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STEM engineering project based on The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The troll would not let the billy goats cross the river however the children from 2I using their scientific reasoning, problem solving and teamwork skills worked on constructing a raft to carry the billy goats across the river.

The process

  • Designing our rafts – which materials do you think will work best?

  • Building our rafts – do you need to change your design?
  • Testing our rafts to see if they sink or float.

  • Did  your raft support the weight of your goat?










Sustained Spontaneous Writing

This is what Sustained Spontaneous Writing time looks like in 2I.  Twenty minutes of writing on personally chosen topics. Usually a five minute warning will signal the session is about to end, allowing time for students to complete their thoughts on paper.

SSW is important because it helps to build our writing skills and stamina. By writing every day we exercise our writing muscles. It also clears our mind to make room for new ideas and learning.  2I

SSW encourages creativity and allows students to feel free to take risks by trying out new ways of expressing themselves.

Mrs Fernandes-Ieu


What if?……..

This is our school community.

What if we take away a person from this community?

“It is no longer a whole community because we need everyone to help make up our community.”  Sehaj and Andriana

“If someone leaves the community there is no one there to help and we would miss them.”  Daksh

Every person in the community is the heart and is an important part of that community”. Harvinjeet.



“It is build like a tower and when you take away one person it will fall apart.”  Janna



“Using the cup analogy to understand the importance of every person in our community.”  Mrs Fernandes-Ieu

Creating our Classroom Community

What is a community?

“A community of a group of people who live together and work as a team.”  Mishaal and Janna

“Community is a place where people are kind to each other.” Daksh

“Our school is a group of people working as a team.”


“Caring together and working together.” Navreet

“When someone falls over we must help them”. Agam



“A community can be big and small”. Yusuf

“Students explore the meaning of a community.  They reflect on how their class is a community with a shared purpose in promoting the learning and achievement of all its members”. Mrs Fernandes-Ieu


Reader’s Theater

We perform in groups and use out voice to pretend to be different characters from the texts.    Prabhnoor

The best part is sharing to our class and we laugh a lot.  Eliseah

Students  develop fluency and further enhance comprehension of what they are reading.

Mrs Fernandes-Ieu

Science Day with 2B

We created homemade lava lamps and talked a little about density. We stacked different liquids of different densities on top of one another in a bottle with different colours. 


We filled our bottle with water and oil. Then we placed a few drops

of food colouring in it (to see the “lava” better) and some glitter for fun. We discussed the density of oil hanging out on top of the water before we put in the Alka Seltzer. It was amazing watching the large bubbles rising and sinking.

From 2B