityRelated image

Our topic for CBL this term is Curiosity. We have been looking at what is means to be curious and how curiosity helps us learn. We have been learning about how gaming, coding and technology. We have generated lots of questions about things that make us curious and we have gathered information about what we want to learn more about.

We will keep updated on out learning journey so keep an eye out for our future posts!

From 2F and Miss. Sahin

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