CBL Solution

This Term has seen 2C busy investigating survival and how humans can help animals survive.

After investigating habitats of different animals, we considered what we were noticing at school. Students have explored our local environment and noticed that rubbish from the school yard is ending up in the frog bog and they have noticed that some children are throwing rocks into the frog bog and running through it.

2C researched frogs and pond habitats and discovered that frogs need clean water to survive.  After discussing as a whole class, 2C decided a sign might encourage others to keep the frog pog clear of rubbish.

Here are just a few signs created by some students.

Noah invented this sign that collects rubbish thrown and others made similar signs with in built cameras to catch students caring for the habitat so frogs can thrive.
Aarav created a sign to educate people that frogs need water to survive. He said ‘frog’s eat food like mosquitoes and other bugs; not chips or rubbish that the wind blows there’.
Charlie created a sign asking students not to throw rocks as he said ‘frogs won’t come to our frog bog if people hurt them’.

Students are currently collaborating as a whole class to design 1 sign that we can all contribute to and place at the frog bog to remind everyone to keep the frog bog clean and not disturb its habitat.

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