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Touch Footy

The Year 2 students have been  co-constructing some new Touch Footy rules together with teacher support.

They have an excellent understanding on these expectations and were able to model these during snack time. Our footy players are extremely talented and have shown great leadership skills guiding other students to play Touch Footy. Well done to all the students involved in helping create an excellent modified game plan that is school appropriate and still loads of fun!

Check out some of the awesome photos of them in action on the field.




The Year 2 teachers have noticed a growing interest in fidget tools with students. We wanted to provide some extra information on the correct use and the importance fidgets can play within the classroom.

Fidgets are self-regulation tools to help with focus, attention, calming, and active listening, as long as they are being used properly.


There are students that we encourage to use these fidget tools as it helps with their learning. Not all students require these in the classroom and it is important that we teach students the purpose and correct use of fidget toys.

Check out the short video that explores the effective use of fidgets in the classroom below!



Harmony Day

This morning in 2G we have been learning about Harmony Day. We researched the following questions to gain a better understanding of the day. Here is some of the information we have found out!

What is Harmony Day?

It is a day when we celebrate all of the people of who have come to Australia – Mia

It is trying all different foods from different cultures – Ilhan

We celebrate all the people within Australia – Lachlan

Why do we celebrate Harmony Day?

To celebrate the people that live here and have moved here, we are all different – Ashton

Define the following words: 

Diversity – Everyone being different in a community – Baani

Belonging – When you get in a group of different people and feel like you belong in that group – Akshara

Inclusiveness – We include others and make sure no one feels alone/left out! – Mia

Respect – We are kind, accepting and listen to others all the time, even though we are different. – Riaz

Check out the website to learn more information on Harmony Day!


Today in 2G we were revising how to visualise. A visualisation is when we use the text clues and our prior knowledge to make a picture in our mind.

We read ‘Boris Monster Scared of Nothing’ without seeing the pictures. Mrs Rushworth read the story to us and we used the text clues and our prior knowledge of monsters to help draw our visualisations.

We were then able to read the story and looked at how similar our drawings were. The text clues helped our visualisations and using this strategy helped us gain a better understanding of Boris throughout the story.