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identity- Self portraits

In term 1 we explored our personal identity by drawing portraits of ourselves. Some of the greatest artists in the world like Van Gogh drew and painted portraits of themselves to express their feelings.

We learnt that we are all different and how we look is a part of our identity. We also learnt that our faces can help other tell how we are feeling. We hop you like them. Can you guess who we are?

Our personal identity

In year 2 Art we have been very busy thinking about our identities. We started our exploration by writing down all of the things we like and the things that make us different. We then used an identity grid to draw pictures about ourselves and the things we like. We discovered that we all have different interests and that this is part of what makes us different, but also the same as others in our class. we used Coloured pencils to improve our drawing skills and and created these amazing identity grids to share with you. Can you tell what I like?

Art – Insect Paintings

Grade 2 Have been linking ideas of ‘Change’ by investigating and colouring insects in parts of the life cycle using blending techniques.  They’ve learnt to practice and give each other productive feedback to improve their drawings and make them as lifelike as possible. The improvements to their work have been fantastic. Please enjoy some of their final images!

img_2964 img_2988 img_2986 img_2984 img_2968 img_2967 img_2965 img_2963 img_2960
Miss Kirk

Changes in life cycles

We have been making artworks that explore the changes of a caterpillars life cycle. These are the caterpillars on a leaf we made. Next we will be making cocoons with wool and then 3D butterflies.

We made the leaves using watercolour paint and paper, then we cut them out and glued our pom poms on to make the caterpillar. We think they are beautiful, let us know what you think.

img_4973 img_4974 img_4971

Visual Arts – Marble Painting

Students in Year 2 had fun experimenting with power and motion to create an Abstract art piece using marbles and paint. They made predictions about what would happen to their artwork and off they went! They had loads of fun as they rolled, dropped, jumped and pushed their marble around. What do you think we could use to paint with next?

Miss Kirk

IMG_2233 IMG_2244 IMG_2249

Visual Arts – CBL Power

This term in Visual Art we are making  artwork using the power of movement. We had fun swirling, rolling, blowing and dripping ink on paper to mix new colours. We learnt about contour lines and used markers to draw the contours of the interesting shapes the ink had created on our page. Do you like our art work? We think it’s powerful.