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Addition & Subtraction

Wow! What an amazing start to the term! All the grade twos have been busy exploring different curiosities and developing their knowledge.

This week and the coming weeks we are going to be looking at addition and subtraction. If you know of any awesome games that link to addition and subtraction please add a comment to our blog so we can play them in class as well. 

One game that we know is really fun is Subtraction snap. Played with two players, each player gets half a deck of cards. At the same time each player flips a card over. The first person to figure out the difference between the two numbers collects the cards. The game is played until one player has no more cards left.

Let us know what you think of the game and we cannot wait to hear about and play all the games you have suggested too us!



Hello, and welcome back to ACPS for another fantastic term. We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday break and we have loved to see everyone refreshed and ready to learn.

Our first week back has kicked off by looking at different provocations to get our minds thinking about our new big idea in Challenged Based Learning. Children were welcomed on Monday morning by brand new classroom layouts, interesting bits of technology and a variety of other provocations.

Stay tuned to read about our thoughts, wonderings and questions. Also to find out what our big idea actually is!


Holiday Learning!

Hello everyone,

Our mid year holiday break is coming up and some of the year 2 teachers have come up with some fun projects to do over the holidays. This is optional and does not have to be done, however it is there for students who would like to do it.

Don’t forget to have fun on your break!!!

Year 2 Teachers 🙂

Bird Feeders at A.C.P.S.

Our bird feeders are apart of our CBL solution. We are going to put the bird feeders on a tree beside the pond. A bird feeders purpose is to carry bird seeds and when the birds come they can eat it. The bird feeders will stop the birds getting hurt or being hungry at Aitken Creek Primary School.

From Jaipreet (2F).

CBL Solution

Hello, this week we have been learning how to save animals. We have been making bird feeders and we are having them on some trees. If you see them please do not touch them. We worked extremely hard to make them perfect. They really help the birds because the birds might not be able to find food anywhere else.

From Efe, Mia, Ela, Lachlan and Sathuya (2F and 2G).

Australian Animals Survival Edition!

Hello our names are, Charli, Chris, Devyan, Hadi and Alara. We are from 2F.

This term we have been learning about Survival and we decided to create a board game for our CBL solutions. Our challenge was to protect the survival of animals in our local environment. 

This is our game board.

The purpose of the game is to have fun and learn about Australian animals and their features. To play the game you roll the dice, whatever number you land on you have that amount of time to pick out two pieces of paper. If you match the animal to the correct fact then you move forward two space. Whoever gets to the finish space first is the winner!

The green container holds pieces of paper with animal names on them. The blue container holds pieces of paper with facts you need to match animals to.
These are the characters you can play as.

We hope you have fun while playing our game!

CBL Solutions

This week in 2F and 2G have been working on our CBL solutions for our challenge “Protect the survival of animals in our local environment”.

Some children are working on games and bird feeders/habitats to place in our environment to increase awareness of animal survival.

In order to do this we require some extra resources such as plastic bottles, shoe boxes, cartons and cardboard boxes. This will be helping students build and create different things that will be shared in our community. 

Here is a sneak peak of what we have done so far.

Wild Action Incursion!

Today 2F had an up close and personal encounter with some amazing creatures that can be found around the Craigieburn area. We found out some amazing facts and information about each animal and we even got to hold some of them as well. Check out our amazing pictures.


We even got to have a picture with Billy the Koala!

Thank You!

Good Afternoon Parents/Carers and Families.

On behalf of 2F and 2G, we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that came and supported our performance at assembly this afternoon. It was fantastic for all of us to see some familiar faces in the crowd.

If you did not get a chance to see it, stay tuned – there will be another blog post with a video of our amazing singers.

Victorian Maths Challenge

Today we participated in the Victorian Maths challenge. The task was to create the tallest, free standing paper tower. We discussed the importance of having the right structure to support the weight of different types of paper and making sure we are not leaning against anything that might affect how our tower stands tall.

It was fantastic to see so many parents coming into the classroom and participating as well. At the end our challenge we managed to measure some of our towers and one tower measured in at 258cm tall.

Thank you to all the parents/families that came along to the open morning we absolutely loved having you there 🙂