2C CBL Solutions

Dear community,

We presented a puppet show about endangered animals to teach people to stop killing animals. Otherwise they won’t survive and they will be extinct.


We made a bird nest for birds to live in for our CBL solution. We used a lot of materials to make it.

Our CBL solution was to make friendship bracelets for the WWF. We raised $20.

For our CBL solution we were telling about why you should not pollute the environment. If you throw rubbish everywhere, it will go to the sea. Then the fish will eat it and might die.

In my solution, rubbish collecting club, I gave out stickers to people who picked up 15 or more pieces of rubbish.

Thank you for reading our blog post.

From grade 2C

8 thoughts on “2C CBL Solutions”

  1. Hi 2C you guys managed to convince everyone to not kill animals you are on fire .

    Hi mrs mladenis ( let me know if I spelt your name wrong) I hope your having fun with all the grade ones past the 2 years , please look at 3C ‘s blog and reply back
    – gurnoor 3C

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