Esmart week

During eSmart week we learnt how we can protect ourselves and our friends online. We also did some activities around cyber bullying and found some strategies we can use to stop this from happening.

Eva: We each made a cyber bully hero to stop the online bullies. Mine was called Cybergirl. We all gave them special superpowers to stop the bullies.

Will: We need to ignore negative comments online and not reply back.

Shataya: Do not give information out about yourself to anyone.

Chloe and Dane: Do not give your name, password, address or phone number to people.


3 thoughts on “Esmart week”

  1. This was excellent 2H!!!!! I appreciate how you guys have told How to ignore bullies and how to be safe online. By the way I’m a grade 3 and you guys teacher me a lot tysm( means thank you so much) I think when you guys grow up your being teachers

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