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Year Two Sleepover

Yesterday, we had a sleepover after school. We got changed into casual clothes and had afternoon tea.

After that, we had a scavenger hunt. The teachers had activities that we needed to complete so that we could collect all 9 stamps. It was a lot of fun!

Shylah: My favourite part was the scavenger hunt. We watched a movie called Paddington 2.

Paul: My first one was the jumping jacks. My second one was running in the gym. I collected all of the 9 stamps!

Devika: We could get 9 stamps to win. My favourite activity was Mr Hampton’s activity.

Next up, we chose different activities for rotations.

Milind: I did the basketball activity with Mrs Caccianiga.

Lakshmeet: I went to Just Dance.

Benny: My favourite part was basketball because we played against each other.

Ahmed: My favourite part was Just Dance.

Shortly afterwards, we had our dinner!

Avneet: At dinner time, we ate fish and chips. Some were vegetarian and ate the veggie patty.

After dinner, we cleaned up  and we had icy poles afterwards.

Harry: We had icy poles and it was good. I got blackberry flavour.

Olivia: My favourite parts were the scavenger hunt and the icy poles.

When it was late, we set up our sleeping bags, changed into pyjamas and brushed our teeth to get ready for bed. We watched a movie.

Aish: When we slept, the floor was really hard so I didn’t sleep properly.

Benadee: I liked watching the movie.

Sadika: We got to change our clothes and sleep. After we slept, we woke up in the morning and then we ate some breakfast and some juice. The teachers were making food for us.

Sink or Swim Incursion

Dear parents and carers,

Today we had a life guard come to our school to talk to us about water safety. Here are some of the things we learned:

We were learning what’s safe in the water. – Shylah

We were learning about whenever we drown, how people can help you. – Sadika

We learned that when we’re at the beach and we’re swimming, we have to be between the red and yellow flags. – Ahmed

You can be a good swimmer to go in the deep end and go surfer. – Mert

If you’re going surfing, you should surf between the white and black flags. – Aish

If there’s a big problem in the water, they close the beach and you will see a red and white flag. – Devika

If the beach is closed down because there are dangerous animals. They put the red and white flag. – Milind

We also learned that an 18 year old can supervise children. – Avneet

The light blue water is where you should stay because it’s shallow. The dark blue water is deep so you shouldn’t go there. – Merza

If there’s no flags, you can’t swim there because it’s dangerous. – Sia

Thanks for reading!

Grade 2C and Mrs Mladenis


Changes in colours-Marbeling

This term we have learnt to use marbling ink to decorate geometric forms. We created the paper using special inks that change the way they behave when you combine them with water. Watching the colours swirl and change shape was really exciting to watch when we added them to water. We then dipped our paper into the ink to make the paper that we decorated our geometric forms with. We learnt that every geometric shape can be constructed into a form and learnt the names of many of them. There were pyramids, hexagons, cubes and many more. Can you name a few?

Changes in life cycles-Frogs

In term four we have learnt about a frogs life cycle and how the change from a tadpole into a frog. We created these amazing frog puppets which we coloured using pencils to capture their form and features. We learnt about tonal drawing and layering colours to complete out puppets.

What do you think of our drawing skills? We think we have improved heaps this term and hope you love our creations.

Henri Matisse

This year we have learnt about the artworks of Henri Matisse who was a very famous 20th century French artist. When Matisse became very old and sick he could not stand up and paint at an easel any more so he created a new way to paint his designs. He called it “painting with scissors”.

We created collages just like Matisse using bright colours and shapes. We learnt about design elements and principles such as contrasts, balance and space.

We think they are very cheerful and hope you love them.

Start Smart Incursion

Dear parents and carers,

During the past two days, Grade Two students have had the opportunity to attend the Start Smart incursion.

Benny: I learned the teacher was a superhero.

Shylah: I learned different types of money.

Armaan: I learned the 50 cent coin and the $2 coin.

Japtesh: I learned all the animals on the coins.

Avneet: I learned to total the money.

Milind: I learned how to save money. I learned to save money in your wallet.

Jannat: I was holding up a poster of things you need and things you want.

Aish: Speed to your needs, wait for your wants.

Paul: I learned types of ways to save money.

Olivia: I learned where to put your money. A good place to put your money is in the bank.

Thanks for reading!

From Grade 2C and Mrs Mladenis


The Power of Expressions

This term we have learnt about the artist Edvard Munch who painted the famous painting called “The Scream”. We tried to use some of the expressive colours and lines he used in his painting and learnt how to blend tones and colours with oil pastels. We created the textures by scratching into the pastels and learnt about backgrounds and foregrounds in art works. We completed our drawings with a collage photo of ourselves expression the emotions of the the person in the picture. We think that we really captured the feelings in this painting.

Tigers in the forest

We have completed our Tiger collages and wanted to share them with you. We were inspired by the artist Henri Rousseau who painted jungles from his imagination. We created our Tigers in a jungle using our imagination and drew all of the elements of our collage by hand. We think that they are very beautiful and our Tigers really stand out in the forest.


Word Mania

Hi everyone,

Congratulations to the Year Two students of Aitken Creek Primary School for making it to the top schools leader board for Round Two of Word Mania.

We now qualify to participate in the Word Mania Finals, which begin today (Wednesday the 15th of August) and finishes on Friday the 17th of August midnight.

If you have some time to spare, please keep up the great work on Word Mania. If our school does really well, we may even win some prizes!

Year Two Teachers