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Señora Phillips comes from Chile, a beautiful long and narrow country far far away in South America. She loves speaking Spanish and teaching it to her all her students!

Spanish – Español

¡Hola! іBienvenidos a Español!

Hello! Welcome to Spanish!

It’s great to have Spanish again. So far, we’ve learned that Spanish is one of the three most spoken languages in the whole word.

We have also been curious about each other. What languages are spoken by our classmates?

We made tallies as a way to write down how many people spoke each language at home.

Then, we used the tallies to make a bar graph. Each square represents one person who speaks that language. The bar graphs can be found as a poster in our classroom. Come and be curious too!

We are very lucky to be at a school were students come from so many different language backgrounds. English, Punjabi, Arabic, Assyrian, Tamil… these and many other languages will help us learn Spanish, because our brains can make so many connections!

We will be learning lots of Spanish this term, and songs are a great way to do it. One website we use often with some great songs is:  Practising at home will build our confidence.

¡Chao! Bye!

Grade 2 Spanish – Term 1


In grade 2 Spanish this term we learned four sentences to communicate things about our identity:

Mi nombre es ________  // My name is __________

Yo tengo _____ años // I am __________ years old

Mi color favorito es el ­­­­­­­­­­­_______ // Mi favourite color is ________

Mi animal favorito ________ // My favourite animal is ________

We practised each of these through different activities, songs, and games. Some of use really enjoying playing a memory game about colours. It can be found here to practise at home:

One of our favourite activities was producing animal displays to hang in our learning neighbourhoods. See how beautiful they looked in the photos below.

As families also shape our identity, we learned some vocabulary: mamá (mummy), papá (daddy), hermano (brother), hermana (sister). and yo (me). We used this vocabulary in family trees that tell a story about our own families.

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