Over the holidays I have been questioned by my three and four year old with some AMAZING wonderings…

Why is a banana not straight?

Why am I taller than John but he’s older than me?

We all have questions and wonderings and we want to hear them!

Share the questions and wonderings that are happening in your household over the holidays and comment below.

I wonder… how many questions we can ask in the ACPS community?


  1. I wonder who gods parents are?

    I wonder why balls bounce?

    I wonder where money comes from?

    I wonder why people like fidget spinners?

    I wonder how the solar system was made?

    I wonder how the seasons change?

  2. What fantastic questions so far… I’m sure you’ve had some interesting conversations based on these. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I wonder how gravity works?
    I wonder how electricity works?
    I wonder how movies are made?
    I wonder how a camera takes photos?

  4. What is rain? How rain comes?
    Why sky is blue?
    What is cloud?
    Why people get old?
    What is healthy food?
    What activities make you fit and how?
    How many minutes in one hour?

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