Education Week Open Afternoon

It was wonderful to have some of our parents visit us for our Education Week open afternoon on Friday. Gracias!/ Thank you!

We celebrated the theme of “Technology: Create Your Future” by learning how to spell some of the words about school objects we have been learning in Spanish using Bee Bots.

Untitled from Dan Summerell on Vimeo.

Students were separated in to small groups where they had to program Bee Bots to spell out a given Spanish word on alphabet mats. They first had to create the right algorithm on paper using the directions of adelante (forward), izquierda (left), derecha (right) and atras (behind) and indicating how many times they would use that direction, for example tres adelante (three times forward). Then they had the fun job of testing their algorithm by programming Bee Bot to move around the alphabet mat in the correct order. Students had fun saying Vamos! and pressing Go!


We hope all our visitors enjoyed seeing one of the many ways we are able to incorporate technology purposefully and creatively in class across subjects. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the challenges it created.


– Mr Summerell and Señora Garcia

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