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Over the holidays I have been questioned by my three and four year old with some AMAZING wonderings…

Why is a banana not straight?

Why am I taller than John but he’s older than me?

We all have questions and wonderings and we want to hear them!

Share the questions and wonderings that are happening in your household over the holidays and comment below.

I wonder… how many questions we can ask in the ACPS community?

Animal Pop Up Art!

In Art, we have been learning all about animals and how they survive. We picked an animal to investigate and explored different habitat images to find out where they live.

Miss Kirk gave us a scavenger hunt, using QR codes on all the different habitats. We had to guess where our animals lived, and scanned the codes to see if we were right about our animals! Sometimes we were surprised by the answers and other times we knew we had it right! The QR codes took us to information about our animals and we found out where they live, what they eat and who might eat them!

Once we had explored these for a while, we started to create some pop-up pictures of our animals in their habitat. We used our imagination and creative skills to turn paper into colourful artworks. It got messy with all that PVA glue, but we had fun and were really impressed with out finished work. Please enjoy some of our artworks.

Year 2 Communications

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Thank you to all parents, guardians and students that have been viewing our Year 2 Blog. We really appreciate all the feedback and interactions that we have already had in regards to learning experiences within the classrooms. It is great to see numerous comments on posts and these are then shared within the classroom.

We highly encourage all family members to be involved in your child’s learning throughout the year. To do this we have a range of communication methods that you can access for each class. The wonderful and enthusiastic students contribute to these with their work, feedback and photos displaying the learning they have been involved in. We would love if you could access these and look through them as a family to discuss the learning experiences. These are updated regularly by each grade and specialist teachers.

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The Blog can be accessed by using the following link:

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Checkout class tweets by following the links below:

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Compass is also used to send out reminders about important events coming up. The Year 2 teachers put up a Compass post to encourage parents to check out new Blog posts.

We encourage you to reply and give feedback on our posts. We look forward to sharing these in our classrooms.

Kind Regards, Year 2 Teachers

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Survival- What do animals need to survive?

In Art we have been busy exploring what  different animals need to survive. We began our artwork by choosing an animal to explore and investigated what they need to survive.  We then drew a  black silhouette of the animal and created a collage out of recycled paper to create the  colours of the animals habitat. We used black paper to cut out all the things in the animals environment and put it altogether with glue. What do you think of our collage techniques?

identity- Self portraits

In term 1 we explored our personal identity by drawing portraits of ourselves. Some of the greatest artists in the world like Van Gogh drew and painted portraits of themselves to express their feelings.

We learnt that we are all different and how we look is a part of our identity. We also learnt that our faces can help other tell how we are feeling. We hop you like them. Can you guess who we are?

Our personal identity

In year 2 Art we have been very busy thinking about our identities. We started our exploration by writing down all of the things we like and the things that make us different. We then used an identity grid to draw pictures about ourselves and the things we like. We discovered that we all have different interests and that this is part of what makes us different, but also the same as others in our class. we used Coloured pencils to improve our drawing skills and and created these amazing identity grids to share with you. Can you tell what I like?

Art – Insect Paintings

Grade 2 Have been linking ideas of ‘Change’ by investigating and colouring insects in parts of the life cycle using blending techniques.  They’ve learnt to practice and give each other productive feedback to improve their drawings and make them as lifelike as possible. The improvements to their work have been fantastic. Please enjoy some of their final images!

img_2964 img_2988 img_2986 img_2984 img_2968 img_2967 img_2965 img_2963 img_2960
Miss Kirk

Changes in life cycles

We have been making artworks that explore the changes of a caterpillars life cycle. These are the caterpillars on a leaf we made. Next we will be making cocoons with wool and then 3D butterflies.

We made the leaves using watercolour paint and paper, then we cut them out and glued our pom poms on to make the caterpillar. We think they are beautiful, let us know what you think.

img_4973 img_4974 img_4971