Bloxels in the Classroom

Over the past few weeks children in 2F have been learning about code, more specifically, coding with Bloxels. Bloxels is a hands-on platform for students to build, collaborate and tell stories through video game creation.

We started off by reading a couple of articles on Bloxels being used in the classroom and formed an opinion of weather we are for or against using them in our classroom. Students used a writing prompt to begin our opinions.

Our next step was to begin planning what our game board would look like. We did this by using a 1 – 169 number chart because our Bloxels game board was a 13 x 13 grid. There are different colours that represent different elements of a game. We used these colours to help us plan what we wanted in our game room. 

Once we were finished creating our paper game board, we transferred our ideas onto the Official Bloxels Board.  The next step was super easy. We took a photo of our game board using the Bloxels app and then all of a sudden we had our own game ready to play.

It was fantastic to see students collaborating and extending their games using each others ideas and creativity! Don’t forget to ask our gamers how they created their game and you can have a go at it too!

Post any questions or comments you have below and we will be extremely happy to reply 🙂

6 thoughts on “Bloxels in the Classroom”

  1. Wow 2F! Great to see all the effort being put in learning how to use Bloxels. We are very excited in 2G to have amazing mentors to come across and teach us how to use them next week. Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Thanks Mrs Rushworth. We hope you guys smash it, just like we did! Can’t wait to work with you as mentors using Bloxels next week.

  2. Looks really interesting. I know Harry is excited to show me what he’s been working on, he really enjoyed working on it.

  3. Mia in 2G has been very excited to learn these skills in Bloxels, and has also been teaching her brother in Prep!
    Such an interesting program, we look forward to hearing more about it 🙂

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