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Worldwide communities!

This week in 2F we have been looking at world maps and the different communities we come from all over the world. We have a variety of cultures in our classroom and had lots of fun learning about where our classmates come from.

We also discussed the importance of maps and why we need them.

Aryaman: We can use maps when we get lost to help us find our way back.

Arav: My dad has a GPS in his car that he uses while driving when we don’t know how to get somewhere.

Noah: Maps help us get from place to place.

Nasrin: We can use maps when we go on holidays and want to visit different countries.

Arvin: A map can help us see all the places we come from in the world.

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By 2F and Miss Barba

What does your ideal community look like?

In 2F we have been developing our knowledge on the Big Idea by describing what our ideal community would look like. We designed a map and labelled it to show what we would include in our community. We also incorporated digital technology in our lesson by using BeeBots. This also helped us practice our directional language.

Arvin: We need police in the community to help us feel safe so I am going to put a police station close to my home on my map.

Arav: I included a Mcdonald’s in my map because it is important to have places to eat.

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Fun in the sun!

As part of our Big Idea ‘Energy’ we have been curious about how the sun provides us with heat and light. Today we went outside and tested different materials to see what would melt from the suns heat. We looked at different items such as lollies, chocolate, butter, dice and play dough. We each made a prediction about what we thought would happen. We found out that chocolate and butter were the easiest things to melt in the suns heat.

Esmart week

During eSmart week we learnt how we can protect ourselves and our friends online. We also did some activities around cyber bullying and found some strategies we can use to stop this from happening.

Eva: We each made a cyber bully hero to stop the online bullies. Mine was called Cybergirl. We all gave them special superpowers to stop the bullies.

Will: We need to ignore negative comments online and not reply back.

Shataya: Do not give information out about yourself to anyone.

Chloe and Dane: Do not give your name, password, address or phone number to people.


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

To start off Book Week we have been reading our favourite fairy tales. Today we read Goldilocks and the Three Bears and created a map for Goldilocks to follow as she travelled to the bears house. We used BeeBots to help us guide her along the way.


How do maps help us in life?

Will: Maps help us get from one destination to the other.

Karim: Without maps we wouldn’t know how to get to different places.



Protect the Rainbow Lorikeet’s at ACPS!

As part of our CBL solution ‘Protect the survival of animals in our local environment’, a group of students in 2H are working hard to protect the Rainbow Lorikeet’s at our school.

Karim: For our CBL solution we are helping the Rainbow Lorikeet’s and making signs so we can display them around the school so other students can protect them too.

Noah: We want to protect the rainbow Lorikeet’s because they look beautiful.

 Cruiz: We need to protect them or they might become endangered.

 Manaal: We are making a nest so they can survive and have a home.

Here are some photo’s of these beautiful creatures in our school.

Wild Action Incursion!

Today the Year 2 students had a visit from the team at Wild Action. We were shown lots of different Australian animals. We loved learning about ways we can make a difference to help protect these animals that live in our local community.