Questions From 2E

2E is full of curious creatures and we have lots of questions on our minds!

Our class has been working hard in developing our understanding on ‘Great Questions’.

In line with our CBL topic of Community, 2E has been focusing on how to ask open ended questions. Students decided to make a list of questions they would like to ask members of their family community to find out how they play a role in the wider community.

These questions will be used in a follow up activity, where students will have the opportunity to interview their chosen family member and have the answers to their questions!

So what kind of questions did 2E come up with?

Well, 2E used the ‘5Ws and H’ method in creating their questions.

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How

Students wanted to have the most detailed and interesting responses from their interview and have done a great job in creating ‘Great Questions’.

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Practising Number Fluency & Buddies

The last week in 2H we used games and problem solving to practice number facts and fluency. We created paddle-pop stick maths games to challenge ourselves and each other. We also investigated patterns of shapes, colours & numbers.

On Monday we were joined by our buddy class of 5B and spent time getting to know each other. We explored our similarities and differences.

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What if?……..

This is our school community.

What if we take away a person from this community?

“It is no longer a whole community because we need everyone to help make up our community.”  Sehaj and Andriana

“If someone leaves the community there is no one there to help and we would miss them.”  Daksh

Every person in the community is the heart and is an important part of that community”. Harvinjeet.



“It is build like a tower and when you take away one person it will fall apart.”  Janna



“Using the cup analogy to understand the importance of every person in our community.”  Mrs Fernandes-Ieu

Zones of Regulation

Last week we started looking at the Zones of Regulation. There are four different zones: blue, green, yellow and red, which are used to describe our level of alertness and how we are feeling. The green zone is the zone we want to be in because it means that we are ready to learn! We discussed how we might be feeling in each zone and then came up with strategies we can use for each one to help us get back into the green zone. We have been linking the Zones of Regulation to how we are feeling each day when we do our morning check in.



Community Roles

Dear parents and carers,

Today we were writing about people in the community. There are lots of jobs in the community. We chose one role in the community and made a “Who Am I” page. We wrote clues about the role and wrote the answer at the bottom. Some people made their page on their iPad. If people didn’t have an iPad, they wrote it on paper.  Here are some examples of our work:

Sia: What do you do in the community?

Milind: What jobs do you do?

From Grade 2C and Mrs Mladenis

What does your ideal community look like?

In 2F we have been developing our knowledge on the Big Idea by describing what our ideal community would look like. We designed a map and labelled it to show what we would include in our community. We also incorporated digital technology in our lesson by using BeeBots. This also helped us practice our directional language.

Arvin: We need police in the community to help us feel safe so I am going to put a police station close to my home on my map.

Arav: I included a Mcdonald’s in my map because it is important to have places to eat.

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A Class Full Of Worms!

2E has been working on building their understanding of skip counting and number patterns.

The students have been consistently working on their skip counting of 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and even 3’s and 4’s!

The students have been working hard to figure out the rule in a number pattern in order to assist them in continuing the pattern as well as stregthinging their knowledge in skip counting.

Here are some photos of 2E working on Number Worms. The students are showing a variety of number patterns and have written the rule they are using to complete them.

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Creating our Classroom Community

What is a community?

“A community of a group of people who live together and work as a team.”  Mishaal and Janna

“Community is a place where people are kind to each other.” Daksh

“Our school is a group of people working as a team.”


“Caring together and working together.” Navreet

“When someone falls over we must help them”. Agam



“A community can be big and small”. Yusuf

“Students explore the meaning of a community.  They reflect on how their class is a community with a shared purpose in promoting the learning and achievement of all its members”. Mrs Fernandes-Ieu


First week of school in 2H

We investigated place value and renaming using and our iPads. Using the MAB we created interesting creatures and discovered their totals by combining the tens, ones and hundreds we used.

We looked at maps and layouts of our school, bedrooms and classroom. We learned how maps use symbols and designed the layout of our classroom.

Community & writing
We investigated the different strengths in our classroom community and made a display or our class ‘experts’.

What are you an expert at?
Stay tuned to continue to follow our learning.

Safer Internet Day

Last Tuesday was Safer Internet Day. On this day we did lots of activities learning about how we can be safe online. We learnt that when we post things on the internet we do not really know who is looking at it. This means that we need to make sure that if we do post something online, we do not give away any of our personal information. Personal information is information like our address, phone number, name, birthday etc.

Our challenge was to create a collage that could be posted online, which showed our personality but did not give away any personal information.

Can you guess who the collages below might belong to?


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