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2C CBL Provocations

We have been exploring a range of provocations to get ready for Challenge Based Learning this term. Some of us loved trying to open the safe. Some of us liked reading weird and wacky facts. We had lots of questions from these provocations.

We recorded our wonderings and thoughts on our class Wonder Wall.

We also wrote down questions that we are curious about on the Google Board. These questions will help drive our inquiry.

What provocations did you explore in  your own classroom?

2C CBL Solutions

Dear community,

We presented a puppet show about endangered animals to teach people to stop killing animals. Otherwise they won’t survive and they will be extinct.


We made a bird nest for birds to live in for our CBL solution. We used a lot of materials to make it.

Our CBL solution was to make friendship bracelets for the WWF. We raised $20.

For our CBL solution we were telling about why you should not pollute the environment. If you throw rubbish everywhere, it will go to the sea. Then the fish will eat it and might die.

In my solution, rubbish collecting club, I gave out stickers to people who picked up 15 or more pieces of rubbish.

Thank you for reading our blog post.

From grade 2C

2C Reader’s Theatre

We have been working on reading fluency. This means we read accurately, at a good rate, with expression and use the punctuation to read the text how the author wanted us to. We worked with a partner to read Reader’s Theatre. We practise reading Reader’s Theatre fluently and then we performed them to the class. Here are some photos of us at work.

From Grade 2C and Mrs Mladenis

2C CBL Solution

Hi everyone!

For our CBL solution, some of us are making bracelets to sell to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund for Nature. They protect animals around the world.

Here is a poster of the details. We will sell the bracelets at red timetable snack time between the Grade 2 portables and the gym. The bracelets are $1 each. They are for children over the age of 3. Please do not buy them for young children just in case they eat the beads.

From Gurchet, Olivia, Sarah, Alana, Fatima, Maha, Enes, Krew and Aram.

2C Wild Action

Today, in staff room 2, we had an incursion. There were lots of Australian animals. There were reptiles and mammals. Animals don’t like loud noises so we had to sit quietly. If we are quiet, then the animals can have peace.

Alana: I held Mr Bumpy Stumpy. He was a type of lizard. Lizards have scales. He looks like he has two heads. One of them is real and the other is his tail. He has zero teeth.

Maha: At the Wild Action incursion. I held Amy the lizard. She was so cute. She could camouflage. I loved Amy.

Gurchet: I held Lacy the Lace Monitor. It had yellow and black scales. It is a type of lizard or reptile.

This is a Growling Grass Frog. It drinks water through its skin. The Growling Grass Frog lives under the ground and lays eggs in water.

Rayshan: I held Timmy and Tommy. Timmy and Tommy were brothers. They came out together. Tommy’s legs were hitting me. It was waving its legs.

Zahira: It was trying to swim when Rayshan was holding it. When it goes in its shell it looks like a rock so no animals eat it.

Fatima: Casper is a python. He has a black face. He is soft and heavy.

Riaz: I love the python because it is squishy and soft.

Harjap: Crocodiles have 3 eyelids.

Shahwaiz: My favourite animal was the crocodile because it can breathe under water for two hours. It is cool and squishy.

Here is a Howling Owl. It can spin its head 270 degress!

This is a Gang Gang Cockatoo. It talks!

Olivia: I got to hold a cute baby joey. It fell out of its mother’s pouch. The lady who was teaching us about reptiles and mammals, kept the joey and fed it.

Jesaiah: They joey’s mother dropped the joey out. The mother didn’t give him any milk so he lived somewhere else so he wouldn’t be alone and get hungry. He lives with the lady and he drinks milk so he survives.

Sarah: The koala was fluffy and cute. It has to sleep 20 hours. In the other 4 hours, they eat. His name was Chuck.

Thanks for reading!

By 2C


Better Buddies Day

Dear parents and carers,

Today was Better Buddies Day. We came to school dressed in purple to raise money for the Alannah and Madeline Foundation.

We had two sessions with our year one buddies today. In the first session, we made a dance with our buddies. It was lots of fun.

At lunch time, there was a teachers vs students soccer match. We cheered for the teachers and they won!

In the last session of the day, we made rain sticks with our buddies. We followed a procedure to make the rain sticks. It was tricky getting the elastic band around the tube. We haven’t finished them yet but we will continue working on them next Thursday.

Here are some photos:

Thank you for reading!

The Ecosystem Game

On the 12th of May, grades 2B and 2C and some children from 2G went to the basketball court to play the ecosystem game. Firstly, people  held up resource cards that were food, shelter and water. Next, we had to run around. When the teacher calls out one of the resources, you have to run to that resource. There were also diseases and predators. The predators could tag people who were the prey.  The people who were diseases could tag people who were predators and prey. We felt happy when we played the game. You should try this game.

By Grade 2B, 2C and some split kids from 2G

2B and 2C Mega Maths

Dear parents and guardians,

We have been exploring different maths ideas in Mega Maths.

We chose 10 things to put in a bag. We took 2 things out at a time and estimated which one would be heavier. We used the balance scales to check. When something is heavy, the bucket goes down. When something is light, the bucket goes up.

We investigated the volume of our lunch boxes. We estimated how many unifix blocks could fit in our lunch box and then filled up the capacity of the lunch box with blocks. We compared our the volume of our lunch boxes with our partner.

We have been learning about Australian money. We used play coins to make $1 in as many ways as we could. We took photos of the combinations on Book Creator.

We also played Money Snap in small groups to help us recognise different coins and their values.

We compared lengths of strings and put them in order from shortest to longest. Then we used base ten blocks to measure how long the strings were. The longest piece of string was 100 base ten blocks long. The shortest was 7 base ten blocks long.

Thanks for reading!

ANZAC Day Wreath

Today we read a book called Digger. It was about a dog who went to war with a 16 year old soldier. Digger was brave because he tried to save his owner’s life. The soldier didn’t survive but he saved his pet dog.

After we read the book, we made a wreath to remember people who went to war.

From Grade 2C