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Friend Like Me

On Monday, we rehearsed our concert dance with Grade 2I. They came to our classroom and we practised the dance together. Mrs Fernandes and Grade 2I gave feedback on how to improve our dance.

Our concert dance was from Aladdin. – Benadee

On Thursday morning, all the Grade Prep, One and Two students did a final rehearsal in the gym. We sat in the red section and watched other children’s performances. When it was our turn, we went to the quiet zone and went back stage to get ready for our dance. We were really confident.

After school Hannah and I went to Maumau’s house and we ate noodles. We drank soft drink and we put on our clothes. I felt scared. – Olivia

After school we went home and had a rest. After that, we changed into our party clothes. We went back to school at 5:30. I felt happy and excited.- Sia

Then I came to school with my parents at 5:30 PM  and showed them where the gym is. – Avani

When we got to school, my class got ready. The boys wore sparkly hats, buttoned shirts, black pants and black footwear. I felt confident. – Aish

We put our feather boas on and went to the gym and waited in our lines. I wasn’t nervous at all. I was feeling excited. – Merza

When we got to school, we watched Tom and Jerry. We took pictures. I was nervous, happy and excited. – Shaurya

Some teachers were putting balloons in the gym. – Devika

We went to the concert dance in the gym. We did the performance. I felt happy. My parents were happy. – Armaan

I felt excited for the concert dance. – Milind

My mum and dad were happy when I was doing the aeroplane moves. – Sadika

We all started dancing happily. I felt excited. After the dance was finished, we went back to our classroom. Then we went home. All our parents were proud of us. – Avneet

Parents, if you have any videos of the dance from the red zone, could you please let me know so I can replace the video above?

Thank you,

Grade 2C and Mrs Mladenis




Scienceworks Excursion

Dear parents and carers,

“On the 30th of May, we got in the bus and we went through a tunnel. When we went through a tunnel, everyone was screaming. It was a long drive.” – Sia


“We saw the city. Then we arrived at Scienceworks.” – Shaurya

“First we ate food. Second we wrote about the senses: smell, hear, touch and see.” – Milind

“I worked with my mum, Jannat M, Shylah, Sadika and Benadee. We wrote about seeing, smelling, hearing and touching.” – Olivia

“My favourite bit about Scienceworks was the Planetarium. So we lay down in a chair and look up at the ceiling and we watched Tycho to the Moon! Scienceworks is so awesome!” – Benadee

“In the Planetarium the seats could push down if we leaned on them. We tried to make constellations.” – Avani

“My favourite bit about Science works is the bit that we go into a thing, slide the door and we have to push it. The other door opened. You go in it, then people think you disappeared. Then you pop out of nowhere when they aren’t looking.” – Aish

“We went to the exhibitions and we looked at very cool things like wheelchair races, rock climbing, running races, buildings.” – Merza

“After we went back to school and then we looked at some photos and went home. It was fun! I never knew Scienceworks existed but now I know.” – Avneet

Today we reflected on our learning experiences with some writing. Some of our writing is in this blog post!

We also surveyed each other about what we enjoyed about the excursion to Scienceworks. We collected data in a table using tallies. Next we graphed our results to show our data in a visual display.

Thanks for reading.

Sketchnoting in Grade 2C

Dear parents and carers,

We have been learning about the Big Idea of “Discovery”. Some of our questions were:

  • Why is space dark? – Olivia
  • How do you live in space? – Devika
  • How many stars are in space? – Jannat M
  • Who discovered space? – Avani
  • Why are there planets in space? – Sia
  • How is the sun made? – Lakshmeet
  • How many rocks are in space? – Japtesh
  • Why does space have gravity? – Shaurya
  • What are planets made out of? – Mirha

We have been reading books about space and researching answers to some of our questions.

We have also been sketch noting to take notes using key words and pictures. Here are some examples:

“I learned there are lots of planets.” – Shaurya

“I learned there are stars and the moon in the sky.” – Sia

“Space started with the big bang.” – Aish

“I learned there are thousands of things in the sky.” – Mirha

“I learned that Mars is red.” – Benny

“I learned about Earth.” – Armaan

Thanks for reading!

From Mrs Mladenis and Grade 2C


2C Better Buddies Day

Dear parents and carers,

Today was Better Buddies Day.

We show respect and responsibility to our buddies and in our community. – Milind and Armaan

We have to be nice to each other. – Olivia

We should care for people. – Sadika

We show teamwork with others. – Japtesh

First we worked with our buddies to cut out pictures of fruits and vegetables. – Paul

We made some pictures. – Jannat M

We learned Las Fruitas in Spanish. – Armaan

While we were doing the activity, we worked hard on our task. – Avneet

When we finished the vegetables, we had to find words in Spanish in a word find.  – Sia

We got house points. – Janet U

Next we went on a scavenger hunt. – Shylah

We have to show good values. – Armaan

At performing arts, we did a dance. We were acting like we were singing but we weren’t. – Aish

We did lip syncing and we had to dance.  We could choose from these songs: Roar, Dynamite and Happy. – Milind

Thanks for reading!



