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Protect the Rainbow Lorikeet’s at ACPS!

As part of our CBL solution ‘Protect the survival of animals in our local environment’, a group of students in 2H are working hard to protect the Rainbow Lorikeet’s at our school.

Karim: For our CBL solution we are helping the Rainbow Lorikeet’s and making signs so we can display them around the school so other students can protect them too.

Noah: We want to protect the rainbow Lorikeet’s because they look beautiful.

 Cruiz: We need to protect them or they might become endangered.

 Manaal: We are making a nest so they can survive and have a home.

Here are some photo’s of these beautiful creatures in our school.

Wild Action Incursion!

Today the Year 2 students had a visit from the team at Wild Action. We were shown lots of different Australian animals. We loved learning about ways we can make a difference to help protect these animals that live in our local community.



Today we read a story called ‘ANZAC Biscuits’ and looked at why the soldiers ate these when they were in the war. Then as a class we made our own ANZAC biscuits.

They were crunchy and delicious!




Our CBL Solutions!

Our challenge for CBL this term was to ‘Express my Identity’. We worked very hard and put in lots of effort to express our identity in front of our peers in many different ways. Some of the ways we did this was through puppet shows, a news report, making identity snap cards, speeches and traditional dances from our cultures.