Numeracy in 2B – Term 1, Week 5

Numeracy is in full swing in 2B and with so much to learn about, what better way to do it than to integrate different learning areas under one topic.

Blog 4Using our CBL big idea of ‘Community’ we decided we would explore how our ACPS community has changed in size since the school opened in 2011. Students will be learning about collecting and analysing data, creating tables and graphs and place value.

Today we gathered our data by looking at all the pictures in the main admin area of the school (which listed the school’s population) and by asking our great office staff for help. We used this data to create a table in our Numeracy books. From there, we looked at how each of these numbers can be represented in place value format by using both physical MAB and on our iPads using the app, ‘Pieces Basic’. Students demonstrated their understandings of ones, tens and hundreds and took screenshots of each number they created. They then placed these screenshots in ‘Pic Collage’ to create an infographic on the school’s population change.

Our learning on this will continue throughout the term and students will be given a chance to create graphs and will be challenged to notice different things about the data that they can explain.

It was wonderful to see the students take control of their own learning and become engaged in the process of creating a product that showcases their new knowledge and skills.

A completed infographic on the school's population change since 2011
A completed infographic on the school’s population change since 2011



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