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Balloon Magic

Today we completed a science experiment. We followed the scientific process as we had seen in Ada Twist Scientist.

We started by asking the question: What would happen if we mixed baking soda and vinegar together? We then made a hypothesis.

I predict the balloon will pop – Sophie

I predict the balloon will float – Arya

Next, we did the experiment. For the experiment, we had to fill an empty bottle with vinegar. We then put baking powder in a balloon using a funnel. We attached the balloon to the top of the bottle and watched what happened. Can you guess what happened?

….The baking powder mixed with the vinegar, which caused a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction produced Carbon Dioxide. The Carbon Dioxide had no where to go so it ended up inflating the balloon.


Fun with our Buddies!

On Monday, we got to spend four sessions with our grade 5 buddies for Better Buddies day. In the morning we completed a photo scavenger hunt. For this activity we had to take photos of ourselves performing different activities with our buddies. We then created a collage of some of the photos we had taken.

In the afternoon we completed a Spanish and Art activity. For this activity, we had to create a portrait using pictures of fruits and vegetables. We then had to name the fruits and vegetables in Spanish. It was so much fun to spend almost the whole day with our buddies!
In 2D we have also just started a Buddy Bear Adventure Book. Each week a lucky student in our class will get to take home Buddy Bear. They will get to take Buddy Bear on cool adventures and then share this with the rest of the class.


Welcome Back to Term 2

Welcome back to Term Two!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and now in preparation for the new term there are a few reminders to get us on our way.

Arriving at school and attendance:
It is essential that students are attending school every day and arriving to their classroom at 8:50am. Our classroom instruction commences at this time and if students come any later they miss out on important learning time and social interactions with their peers. Across the Year Two cohort we will be celebrating 100% attendance and punctuality when we achieve this within our rooms.

Writing Seeds:
It would be great to see children bringing in seeds/writing prompts from their holiday experiences. This will help remember the wonderful moments they’ve had over the holidays and stimulate ideas and creativity in writing.

Please ensure that if your child has an iPad to bring in every day. It needs to be fully charged and have all required Apps downloaded and updated. This is really important as we will be using them on a daily basis as a learning tool throughout the term.

2018 P-2 ACPS Student iPad App List 

The Year Two Teachers are super excited to be back and we look forward to seeing all your smiling faces Monday morning, ready to learn and start some new discoveries this term. 

Home Learning

Dear parents and carers,

Here is some information about Year Two Home Learning. Please see the attached document for specific tasks to complete.

Year Two Home Learning.docx-19urtj6

Homework tasks to incorporate

  • An optional grid with a set of open ended activities relating to unit of study/life skills or research
  • Can involve Manga High/Literacy Planet as part of the grid for additional practice and challenge
  • Personal spelling words that come from student writing (If students are competent spellers then the focus is on extending vocabulary)
  • Number fluency activities around automatic response and real life experiences e.g. shopping. (not excessive, to fit in line with policy)
  • Reading to your child, with your child and/or children reading by themselves take home, library and any other relevant reading material  


  • No consequences (detention) for students not completing the homework.
  • Communication with parents required if expected tasks (reading, number fluency and spelling) are not completed.
  • Communication with parents should focus on the reasons why homework is not completed and the reasons for the importance of this practice to support child’s learning.
  • Homework needs to be acknowledged (corrected) and not take up a lot of time to correct.

Kind Regards,

Year Two Teachers

Flags From Around the World

We have been looking at flags this week. We have discovered that each country community has a different flag which includes symbols that represent important things to do with that country. We decided to create our own flag with symbols that represent our 2D community. We first designed our own individual flag. We then shared it with the class. As a class, we chose the ideas we liked the most and created our 2D community flag. Look below to see our flag.

‘We should put an Australian animal on our flag because most people in our class are born in Australia’ – Prabhleen

‘We should include a star with four points to represent each of the ACPS school values’ – Rehat

‘We should include a heart because we are friendly and kind to eachother’ – Angel and Loveleen

‘We should include a rainbow because we are all different’ – Jana



How do we show the school values in our home community?

Yesterday we looking at the Aitken Creek Positive School Wide Behaviour Framework for the learning spaces in the school. We discussed and shared how we show each of the school values in our different learning spaces. We then began thinking about how we show the school values in our home community. We completed our own positive behaviour matrix for our home environment.

‘I show responsibility by helping my dad cook rice’ – Arya

‘I show teamwork by playing games with my brother’ – Dilshan



Week 4 and 5 in 2D

Read below to find out what 2D have been getting up to….

Reading and Writing

In reading, we have been looking at a text called ‘Children Just Like Me’. The text has showed us the lives of children from all around the world. We have learnt about their homes, food, outfits, schools, families, and hobbies. We have made connections to these children’s lives and learnt new words such as mosque. In writing, we have created our own Children Just Like Me book. We have included information and pictures about ourselves so that we can educate others about our lives. To see our ‘Children Just Like Me’ book come in and visit our community library!


In maths, we have been using Google Earth to locate the important places that make up the Craigieburn Community. We have created a key for the map and discussed the importance of each of these places in making a successful community. We have chosen two places in the community and wrote a set of directions to get between them, using street names, as well as left/ right directional language.

‘We need a library in the community so that people can get smarter’ – Shan

‘We need Splash in the community so that people can learn to swim’ – Ruhani


Zones of Regulation

Last week we started looking at the Zones of Regulation. There are four different zones: blue, green, yellow and red, which are used to describe our level of alertness and how we are feeling. The green zone is the zone we want to be in because it means that we are ready to learn! We discussed how we might be feeling in each zone and then came up with strategies we can use for each one to help us get back into the green zone. We have been linking the Zones of Regulation to how we are feeling each day when we do our morning check in.



Safer Internet Day

Last Tuesday was Safer Internet Day. On this day we did lots of activities learning about how we can be safe online. We learnt that when we post things on the internet we do not really know who is looking at it. This means that we need to make sure that if we do post something online, we do not give away any of our personal information. Personal information is information like our address, phone number, name, birthday etc.

Our challenge was to create a collage that could be posted online, which showed our personality but did not give away any personal information.

Can you guess who the collages below might belong to?


Year 2 Communications

Thank you to all parents, guardians and students for such a wonderful transition into Year 2, 2018. We really appreciate all the support and interactions that we have already had in regards to learning experiences within the classrooms.

We highly encourage all family members to be involved in your child’s learning throughout the year. To do this we have a range of communication methods that you can access for each class. Our wonderful and enthusiastic students will contributing to these with their work, feedback and photos displaying the learning they have been involved in. We would love if you could access these and look through them as a family to discuss the learning experiences. Class teachers and specialist teachers update these regularly.

The Blog can be accessed by using the following link:
Checkout class tweets by following the links below:


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Compass is also used to send out reminders about important events coming up. The Year 2 teachers put up a Compass post to encourage parents to check out new Blog posts.

We encourage you and the wider community to reply and give feedback on our posts. We look forward to sharing these in our classrooms and to have parents involved makes it even more special. This allows us to be connected and gives you an insight into our learning experiences.

Kind Regards, Year 2 Teachers