Science Day

On the 31st of July, it was science day. In the first session we were experimenting with corn. We had a cup of water and vinegar. First we put some corn in the cup of water and vinegar. The corn sunk. Then we added some sodium bicarbonate and our experiment exploded. Then we mixed the ingredients and we saw the corn starting to jump inside the cup.

Untitled from Michelle To on Vimeo.

Secondly, in Mr Munro’s class, we did a balloon experiment. We had to poke the sticks inside the balloon without popping it. We put the sticks under the knots because the rubber at the top of the balloon was thicker. Some of us did it! The second experiment in Mr Munro’s class, we put two cups on a balloon and let go of the cups. They stayed on the balloons. The balloon pushes into the cup so it gets tighter and stays there.

In session 3, when we were in Miss Surplice’s class, we played with Oobleck. When we played with it, some parts were liquid and other parts were solid. Liquid is something that you can put your hand through, like water. Solid is when it’s like a brick wall and you can’t put your hand through it.


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