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Performing Arts ~ Blue

In Term Four we have been making links to our CBL Big Idea “Environment”. We have created movements to match different animals with different music.  Have explored rhythm paths using ti-ti, taa, and zaa and used these to create our own rhythm patterns and to play along with songs. We have used clapping sticks, xylophones and a variety of percussion instruments. We have also started to read and play music using boom whackers.


Specialist Showcase Performing Arts

Wow, what a great night. It was so much fun interacting with the student’s and their families as they participated in a number of Performing Arts activities. Families were able to watch different classes performing on the TV’s, try a number of different drama and music activities, view our amazing talents and experiences on the many posters and create their own movie. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped on the night.





Term Three Dance ~ Grevillea

During this term students have been working on their “Curiosity’ in dance.

Each class began the term by creating a list of wonderings. In year 1/2 the students were interested in a variety of dance dancing and curious about how they can use their bodies to express emotions. We started the term off with a focus on Bush Dances, learning a dance called Emus and Kangaroos. This song involved us following a set routine and incorporating animal movements in the dance. Classes 1F, 1J and 1A performed the dance at assembly. We then moved onto how other animals move in dance and created a dance to the Lion King’s ‘Circle of Life’ we had a focus on slow, strong and smooth movements while prentending to be an animal. At the end of each lesson we videoed our routine so we could track our progress and use a variety of self-reflection and feedback tools.

Year 2 Performing Arts

This term we have been focusing on drama and drama skills. These have included voice projection, creating a character, blocking (where we stand, enter and exit a stage) and production tasks such as sound engineer, backdrops, props and costumes. We have been working in small groups to create a play and add our own touches to it, before we film and share these with our Buddy Classes.


To prepare for our plays we have also been working on our teamwork and drama skills through warms ups such as “I am a…”, Mime relay and Time Machine were we work as a group to create a scene.


With the term fast ending, don’t forget to practise your lines which you can find on Showbie.

Year 2 Grevillea

We have been having a great time in performing arts this year. Our first priority was to create to be safe space and contribute to the ‘We Will” wall. We have made links to our big idea ‘Identity’ by role-playing different members of our families. We then wrote and acted out short plays about different things families do. This week we have been looking at dance. By using different Australian kids songs we have discussed what we like and how we could change them. We then made up our own verses to Peter Combe’s song Mr Clicky Cane.