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La Luna

During Term 3, one of the focuses’ the year two team is unpacking Narratives and developing an understanding of the power an author and illustrator has. Students have already begun identifying the rolls of an author and illustrator and are expanding their thinking when it comes to the types of text that are identified as a Narrative. It is very intriguing to understand students prior knowledge when it comes to texts associated with our focus.

Our first week of Narratives has been jam-packed with immersing students with texts associated with Narratives. One of the texts students were exposed to was ‘La Luna’. ‘La Luna’ is a short film produced by Disney and Pixar. It is a film with no dialogue whatsoever, however, it is also a storybook.


We watched the short film and then read the storybook together and students were able to develop a stronger understanding of the text when words were involved. Students also had the opportunity to compare the short film and the storybook. The response was phenomenal. I was very excited to hear the language students were using when describing each type of text.

Our comparison of the Short Film and Storybook.
Our comparison of the Short Film and Storybook.

La Luna is a fantastic example of how power can be utilized and described. It linked to our big idea of power (more so, the power of words), it combined with Narratives and provided us with an opportunity to expand our knowledge of text types.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.36.58 pm

This is also going to link with something very special this term…..but don’t tell anyone.. Shhhh!!!



WOW! What a fantastic first week of term we have had! It has been brilliant listening to the conversations students have been having in regards to our CBL big idea, Power. Our students are becoming powerful learners and engaging with the learning that has been occurring this week, as well as being excited for what is to come.

This photo was used in the CBL video!
This photo was used in the CBL video!

At the start of every term students are introduced to our big idea by watching a video created by our teaching cohort. This video includes images, music and short videos to entice, engage and encourage our students to think critically about our big idea. It allows students to visualise what we might be learning about for the term and opens and exposes students to new possibilities and ideas. Our big idea is not just apart of CBL, it is integrated and built upon in all learning areas which allows students to become fully immersed in Power.

What type of power is this?
What type of power is this?

Students reflected upon their feelings towards the CBL video and the big idea of Power. Here is what some had to say:

Talia: “I felt good about the CBL video because I think I can do really well with Power.”

Ali: ” I felt crazy because the video was crazy and I am excited to see if I can invent power.”

Marco: “It was good to see the different things with power and I can’t wait to learn powerful words.”

Tayla: “I was surprised because I saw different things to do with power.”

Power is Everywhere
Power is Everywhere

For Term 3 our challenge is to “Use Power for Good”, and we are certainly looking forward to what our students have to offer when it comes to their interactions, conversations and learning.

The Year 2 challenge for Term 3.
The Year 2 challenge for Term 3.

Stay tuned for what is about to come….

Year 2 Teaching Team.

PS. Check out our CBL Power video  below.

CBL Power from Ellie Alebakis on Vimeo.

“Education is the most POWERFUL weapon, which you can use to change the world!” – Nelson Mandela

Celebrating Education Week

WOW!! What an incredible week to be a part of!! Education Week celebrated and promoted Technology in our classrooms. It was an opportunity to integrate technology into our learning and develop a strong knowledge of coding and programming.


To begin with, we used Hopscotch to create our own games. We watched a video clip to help us start and then tried doing it ourselves. We needed to code different characters to move, jump, spin around, turn, and change colour. Once we finished coding we could play our own games that we created from scratch.

Experimenting with Hopscotch.
Experimenting with Hopscotch.

We then had an EPIC, BeeBot playtime. We got to experiment with BeeBots and figured out what they could do. We identified how to program them to move forwards, backwards, left and right. From this, we developed a map of an obstacle course that we were going to make and program BeeBot to break through. It was a challenging experience and it took a while for us to get it right!


On Friday the 20th of May, our family and friends were invited to an open session. It involved opening up our classroom and sharing our work! It was fantastic to see parents come in and watch students show them all the incredible work we have been doing. 2F shared a video of what we want to be when we grow up. We are curious to see if this stays the same.

