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Feathers Fur and Scales

In Challenge Based Learning we have been investigating the Big Idea of ‘Survival’. We are learning about animals and how they survive.

Today in our Feathers, Fur and Scales Incursion, we were provided  with an opportunity to learn about where animals like to live, how they are similar or different and what they feel like.

We learnt about the difference between feathered, furry and scaly creatures. We were able to touch the animals and ask questions about them. The animals we saw today were native Australian animals.

Nasser: I found out that not all lizards have blue tongues.

Aroush: The turtles shell is made from bone and is very strong.

Alex: I learnt that the Fresh Water Crocodiles has three eyelids.

Ela: I found out that the Carpet Python is almost extinct and there are less than 200 left in Victoria.

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Miss Sahin and 2F

Curious Learners of 2F


We have been working on our comprehension skills during reading and focusing on non fiction text features, purpose of the text and factual information. During our independent reading we are working on our reading goals and focusing on making meaning of what we read.


We have been focusing on  information reports and creating factual sentences. Within our writing we have been reconstructing texts, looking at paragraphing, creating glossaries and building our word knowledge.


We have been exploring measurement within our Numeracy lessons and have been looking at informal units of measurement such as using our fingers, hand span and string. We have worked on our problem solving skills where we are solving real life problems that include length.


We are currently investigating ‘What is Survival’ and ‘How animals survive in their habitats’. We have researched and gathered lots of information and are sorting out the facts we have found. We have learnt that for animals to survive they need food, water, shelter and clean air, animals live in different habitats because they have different needs and some animals hunt other animals.

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2F and Miss Sahin


Welcome Back!

Welcome back to our Year 2 students.  We have all had a well deserved break and have returned well rested and ready to learn.

Our Big Idea for Term 2 is Survival and we have started it off with a bang! The students have been immersed in provocations connecting to the Big Idea of Survival and are letting their minds do the exploring.

2B, 2C and 2F are learning and exploring together. Students are recording their prior knowledge and their noticings and wondering.

Have a look through some of these photos!

Grade 2A & 2F Spanish – Term 1 overview

Hello Aitken Creek PS community,

During term 1, Grade 2 students had the chance to learn a little bit more about the Spanish language, in particular, the name of all  Spanish speaking countries and new vocabulary related to means of transport.

Along with the new words acquired, students learnt to communicate themselves as well as to ask others about where they are from, and what transport to get in order to go from one place to another.

Among other activities this term, students watched videos in Spanish which encouraged them to practice their listening skills. Also, they played role games, memory games and online games in Spanish.

As follow you’ll find some grade 2 students participating in role-play activity in which they had to ask each other how were they feeling and then where were they from by using the appropriate new modelled language learnt.

Term 1 Spanish – Mr Pablo

In Grade 2 for Spanish, we learnt a number of phrases that we have been able to integrate together. We learnt how to say ‘Soy de…’ (I’m from…). Learning this gave us the opportunity to express our cultural identities in Spanish in relation to the school topic of ‘Identity’ while also learning a diverse range of countries that use Spanish as their main language.

We also got to learn about different types of transportations, and express which means of transportation would be best suited for specific travelling contexts.

‘We’ve been learning to say our countries in Spanish’ – Tallal (2E)

‘I really enjoyed learning about the different types of transportation’ – Maia (2E)

‘I love saying all the different types of transport, such as moto (motorbike)’ – Justin (2E)

‘We learnt about transportation and how to say where we come from’ – Sama (2G)

‘We learnt how to reply where we are from by saying: “soy de…” ’ – Tyler (2G)

‘We learnt all the different types of transportation in Spanish’ – Lorand (2G)

A Fantastic Term 1

The children in 2F have had a fantastic Term 1 and have many things to celebrate! They have all worked extremely well to meet expectations and reach their learning goals. They are extremely proud of all our hard work.

CBL: The Big Idea during Term 1 has been Identity. The children were presented with the challenge of ‘Respecting their own and others identity’. 2F chose to create a video of a cultural dance which included dance moves from all different cultures.

Literacy: In Reading and Writing the focus has been to work on comprehension. The children worked on making inferences and made the understanding that Inferring means figuring out something that the author doesn’t actually say. The children were able to use clues  in the text and prior knowledge to read between the lines about characters feelings, actions, and motivations.

Numeracy: In Numeracy the children focused on developing their understanding and application of place value, which is the value of each digit within a number.  Over this Term, we have explored the number ten more, ten less, one hundred more and one hundred less than a given 3 digit number.

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful break and look forward to seeing everyone back next term.

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2F and Miss Sahin

Health and Physical Education

Hi everyone,

During Health and Physical Education, we have been focusing on catching and the overhand throw in the last few weeks. We have learnt how to position our hands when catching and the three body positions of the overhand throw – Mr/Miss T, Mr/Miss Strong and Mr/Miss Throw. We have used lots of different equipment to practice our skills with!

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Miss Chetcuti

Who We Are: We Are Artists!

On the 14th of March, Aitken Creek Primary School held a ‘Collaborative Art Project’ to celebrate “Who We Are: We Are Artists!” We had a great attendance for the event and were excited to see our families and parents creating art with us and showing off their creative talents! It was such a nice opportunity for us to connect with each other and The Arts!

We continued our project over the next few weeks during our Art sessions, so that everyone in the community had an opportunity to contribute and to explore our artistic skills. What did we learn from this event? That we are all artists!

Our display is now up, and continuing to grow. We are impressed by the uniqueness of everyone’s piece and we can really learn a lot about our schools identities as we explore the individual artworks and connect them together.

Thank you to everyone that attended. We hope you have the opportunity to check out our display near the school library.

2F’s Identity Dance

In Term 1, we have learnt about Identity. We have been focusing on different cultures and the importance of respecting and accepting all cultures.

Our CBL challenge was to ‘Respect our own and others Identity’.  As a class we decided to create a music video of a cultural dance. We investigated dances from other cultures and chose a variety of dance moves. We then combined all of these dances moves and created our 2F cultural dance music video.

Kavya: “We got to learn dance moves from everyone’s culture”

Nasser: “I liked how the moves were cool and fun”

Aditi: “We all worked together to create our cultural dance”

Check out our video link here:

Thank you for reading!

2F and Miss Sahin

Six Sentence Stories

The Year 2’s have been creating plans for a Six-Sentence Story. They have been focusing on creating a detailed plan that includes multiple parts of a narrative.

The Year 2’s have also been re-reading and peer-reading their narratives. They have taken great responsibility in their own learning and are using self correcting strategies to improve the quality of their writing.

During our writing lessons, the Year 2’s have come up with some interesting characters, settings, problems and solutions to keep their readers engaged and entertained!

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2F and Miss Sahin