Bullying No Way

Tomorrow is National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence.

Here is some advice from Grade 2C about bullying:

Alana:  No bullying people.

Shahwaiz: If you see someone bullying someone else, you should tell them to stop.

Hannah: If you see someone hurt, don’t just leave them.

Rayshan: Don’t bully someone because it can hurt their feelings.

Olivia: You have to be a good person. Don’t bully people. Be a good role model.

Virraj: Never bully anyone.

Zahira: If you bully someone you can hurt your feelings and others.

Harjap: Never bully anyone or hurt anyone. If you bully or hurt someone, they might feel sad or angry.

Maha: You should never bully others because if they tell their dads or mums, their dads or mums will not let them come to this school anymore.

Gurchet: You should never bully someone because you can get in trouble.

Fatima: You should be resilient.

Riaz: Respect others.

Sarah: Be kind to others.

Joel: Don’t hurt your friends.

Emma: Do not hurt people.


What advice do you have to share about bullying and violence?



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