While reflecting on Education Week, our students said:

Kovidh: “It was a fun week of playing and exploring different games”

Tayla: “Excellent week of learning and exploring”

Raidyn: ” I liked playing with the BeeBots”

Makayla: ” BeeBots are really fun to play with”

Blessing: ” It was fun seeing the BeeBot go through the track we made”

It was a fabulous week to explore technology and discover something new. We will continue to build upon our technology skills throughout our learning!!

Miss Alebakis and 2F

CBL Discovery and Experiments

During CBL so far this term we have been researching and investigating different types of topics such as, Dinosaurs, Animals, Space, Plants and Machines. We have been learning about our own topics and solutions for our CBL challenge.

In order to predict and hypothesise events we decided to conduct some experiments to expand our brain power. The experiments were called, ‘Volcano Eruption’ and ‘Flower Colours’. We were able to predict what might happen and take some observations throughout each experiment. We documented our findings using our personal discovery journals using Book Creator.


Here is what we predicted – Flower Colours

Imogen: “I predict that when I put the flower petal in the water and food colouring, it will change colour”

Talia: “I predict that it is going to be a rainbow flower”

Laaibah: “I predict that it will become a rainbow flower”

Eventually we found out that the flower would change colour from white to either, red, yellow, blue, green or pink. We could see the flower slowly changing colour each day. It took 3 full days to see the end results.

Here is what we predicted – Volcano Eruption

Marco: “I predict that the volcano will explode”

Salim: “I predict that when the vinegar goes inside the bottle, it will explode”

We found out that when vinegar mixes with bicarb soda it causes a reaction, making the volcano erupt. It was interesting to see how different ingredients react when they are put together.

Experiments were a fantastic way to make predictions and discover something new. Our students absolutely loved the theatre of learning the different processes that we took to conduct an experiment.

Grade 2 Interaction Time

As a Grade 2 teaching cohort, we started noticing that our students were missing their friends in the blue/red timetabled classes. We began to notice this trend when we were looking at solutions for our previous CBL topic of “Community”. A lot of the problems that came up were that, we do not see blue timetable kids, and that there isn’t enough interaction between all of the Grade 2 students.

So the Grade 2 teachers decided that we needed to do something about it, as we ourselves do not see each other that often. This topic was discussed over the school holidays as we thought of many ways we could utilise the facilities within our school and how we can integrate it into our planning. It was mutually decided that we would book our PlayPod for a session where all our students could play, discover and create as a whole cohort. They could interact with one another and have fun at the same time.

It was so good to see everyone playing together!
It was so good to see everyone playing together!

All students were introduced to the entire Year 2 team which was fantastic. We all got to get to know our students outside the classroom. Play, teamwork, communication and cooperation were promoted and encouraged throughout the session.


All the materials were being used and it was the first time we had seen the PlayPod empty. Every single piece of scrap/material was with the students and used as a slide, or a castle, or a dress and it was a brilliant sight to see.


 The feedback from our students was incredible. They all really enjoyed being outside and around the peers they have been together with since Prep. All students showed amazing initiative and worked as a team – making sure everyone was included and know one got hurt.

13078261_10207947080829137_307724238_o 13090667_10207947081069143_1185609606_o

It was extremely exciting watching everyone join together as one Year 2 Community and it is safe to say we Discovered a lot together as well.  It was a fantastic notion put forward by our students and we all loved being together.  We would like to create a new tradition by regularly interacting as an entire cohort.

From the Year 2 Team.

Paying our Respects to the Anzac’s

Throughout this week 2F have been learning all about the Anzac’s why Anzac Day is so important to the people of Australia and New Zealand.

We learnt that the reason the Poppy was such a big symbol for the Anzac’s was because, the Poppy was the only flower you could see in the surrounding areas around the battlefield. It became a symbol of remembrance and lots of people wear a Poppy on Anzac day to honour those who lost their lives while fighting for our country.

Our Poppies.
Our Poppies.

