Hello, and welcome back to ACPS for another fantastic term. We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday break and we have loved to see everyone refreshed and ready to learn.

Our first week back has kicked off by looking at different provocations to get our minds thinking about our new big idea in Challenged Based Learning. Children were welcomed on Monday morning by brand new classroom layouts, interesting bits of technology and a variety of other provocations.

Stay tuned to read about our thoughts, wonderings and questions. Also to find out what our big idea actually is!


3 thoughts on “TERM 3 KICKS OFF!”

  1. Hi 2F,

    My name is Harjas I am in 3C. These images got me interested in your blog. There is one thing I was wondering about did you get all of those items from home or somewhere else?


  2. Hi Harjas,
    Thank you for taking an interest in our blog! Some items are from home and some are from Savers. I like to collect cameras! If you would like to come and see them you are welcome!

    Miss Alebakis

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