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HELLO EVERYONE!!!!! Welcome to the first edition of 2F’s Adventures. Once a week we will be sharing all our learning experiences so you can know all the fun things we have been doing!! This weekly blog will be posted every Friday!!


Today, we will be blogging about all the fun we had while using the Little Bits. We incorporated the Little Bits into our Maths lessons by creating 3D shapes. First, we looked at different cities around the world. We had to look for a variety of shapes within each city. We saw, triangles, squares, cubes, rectangular prisms and many, many more. From this, we looked at NETS of 3D shapes and we started to make our own 3D city.


Talia: ” The hardest part was cutting out and putting together the castle. It had so many different parts!!!!”

Saja: ” I was confused by building the roof, but finished it in the end!”

Haydar: “The challenging part was folding the igloo to get the shape right.”


After we finished making our 3D cities, we decided to add Little Bits. The Little Bits could make sounds and lights, and you could connect different bits to create new things. We had to follow the process of connecting the battery to the blue bit, then making sure we had the right colour order so that our creations could work. It was so much fun to use different buttons and see the flashing lights in our own city.

We have never used the Little Bits before so it was fantastic to see how we found out how to use them before.

Stay tuned for next weeks edition of 2F’s Adventures.

Miss Alebakis and the Stars!!!

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