Alongside 2A we worked as a team to create Anzac Biscuits. This was a fantastic learning curve for our students as they were able to follow a procedural text in order to help bake the famous biscuit. We also learnt that the Anzac biscuit was created over 100 years ago. Soldiers used to take the biscuit on their long journeys as they did not have a refrigerator to store lots of foods, and it was also a nutritious treat that was easily transported to troops.

Working as a team to make Anzac Biscuits.
Working as a team to make Anzac Biscuits.

2F also listened to The Last Post and practiced their visualisation skills in order to imagine what it would be like to listen to that piece of music everyday. It was very touching to hear our students say “Lest We Forget” at the end of The Last Post.

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in he morning; We Will Remember Them.

Lest We Forget

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 1.52.57 pm


CBL Community Solutions

During Term 1 our CBL big idea was Community. We discovered that our community can be small and that it can be really big! We learnt that there are different types of communities. They are Urban, Suburban and Rural. We also learnt that our school is a community that we are all apart of and we investigated other school communities. We found out what our school’s had in common and what was different.

Exploring different communities using Nearpod!
Exploring different communities using Nearpod!

We skyped with Mariana Llanos and brought her into our school community even though she was in another country.  We went on a school walk to see the different people that made up our community. It is made up of students, teachers, families, friends, office staff, other school staff and us.

Skyping with Mariana Llanos :)
Skyping with Mariana Llanos 🙂

Our challenge was to Build a Community of Togetherness. To complete our challenge we had to think of the problems within our community and then we had to think of solutions. Some of the problems we thought of were: people in our community weren’t showing the school values, we didn’t know what students in blue timetable were doing, we don’t find out about other schools and what their communities are like, and we were a community with Arcare next door but we are not apart of their community.

Exploring other schools.
Exploring other schools.
Sorting pictures into categories: Where do they fit in our community?
Sorting pictures into categories: Where do they fit in our community?

From these problems we had to come up with solutions for them. One of our solutions was to visit Arcare and build a community together. We wanted to skype with another grade to tell them what we have been doing and arranging teaching time with classes from blue timetable. Also we wanted to make a video or a book to show people how to display our school values as well as having school value monitors.

Reading to the residents at Arcare.
Reading to the residents at Arcare.

We had lots of fun exploring our big idea this term in CBL! I wonder what is in store for us next term….

Teaching Time with 2C

During CBL this term we have focused on the idea of Community. Our students had to think of problems we had within our community and one of them was that we do not see students and teachers in the blue timetable enough. To fix this problem students in our class came up with the solution that was to, organise teaching time with a class from blue timetable.

We are learning in Miss Farrugia's Classroom Community.
We are learning in Miss Farrugia’s Classroom Community.

The class we chose to organise teaching time with was 2C! To organise teaching time we had to email and send notes to Miss Farrugia to find out a time we can come into their classroom! We were so lucky that Miss Farrugia replied and we were able to go in on Tuesday the 22nd of March during session 1.

We really enjoyed reading with 2C!
We really enjoyed reading with 2C!

We were so excited to visit 2C and share with them what we have been learning about this term. We got to read to all the students from 2C and found out their favourite poems and books!!

What a fun reading session!
What a fun reading session!

It was so much fun!! Miss Farrugia and Miss Alebakis have even decided to do this again next term!!


2F’s Adventures with Prep H!

In 2016, 2F have been lucky enough to be paired up with Prep H, for this years buddy program!

Each week we have been working together and building a safe and supportive community. We have also been able to use our brand new PlayPod with Prep H! It has been a lot of fun being able to see what our students can create, while only using scrap materials such as; large pieces of cardboard, fabrics, barrels and much more!!!


Working as a team with our buddies!
Working as a team with our buddies!

Last week we also began constructing our own community with Prep H. This links in with teamwork, responsibility, leadership and our Term 1 big idea ‘Community’. Students are working really well together, building our school community out of boxes and other materials.

We are having lots of fun with Prep H and love having them as our buddies for 2016. I wonder adventures we will get up to this year.