2C Assembly Performance

Dear parents and carers,

Thank you to those who could make it to assembly and watch our performance. We practised the song and moves for 6 weeks before performing it. Here is the video of our assembly performance if you missed it:


From Grade 2C and Mrs Mladenis

CERES Excursion!

On Tuesday, we went on an adventure to CERES. Even thought it was a bit hot… and the bus over heated on the way home, it was still a great day filled with fun and hands on learning.

Here is what we did…

Sharing Energy

We saw chickens finding food. We were giving energy to the chickens when we fed them. We were playing a game where the sun was giving energy to the sun-rays, then the sun-rays were giving energy to the plants, then the plants gave energy to the animals and then the energy was given to the people.

The sun gives energy to the sun-rays, which give energy to plants, which give energy to animals, and they give energy to people.

We could see chickens eating to get energy. The chickens were clucking! Kim gave us chicken food so we can feed the chickens and the rooster. We can use all the energy from a chicken by putting their poo in the garden, eating their meat, using their feathers to make art and craft and boiling their eggs to eat. People can eat meat or veggies for energy.


When the worms make a baby they put their saddles together. Worm poo is called casting. They have no eyes and 5 hearts. Worms are slimy on their backs.


We learnt about the seasons. The seasons are Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. Melbourne actually has 6 seasons instead of 4. We used a thermometer to check how hot or cold it was. The trees can tell us which way the wind is blowing and we used a compass to check the direction.

Fun in the sun!

As part of our Big Idea ‘Energy’ we have been curious about how the sun provides us with heat and light. Today we went outside and tested different materials to see what would melt from the suns heat. We looked at different items such as lollies, chocolate, butter, dice and play dough. We each made a prediction about what we thought would happen. We found out that chocolate and butter were the easiest things to melt in the suns heat.


A couple of weeks ago 2E, 2F, 2G and 2H all went on an excursion to CERES in Brunswick. We learnt about the environment and the different types of Energy CERES uses. We saw different  types of Solar Panels and learnt that Wind Turbines can look like windmills as well. Our first task was to sketch what the clouds look like –> we noticed that the dark grey clouds were the ones that had water in them. After this, we went on a tour of CERES and then for our final activity we got to dig and look for worms and mini beasts.

CERES Excursion

On the 14th of November, Grade 2A, B, C and D went to CERES Environmental Park for an excursion.

North, east, south, west. That’s the way the wind blows. We can blow bubbles and we can also pick up leaves and drop them to see which way the wind goes. – Krew, Maddy and Sarah

Birds feed their babies by getting worms. Birds use their wings to fly. Magpies swoop people in breeding season. When the magpies are angry, they are ready to attack. Birds build nests to lay eggs. Owls sleep in the day and wake up at night. Birds have sharp claws. – Inkido, Aram and Shahwaiz

In the community garden, there were flowers. That means that fruit or vegetables are going to grow. Some people said it was a food maze. There were lots of plants growing and food like pumpkins, tomatoes, carrots and apples. Everyone could take some fruit or vegetables if they grow it there. – Joel and Zahira

Worms eat compost and then they poop out the compost into dirt to make worm castings. Worm castings mean worm poo. Worms have saddles. When the saddles come off, the baby worms come out. – Hannah, Emma and Maha

We are going to tell you about insects from CERES. When we were digging in the dirt, we found slaters, centipedes and worms. When we were holding the worms, it felt slimy and ticklish. When we saw the worm, we thought it was a girl but then Luke said worms are both girls and boys. We dug and dug and we found a worm and spiders. – Alana, Olivia and Enes

Yesterday we got bird food. We waited for Kim to pour chicken feed into the palms of our hands. We all threw the chicken feed at the rooster and chickens. However, they didn’t eat their dinner because they were probably not hungry.  – Rayshan, Saad, Virraj and Riaz

We learned a lot and had so much fun.

From Grade 2C

Persuasive Writing

We have been exploring persuasive texts. We have been using the structure of an exposition to persuade readers to think the same as us. We have also been putting expositions back into order and filling in the missing modality words.

In writing I learnt about persuasive text and I will write more sentences. – Vihaan

Persuasive writing tries to make people think the same. – Anaadi

I learnt that persuasive texts have arguments and next time I will add supporting sentences. – Sanjay

I learnt I need to put supporting sentences in my work. – Jayden

I learnt that its easy because there’s gaps between the paragraphs and if you don’t put them in, you might get mixed up. – Jack

Persuasive writing has taught me how to make someone believe me. – Vidhi

Persuasive writing persuades us to read the book. – Chelsea

In writing I learnt about persuasive texts. A persuasive text has I believe, Firstly, Secondly/In addition, Thirdly/Finally and In conclusion. I think persuasive text s are a better and easier way to persuade someone. – Attla

Persuasive writing tries to make people think the same. – Azra

Fossil Fuels

Hi everyone,

In grade 2C, we have been learning about where energy comes from. Today Mrs Mladenis read a passage about fossil fuels. We listened out for key words and then used sketchnoting to take notes about what we found out about fossil fuels.

Here are some examples of our awesome sketchnotes:

By Grade 2C and Mrs Mladenis

So much has been happening this week in 2A…

Emma and Anaadi are making fractions with circles and squares
Arda is cutting fractions
Jaisal is practising subtracting
Mohammad is trying to figure out the hidden picture by completing subtraction
Ahmed is working on subtraction problems
Azra and Chelsea are working on making fractions
Sameen is gluing down the fractions she made
The boys are working on making their fractions the same size
The boys are cutting fractions to make them the same size – a whole, quarters and halves
Jack is carefully folding the square into fractions
Vidhi is making fractions the same size
Vihanna is straightening his array
In this array there are 8 rows and 5 in each of them
Jaisal is working out how many rows in his array
Ishan is carefully placing the coins to make an array
Emma is working out her array
Jack is making arrays with a dice
NAvraj is making an array by carefully ling them up
Emma is thinking about how to line up her array
Anaadi i sproud of her array made from scissors
Alvana and Azra are working together to make a neat array
Ahmed worked hard to put his circles into straight lines
JAyden is recording his array on his iPad
Azra is recording the array on her iPad
Jack is trying to figure out how to put the dice into an array
Japnoor and Sameen are working together to put the counters into an array
Charlotte and Chelsea are sharing the blockas and working together to turn it into an array
Jaisal and Mohammad are watching a video and thinking about how it connects to them in CBL
The boys are watching a video and recording their ideas in CBL
Chelsea is thinking about the connections she can make to the video in CBL
Emma and Ahmed are watching the video together and sharing their ideas
Charlotte and Alvana are talking about their ideas from the video
These are the words that our CBL video made us think of
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