How the birds got their songs and colours – a Play

Today we were very to perform How the birds got their songs and colours. An Aboriginal dreamtime story after a few weeks rehearsing and making our costumes in Spanish.

We learnt about Australian birds and we also learnt some words about nature in Spanish such as arcoiris/ rainbow, cielo / sky, árbol/ tree.

We loved that everyone got to play a role in the play. Some were very brave and used their strong voices to be the narrators, other got to be the rainbow and some elements of nature, giving life to our story, and other got to be a fun bird.

We made some posters to invite our parents and friends to watch our performance.

Thanks to Prakriti, Shantai and Tanya from 5C for helping out on the day.

Dream time story 2B from Luluciernaga on Vimeo.

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