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Art Gallery – Specialist Showcase!

Were you at the Specialist Showcase last week?! It was a huge success and was fantastic to see so many parents coming down with us to see the highlights of our specialist classes. Hopefully you had a look at the Gallery while you were there because we had a great showcase of student work ranging from Term 1 to Term 3. It was like walking through a sea of colour and creativity! If you didn’t get a chance to see the gallery, or you want to see some of it again, check out the gallery pictures in this blog. There’s also some great pictures of some of us and our parents enjoying the art activities. It was pretty busy at times in the art rooms, so hopefully everyone who came a long had a chance to participate. Grade 1s and 2s had already done the activities in Miss Kirk’s room, so they were great teachers on the night to those of us that hadn’t done them before! In Miss Thomas’ room, there was painting happening for a secret picture, which she will shortly be revealing! Please enjoy these pictures!


Animal Pop Up Art!

In Art, we have been learning all about animals and how they survive. We picked an animal to investigate and explored different habitat images to find out where they live.

Miss Kirk gave us a scavenger hunt, using QR codes on all the different habitats. We had to guess where our animals lived, and scanned the codes to see if we were right about our animals! Sometimes we were surprised by the answers and other times we knew we had it right! The QR codes took us to information about our animals and we found out where they live, what they eat and who might eat them!

Once we had explored these for a while, we started to create some pop-up pictures of our animals in their habitat. We used our imagination and creative skills to turn paper into colourful artworks. It got messy with all that PVA glue, but we had fun and were really impressed with out finished work. Please enjoy some of our artworks.

Art – Insect Paintings

Grade 2 Have been linking ideas of ‘Change’ by investigating and colouring insects in parts of the life cycle using blending techniques.  They’ve learnt to practice and give each other productive feedback to improve their drawings and make them as lifelike as possible. The improvements to their work have been fantastic. Please enjoy some of their final images!

img_2964 img_2988 img_2986 img_2984 img_2968 img_2967 img_2965 img_2963 img_2960
Miss Kirk

Visual Arts – Marble Painting

Students in Year 2 had fun experimenting with power and motion to create an Abstract art piece using marbles and paint. They made predictions about what would happen to their artwork and off they went! They had loads of fun as they rolled, dropped, jumped and pushed their marble around. What do you think we could use to paint with next?

Miss Kirk

IMG_2233 IMG_2244 IMG_2249