The Power of Expressions

This term we have learnt about the artist Edvard Munch who painted the famous painting called “The Scream”. We tried to use some of the expressive colours and lines he used in his painting and learnt how to blend tones and colours with oil pastels. We created the textures by scratching into the pastels and learnt about backgrounds and foregrounds in art works. We completed our drawings with a collage photo of ourselves expression the emotions of the the person in the picture. We think that we really captured the feelings in this painting.

The last few weeks in 2H

The last few weeks in 2H have been very exciting as we have continued our exploration of the power of technology. We’ve wondered about what technology relies on other technology and what we really need to survive. We investigated this with an activity by imagining we were on a deserted island and could only bring 5 pieces of technology. At first we wanted to bring ipads, but then we realised that there wouldn’t be a way to charge them!

 We have also been doing a deep investigation into what a narrative is and learning about how authors use interesting language to create a picture in the readers mind. We’ve been using lots of prompts to create some very strong images. We look forward to sharing our writing soon!

In Maths we have been working further on our vertical subtraction and have been getting much more confident at renaming our tens to ones and even hundreds to tens.

We look forward to sharing more of our work in the coming weeks as we look at multiplication, arrays, shape, and work to complete our narrative stories too!

Tigers in the forest

We have completed our Tiger collages and wanted to share them with you. We were inspired by the artist Henri Rousseau who painted jungles from his imagination. We created our Tigers in a jungle using our imagination and drew all of the elements of our collage by hand. We think that they are very beautiful and our Tigers really stand out in the forest.


Word Mania

Hi everyone,

Congratulations to the Year Two students of Aitken Creek Primary School for making it to the top schools leader board for Round Two of Word Mania.

We now qualify to participate in the Word Mania Finals, which begin today (Wednesday the 15th of August) and finishes on Friday the 17th of August midnight.

If you have some time to spare, please keep up the great work on Word Mania. If our school does really well, we may even win some prizes!

Year Two Teachers

How do people live differently based on their access to technology?

This week, we have been exploring how people live different lifestyles based on their accessibility to technology. We have been reading a text called ‘Handa’s Surprise’ which is set in a Kenyan village. We have compared the technology we have access to, to that Handa has access to in the text.

Handa’s community carries babies in their clothes. I would carry a baby in a pram – Daksh

Handa carries tangerines in a basket on her head, but I would carry them in a bag – Rehat

We have been given a picture of a setting from another country. We have identified the technology we notice in the setting and then have drawn a picture of that same setting in our own life. This has helped use to identify the similarities and differences between different communities and the technology they have access to.


CBL – The Power of Technology

Dear parents and carers,

This term, we have been tuning into the Big Idea of “Power” and focusing on the power of technology. We answered questions using our prior knowledge on graffiti boards below:

We wrote our wonderings about the power of technology to show our curiosity into this Big Idea:

At first we thought technology was just electronics but we now know that technology is anything that humans make to make life easier or to solve a problem.

We were finding out about Indigenous Australian artefacts through the Australian Museum website. We had to make predictions from the pictures and then research what the technology actually was.

We have been exploring how technology has changed over time. We used spheros to put different inventions in order from oldest to newest. It was lots of fun!

We wrote open and closed questions to interview a family member to find out how technology has changed over time. We will need to bring the answers to the interviews next week so we can share our findings.

Thanks for reading!


Putting some WOW in our Writing

This week, 2E has been working really hard on their writing skills. We have been focusing on our words choice, sentence structure, building paragraphs and including personality in their writing.

Within our word choice and sentence building activities, students have been able to include  adjectives, verbs and adverbs in their writing. They have also been able to choose a variety of interesting words, and build WOW sentences.

Our aim for the next few weeks is to include these types of sentences in our narrative writing pieces. So, stay tuned and keep an eye out for when we post our narratives!


Thankyou for reading!

2E and Miss Sahin


On Friday 20th July the Year 2 students participated in a range of provocations to help spark their interest based on the topic of ‘Power’.

2F and 2G’s first rotation was based on cooking, self care and household appliances. Children were given the opportunity to explore a range of resources and technology from the past and present . We then documented our thoughts and wonderings on our iPads and in our CBL journals.

We were all very creative and used our imagination to guess what different objects could be used for.

Thoughts and wonderings about the electric can opener:

‘I think this is a shaver’

‘This looks like an ice machine that can make iced drinks’

‘This machine can pour water’

‘This reminds me of a machine I have at home that cuts food’


We hope you enjoyed reading our post 🙂



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