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The life cycle of mariposas


This term we worked very hard learning about change. We read La oruga muy hambrienta / The Very Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish, using props, vocabulary cards and timelines. We made our own  mini books to practise our writing .img_1576-3

We played lots of games, interactive games, and learnt some songs. We learnt vocabulary such as oruga (caterpillar), mariposa (butterfly), huevo (egg) and crisalida (cocoon).

We made come beautiful mariposas using washed out markers, pipe cleaners and glitter and they were so much fun to make!

We also learnt the names of fruits, other common foods and the days of the week in Spanish. Thanks to 2C for their fantastic performance!

Did you like the performance?

Los días de la semana from Luluciernaga on Vimeo.

Changes around us!


It is spring, primavera, and we are witnessing a lot of changes around us! This term we are exploring how some animals change: how orugas (caterpillars) become mariposas (butterflies) and also how seasons change.

We began the term by listening to the story “La oruga muy hambrienta” (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) in Spanish, using our prior knowledge, listening carefully, looking at pictures and sounding out words to understand the story.

Image result for la oruga muy hambrienta

How the birds got their songs and colours – a Play

Today we were very to perform How the birds got their songs and colours. An Aboriginal dreamtime story after a few weeks rehearsing and making our costumes in Spanish.

We learnt about Australian birds and we also learnt some words about nature in Spanish such as arcoiris/ rainbow, cielo / sky, árbol/ tree.

We loved that everyone got to play a role in the play. Some were very brave and used their strong voices to be the narrators, other got to be the rainbow and some elements of nature, giving life to our story, and other got to be a fun bird.

We made some posters to invite our parents and friends to watch our performance.

Thanks to Prakriti, Shantai and Tanya from 5C for helping out on the day.

Dream time story 2B from Luluciernaga on Vimeo.

Discovering our school in Spanish!


This term we had the challenge of learning words to describe our school in Spanish. First we took Buddy Bear for a walk around the school to figure out what words and concepts we needed to learn and the names of different school areas.

FullSizeRender IMG_1217

Then we made marionetas / finger puppets to help us write stories and learn the names of class resources and stationeries. It was so much fun! Muy diverido!


IMG_1344 2

We learnt to say Tengo / ‘I have’. We  identified different objects around our classroom, took pictures and recorded our voices saying a sentence about objects we have. Here is an example:

Mi escuela Y2 Project from Luluciernaga on Vimeo.

You can have a go and practise our vocabulary during your holiday!

Gracias! Thanks for a fun Carnaval Week


Las week we had a fantastic time at ACPS showcasing our work in Art, Performing Arts and Spanish.

During Term 1 students were very dedicated and learnt songs, dances or organised displays.

On Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch time many students gathered at the courtyard to watch some performances and then have a dance. It was fantastic to see older students being so helpful and showing real leadership by undertaking some tasks, dancing and playing safely with younger students. Both days were a bit sunny and it was so much fun to dance outside!

Tuesday lunch time concert. It was a perfect day!

On Thursday we had our dress up parade! It was fantastic to see so many creative costumes!


James Fedoruk
Teachers brought their best costumes too! Mr Fedoruk is now a Spanish matador.

During session 5, the entire school got together at the Gym to enjoy some samples of the performances students from Red and Blue group have prepared. It was fantastic, all performers were enthusiastic and displayed their best work. students watching the performances also showed their school values by being attentive listeners and encouraging the performers by clapping and cheering. It was a great whole-school event. Thanks to the parents that attended the event.

The displays were colourful and everybody had a positive comment about how the gym looked.

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Carnaval week


This Tuesday we began with our Carnaval week at Aitken Creek. Students are watching dance performances and joining in dancing to various songs during lunch time.

Students are also getting ready for the dress up parade at lunch times (11:10am for blue group and 12:40pm for red group) at the courtyard (fake grass area) on Thursday April 21. Dress up on the day! The main performances on Thursday will take place during session 5 starting at 2:20pm at the gym. 2C, 2G and 2E will perform. Parents are welcome to attend!!

About the dress ups: Carnaval is a happy celebration about pretending to be someone or something else. Funny, colourful, happy costumes are encouraged. Be creative!

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 11.12.02 am
Red group timetable


Carnaval is coming to Aitken Creek in term 2!


During term 1 we leant about how Carnaval is celebrated across the Spanish-speaking world and worked very hard preparing to celebrate it in term 2!

We are proud that we are working across different subjects to make sure our school looks fantastic and we have great performances to showcase what we have learnt.

During week 2 there will be a number of performances during lunch times and the special event in on Thursday April 21! The whole school will meet at the gym during session 5, and parents are welcome to attend too!

Students can dress up on Thursday for the fiesta and dress up parade. Bring happy colourful clothes or costumes!


Thanks to Sirin and Tanya from 5C for their wonderful artwork for the poster.

This term is so much fun!

We are using our words in Spanish to say how we feel about different events… for example, how we may feet at a fiesta!


¿Cómo estás? ¡Feliz! / How are you feeling? Happy!

In blue group in Performing Arts and in Spanish we are learning a traditional dance from the Andes in south American, and making chapchas (o chajchas), a traditional instrument of South American indigenous people normally made of goats’ toenails! but ours are nicer and we don’t hurt any animals.

chajchas andes y2

Read more updates and what we are doing in other grades in our Spanish class blog.

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From Ms. Garcia and students.



We are very excited this term, getting ready for our Carnaval party for the whole school in Term 2 (April 21). This term in blue group we will be learning a song from the Andes region to learn more about how people in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Northern Argentina and Chile celebzamponarate Carnaval. We will also be making zampoñas (pan flutes).

It will be fun! Divertido!


Also, starting on Week 7, on Thursdays at lunch time at Art room 1 (Miss Kirk’s), we will have a special Spanish/Art club to do some displays for the festival.

Students in Year 1 & 2 are welcome.

Hasta pronto,

Señora García.