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Measuring capacity in 2F

In Numeracy we have been learning about Measurement. This week in 2F, we have been focusing on ‘Capacity’. We know that capacity is the maximum amount something can hold.

Charli: We learnt that another word for capacity is volume.

Arav: We used different containers to measure and compare the amount each could hold.

Tanishka: We discovered that  different containers can hold different amounts.

Arvin: We estimated how much each container could hold, then we checked by filling the containers up with water.

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Yesterday we had our book week dress up day! We had the opportunity to dress up as our favourite book characters. Everyone looked amazing and put in lots of effort. We got to show off our outfits during our parade in front of all the year 2’s and some of the parents too. It was a great day!



On Friday 20th July the Year 2 students participated in a range of provocations to help spark their interest based on the topic of ‘Power’.

2F and 2G’s first rotation was based on cooking, self care and household appliances. Children were given the opportunity to explore a range of resources and technology from the past and present . We then documented our thoughts and wonderings on our iPads and in our CBL journals.

We were all very creative and used our imagination to guess what different objects could be used for.

Thoughts and wonderings about the electric can opener:

‘I think this is a shaver’

‘This looks like an ice machine that can make iced drinks’

‘This machine can pour water’

‘This reminds me of a machine I have at home that cuts food’


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Holding out for a Hero!

We had an amazing night at our concert and we want to say a big thank you to all our families and special guests who came and supported us.

We couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces!


Arav: I hope everyone cheers for us on stage

Amethyst: This is the best day ever!

Noah: I feel nervous and excited at the same time

Fun with Addition!

This week in 2F we have been practising different strategies to help us with our Addition. One of the skills we have learnt this week is doubling.  Doubling is when we add two of the same numbers together.

We listed all the doubles facts we know from 1-20 and here are some of the things we noticed:

Charli: I noticed that the answers are all going up by 2’s

Zeynep: It’s like we are skip counting by 2’s

Noah: The answers are all even numbers

Take a look at our ‘Doubles Creatures’ that we created. Now we can ¬†practise our doubles facts everyday!

Cultural Diversity Day in 2F!

Today the year 2 students celebrated Cultural Diversity day. We dressed up in different costumes to showcase our cultures from all over the world.

We had a parade in the morning to celebrate and share our costumes with all the year 2’s, parents and special guests. ¬†After our parade we participated in an activity where we learnt about different foods from all over the world. We read a story about different family meals and then created our favourite family dish out of a paper plate and other craft materials.

We also had a cultural feast with our class members and brought in a  popular dish  to share. We got the opportunity to try lots of delicious foods from all over the world.  After our feast we participated in another fun cultural activity with Ms Davis.


We had an amazing day and hope you enjoyed reading our post. Thank you Miss Barba and 2F


Worldwide communities!

This week in 2F we have been looking at world maps and the different communities we come from all over the world. We have a variety of cultures in our classroom and had lots of fun learning about where our classmates come from.

We also discussed the importance of maps and why we need them.

Aryaman: We can use maps when we get lost to help us find our way back.

Arav: My dad has a GPS in his car that he uses while driving when we don’t know how to get somewhere.

Noah: Maps help us get from place to place.

Nasrin: We can use maps when we go on holidays and want to visit different countries.

Arvin: A map can help us see all the places we come from in the world.

We hope you enjoyed reading!

By 2F and Miss Barba

What does your ideal community look like?

In 2F we have been developing our knowledge on the Big Idea by describing what our ideal community would look like. We designed a map and labelled it to show what we would include in our community. We also incorporated digital technology in our lesson by using BeeBots. This also helped us practice our directional language.

Arvin: We need police in the community to help us feel safe so I am going to put a police station close to my home on my map.

Arav: I included a Mcdonald’s in my map because it is important to have places to eat.

Thanks for reading!

Fun in the sun!

As part of our Big Idea ‘Energy’ we have been curious about how the sun provides us with heat and light. Today we went outside and tested different materials to see what would melt from the suns heat. We looked at different items such as lollies, chocolate, butter, dice and play dough. We each made a prediction about what we thought would happen. We found out that chocolate and butter were the easiest things to melt in the suns heat.

Esmart week

During eSmart week we learnt how we can protect ourselves and our friends online. We also did some activities around cyber bullying and found some strategies we can use to stop this from happening.

Eva: We each made a cyber bully hero to stop the online bullies. Mine was called Cybergirl. We all gave them special superpowers to stop the bullies.

Will: We need to ignore negative comments online and not reply back.

Shataya: Do not give information out about yourself to anyone.

Chloe and Dane: Do not give your name, password, address or phone number to people.