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e-smart week!

Cyber bullying is not ok because sometimes when you cyber bully your friends, you can lose them.

Don’t go on the internet when you’re being cyber bullied because they can hack you and it is very dangerous try one of these.

Tell everyone in your family. Turn off your phone off. Don’t text them back. Walk away. Tell a teacher ,parents and a friend. These are things you can try if you get cyber bullied.

Azra, Mohammad and Jack


2A’s Book Week

Week 6 has been filled with fun and excitement! We celebrated book week with our parade…

Sharing our favourite books with our buddies…


Made worry dolls just like Silly Billy…

Invited families in to read and complete some interesting tasks…

And finally, we made different types of robots move around a map of a book that we made…

The last week has been busy in 2A!

Last week we showed our learning to all of red school. After much practising during the day we all proudly got up in front of everyone and did an amazing job – considering there were no microphones…

We shared what we had learnt about Identity and what we already know about Survival.
– Navraj, Alvana, Mohammad, Saad, Arda and JAck
We showed how a wombat can survive.
– Chelsea, Sameen, Emma and Anaadi

We are sharing things you need to survive when you go camping.
– Ishan, Japnoor, Vihaan, Charlotte, Azra and Sanjay
We are showing a volcano, that people need to survive.
– Jaisal, Ahmed, Jensen and Attila

This week we started growing our pea seeds in the window. We have been thinking of ways to help them grow and have made predictions about what we think will happen. We also have some herbs around our room that we have started growing too.

Some more of our seeds on the window. Be sure to have a look as they grow!
We have already noticed that the seeds have grown bigger than yesterday.
These are some of our seeds on the window.

We are in the process of getting a class twitter account up and running, please follow it – @2A_ACPS_2017.


This week we have begun to work on our CBL solutions. There are a number of projects that we are working to meet the challenge and solve a problem. We are all collaborating and sharing ideas with each other.

Today was the National Day Against Bullying. We watched a video made by children about bullying and spoke about our own experiences. We brainstormed strategies to stop bullying if it happens to us or if we see it happen to others. We then made a poster about a strategy using our iPads or on paper.