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Holiday Learning!

Hello everyone,

Our mid year holiday break is coming up and some of the year 2 teachers have come up with some fun projects to do over the holidays. This is optional and does not have to be done, however it is there for students who would like to do it.

Don’t forget to have fun on your break!!!

Year 2 Teachers ūüôā

Protect the Rainbow Lorikeet’s at ACPS!

As part of our CBL solution ‘Protect the survival of animals in our local environment’, a group of students in 2H are working hard to protect the Rainbow Lorikeet’s at our school.

Karim: For our CBL solution we are helping the¬†Rainbow Lorikeet’s¬†and making signs so we can display them around the school so other students can protect them too.

Noah:¬†We want to protect the rainbow Lorikeet’s¬†because they look beautiful.

 Cruiz: We need to protect them or they might become endangered.

 Manaal: We are making a nest so they can survive and have a home.

Here are some photo’s of these beautiful creatures in¬†our school.

Wild Action Incursion!

Today the Year 2 students had a visit from the team at Wild Action. We were shown lots of different Australian animals. We loved learning about ways we can make a difference to help protect these animals that live in our local community.


Performing Arts – Drama

This term in Performing Arts we have been responding to text with different fairy tale scripts. We have enjoyed working together in groups to express emotion, movement and vocal expression to portray our characters. We are beginning to create masks to help us  present our performance to the class.

Our favourite drama warm-up activities involve using our imagination to freeze as different types of characters such as superheroes and villains!

It has been a fun challenge using tongue twisters as a vocal warm-up to help us speak clearly and loudly when we perform. Look at some of our attempts below at speaking slowly and then speaking as fast as we can!

Miss Georgiadis and Ms Findlay – Performing Arts

Year 2 Communications

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Thank you to all parents, guardians and students that have been viewing our Year 2 Blog. We really appreciate all the feedback and interactions that we have already had in regards to learning experiences within the classrooms. It is great to see numerous comments on posts and these are then shared within the classroom.

We highly encourage all family members to be involved in your child’s learning throughout the year. To do this we have a range of communication methods that you can access for each class. The wonderful and enthusiastic students contribute to these with their work, feedback and photos displaying the learning they have been involved in. We would love if you could access these and look through them as a family to discuss the learning experiences. These are updated regularly by each grade and specialist teachers.

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The Blog can be accessed by using the following link:

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Checkout class tweets by following the links below:

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 2H Р


Compass is also used to send out reminders about important events coming up. The Year 2 teachers put up a Compass post to encourage parents to check out new Blog posts.

We encourage you to reply and give feedback on our posts. We look forward to sharing these in our classrooms.

Kind Regards, Year 2 Teachers

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Touch Footy

The Year 2 students have been  co-constructing some new Touch Footy rules together with teacher support.

They have an excellent understanding on these expectations and were able to model these during snack time. Our footy players are extremely talented and have shown great leadership skills guiding other students to play Touch Footy. Well done to all the students involved in helping create an excellent modified game plan that is school appropriate and still loads of fun!

Check out some of the awesome photos of them in action on the field.



Year 1 & 2 Hot Shots Tennis and Fitness Fun Program

Hi all,

This term, we will be participating in the Hot Shots tennis and fitness program. The program will be held at the Hume Tennis and Community Centre during our Health and PE lessons. It will be running for four weeks.

The Hot Shots Tennis and Fitness Fun Program will include:

Learning the rules of tennis, development of shot techniques, scoring their own games and fitness and hand-eye coordination activities.

Can’t wait, it’s going to be loads of fun!

Thank you

Mr Muscari

Sport Coordinator