Term Three Dance ~ Grevillea

During this term students have been working on their “Curiosity’ in dance.

Each class began the term by creating a list of wonderings. In year 1/2 the students were interested in a variety of dance dancing and curious about how they can use their bodies to express emotions. We started the term off with a focus on Bush Dances, learning a dance called Emus and Kangaroos. This song involved us following a set routine and incorporating animal movements in the dance. Classes 1F, 1J and 1A performed the dance at assembly. We then moved onto how other animals move in dance and created a dance to the Lion King’s ‘Circle of Life’ we had a focus on slow, strong and smooth movements while prentending to be an animal. At the end of each lesson we videoed our routine so we could track our progress and use a variety of self-reflection and feedback tools.

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