Exploring Beyond our Community

We’ve been busy learning all about ‘Community’ in Challenge Based Learning (CBL) this term. To help us learn about the different types of communities we have been exploring the area around Mount Austin Public School in regional New South Wales, so that we can identify similarities and differences.

We have been using Google Maps and Google StreetView on our iPads to explore the area around the school and have already found some stark differences and some unexpected similarities. We are using this knowledge to develop a series of questions that we will ask Miss Parsell’s year 2 class at this school via a Skype video call on Thursday. The students are really excited to be able to talk to and meet these other children and hope to develop some interesting knowledge about how different it is in a rural area compared to suburban Melbourne.

Watch this space to find out what we learned from our Skype call.

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One thought on “Exploring Beyond our Community”

  1. Josh liked it when he saw the kids from Mount Austin Public School.

    Will liked answering the questions and helping the other students 🙂

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