Dear parents and carers,

We have been exploring the Big Idea of ‘Discovery’ this term. Over the past few weeks, we have taken part in a range of experiences to tune into our learning.

We brainstormed what we knew about discovery to show our prior knowledge.

We wrote down what we think the word ‘Discovery’ actually means. Some great definitions were:

“Discovery means you’re trying to find something and it means solve a problem.” – Avneet

“Discovery means learning.” – Olivia

“Discovery means you’re figuring out something or you are learning.” – Aish

“Discovery is a longer word for wondering.” – Avani

We went to different classrooms to immerse ourselves in the Big Idea. We learned about senses, space, habitats, animals, plants, sports, engineering, robots, science and so on! We took photos of different provocations, asked questions and made connections.

We also answered the question: Who makes discoveries? There are lots of different people who can make discoveries. Here is one example of someone discovering new places by travelling.

We used a lotus diagram to make connections between the provocation experiences from the different classrooms. Here is an example of our work.

Thanks for reading!

Grade 2C and Mrs Mladenis

Home Learning

Dear parents and carers,

Here is some information about Year Two Home Learning. Please see the attached document for specific tasks to complete.

Year Two Home Learning.docx-19urtj6

Homework tasks to incorporate

  • An optional grid with a set of open ended activities relating to unit of study/life skills or research
  • Can involve Manga High/Literacy Planet as part of the grid for additional practice and challenge
  • Personal spelling words that come from student writing (If students are competent spellers then the focus is on extending vocabulary)
  • Number fluency activities around automatic response and real life experiences e.g. shopping. (not excessive, to fit in line with policy)
  • Reading to your child, with your child and/or children reading by themselves take home, library and any other relevant reading material  


  • No consequences (detention) for students not completing the homework.
  • Communication with parents required if expected tasks (reading, number fluency and spelling) are not completed.
  • Communication with parents should focus on the reasons why homework is not completed and the reasons for the importance of this practice to support child’s learning.
  • Homework needs to be acknowledged (corrected) and not take up a lot of time to correct.

Kind Regards,

Year Two Teachers

Cultural Diversity Week

Today we were celebrating Cultural Diversity Week. We dressed up in beautiful costumes to show our different cultures.

We had a parade on the basketball court with all the Year Two classes. It was so much fun seeing all the cultural outfits! Everyone looked fantastic! Here is a photo of the best dressed students.

We also had a cultural feast. Everyone brought food to share from their cultures. We had Indian, Albanian, Sri Lankan, Turkish, Lebanese, Syrian and Australian food. It was delicious!

Afterwards, we went to different classrooms to learn about cultures around the world. We went to Mr Hampton’s class to learn a Japanese dance. Then we went to Mrs Rushworth’s class to do some dot paintings. At the end of the day we went to Mrs Mladenis for The Amazing Race. We learned about different countries and had a lot of fun!

Thanks for reading!

Number Formation

In Numeracy today, we were learning how to write numbers correctly. We firstly watched a video on YouTube with a rhyme to remind us how to write the digits 0-9.

Then we had a go writing the numbers in our books. Once we did this, we used the ozobots to trace our numbers. Sometimes the ozobots didn’t follow our paths because the lines were too thin. We had to debug to solve the problem.

Thanks for reading!

Grade 2C and Mrs Mladenis

Community Roles

Dear parents and carers,

Today we were writing about people in the community. There are lots of jobs in the community. We chose one role in the community and made a “Who Am I” page. We wrote clues about the role and wrote the answer at the bottom. Some people made their page on their iPad. If people didn’t have an iPad, they wrote it on paper.  Here are some examples of our work:

Sia: What do you do in the community?

Milind: What jobs do you do?

From Grade 2C and Mrs Mladenis

Scavenger Hunt

Today during our numeracy session, we were learning how to read maps. We had a map of our school community. ‘Community’ is our Big Idea for Challenge Based Learning (CBL) this term.

We did a scavenger hunt around the school of different spaces that we can play, learn, play sport, meet, eat and feel safe together.

We made a legend on the scavenger hunt sheet and then walked around the school to find places that match.

Once we found a place, we had to draw the same symbol from our legend onto the map. Here is an example of what we did:

Can you find a place children can learn? Do children only learn in the classroom? Tell us what you think.

Thanks for reading!

Grade 2C and Mrs Mladenis