So much has been happening this week in 2A…

Emma and Anaadi are making fractions with circles and squares
Arda is cutting fractions
Jaisal is practising subtracting
Mohammad is trying to figure out the hidden picture by completing subtraction
Ahmed is working on subtraction problems
Azra and Chelsea are working on making fractions
Sameen is gluing down the fractions she made
The boys are working on making their fractions the same size
The boys are cutting fractions to make them the same size – a whole, quarters and halves
Jack is carefully folding the square into fractions
Vidhi is making fractions the same size
Vihanna is straightening his array
In this array there are 8 rows and 5 in each of them
Jaisal is working out how many rows in his array
Ishan is carefully placing the coins to make an array
Emma is working out her array
Jack is making arrays with a dice
NAvraj is making an array by carefully ling them up
Emma is thinking about how to line up her array
Anaadi i sproud of her array made from scissors
Alvana and Azra are working together to make a neat array
Ahmed worked hard to put his circles into straight lines
JAyden is recording his array on his iPad
Azra is recording the array on her iPad
Jack is trying to figure out how to put the dice into an array
Japnoor and Sameen are working together to put the counters into an array
Charlotte and Chelsea are sharing the blockas and working together to turn it into an array
Jaisal and Mohammad are watching a video and thinking about how it connects to them in CBL
The boys are watching a video and recording their ideas in CBL
Chelsea is thinking about the connections she can make to the video in CBL
Emma and Ahmed are watching the video together and sharing their ideas
Charlotte and Alvana are talking about their ideas from the video
These are the words that our CBL video made us think of

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