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2C eSmart Week

Hi everyone,

This week was eSmart week and here are some things we learned:

Do not say bad things on the internet. Don’t bully someone online or you can’t take it off the internet. Do not talk to strangers. Don’t press any other buttons. Don’t say any mean stuff or people will report you to the police. Don’t tell your password.  Keep your identity a secret. By Joel, Inkido, Rayshan and Riaz

On Tuesday we were making heroes for eSmart week. By Zahira

I drew a toothless dragon. He flies everywhere to save everyone. Now he’s the eSmart hero to save people in trouble online. By Krew

If you don’t be safe online, someone could hack your account. By Virraj

Do not tell all your details to someone you don’t know. By Hannah

On the 4th of September we had eSmart week. We watched Hero. We said it was fun to watch. It was very entertaining. We learned a lot of stuff watching the movie like don’t talk to people you don’t know. You should watch it. By Jesaiah, Maddy, Alana and Gurchet

We also explored robots such as Dash.

Dash can change colour. Dash can say anything. By Saad

Dash can move with codes. Dash can walk and turn colourful. By Emma

Dash can blink. Dash has no sensors. By Shahwaiz

You can control Dash using an iPad using Blockly. Dash has 4 circles on it. By Olivia

Year Two Book Week Parade

Dear parents and carers,

Today we had a parade to celebrate Book Week. Everyone came to school dressed up as characters from books. Each grade had a turn to strut down the catwalk and display their creative costumes.

In our writing session, we could choose a character we were dressed up as or another character to describe the inside and outside traits using adjectives. Here are a few examples of our work:

We also created a graph of the different types of costumes including fairy tale characters, superheroes, horror characters and realistic characters. We interpreted the data to find out which costumes were most popular and so on.

Thank you everyone for participating in Book Week. Also thank you to all the families for helping to create and organise some fantastic costumes! We wouldn’t have had so much fun without your help.

2C Oral Presentations

Dear parents and guardians,

This week, we have been investigating people we are curious about who have helped the world in some way.  Some of the people we learned about were:

  • Malala Yousafzai
  • Nelson Mandela
  • J.K. Rowling
  • Henry Ford
  • Galileo Galilei

We used resources to research and take notes. Afterwards, we put together our information to present to the class. We created rubrics to assess how we did in our presentation and we also did a peer assessment. We had to check if we were speaking at an appropriate volume, using eye contact and gestures.

Here are photos of some of our presentations.

Science Day

On the 31st of July, it was science day. In the first session we were experimenting with corn. We had a cup of water and vinegar. First we put some corn in the cup of water and vinegar. The corn sunk. Then we added some sodium bicarbonate and our experiment exploded. Then we mixed the ingredients and we saw the corn starting to jump inside the cup.

Untitled from Michelle To on Vimeo.

Secondly, in Mr Munro’s class, we did a balloon experiment. We had to poke the sticks inside the balloon without popping it. We put the sticks under the knots because the rubber at the top of the balloon was thicker. Some of us did it! The second experiment in Mr Munro’s class, we put two cups on a balloon and let go of the cups. They stayed on the balloons. The balloon pushes into the cup so it gets tighter and stays there.

In session 3, when we were in Miss Surplice’s class, we played with Oobleck. When we played with it, some parts were liquid and other parts were solid. Liquid is something that you can put your hand through, like water. Solid is when it’s like a brick wall and you can’t put your hand through it.


2C CBL Provocations

We have been exploring a range of provocations to get ready for Challenge Based Learning this term. Some of us loved trying to open the safe. Some of us liked reading weird and wacky facts. We had lots of questions from these provocations.

We recorded our wonderings and thoughts on our class Wonder Wall.

We also wrote down questions that we are curious about on the Google Board. These questions will help drive our inquiry.

What provocations did you explore in  your own classroom?

2C CBL Solutions

Dear community,

We presented a puppet show about endangered animals to teach people to stop killing animals. Otherwise they won’t survive and they will be extinct.


We made a bird nest for birds to live in for our CBL solution. We used a lot of materials to make it.

Our CBL solution was to make friendship bracelets for the WWF. We raised $20.

For our CBL solution we were telling about why you should not pollute the environment. If you throw rubbish everywhere, it will go to the sea. Then the fish will eat it and might die.

In my solution, rubbish collecting club, I gave out stickers to people who picked up 15 or more pieces of rubbish.

Thank you for reading our blog post.

From grade 2C

2C Reader’s Theatre

We have been working on reading fluency. This means we read accurately, at a good rate, with expression and use the punctuation to read the text how the author wanted us to. We worked with a partner to read Reader’s Theatre. We practise reading Reader’s Theatre fluently and then we performed them to the class. Here are some photos of us at work.

From Grade 2C and Mrs Mladenis

2C CBL Solution

Hi everyone!

For our CBL solution, some of us are making bracelets to sell to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund for Nature. They protect animals around the world.

Here is a poster of the details. We will sell the bracelets at red timetable snack time between the Grade 2 portables and the gym. The bracelets are $1 each. They are for children over the age of 3. Please do not buy them for young children just in case they eat the beads.

From Gurchet, Olivia, Sarah, Alana, Fatima, Maha, Enes, Krew and Aram.