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As discussed in our previous blog posts, this term our CBL big idea is Power. So for the past week and a half 2F have been identifying the power our classroom community has, as well as the power we have as individuals. This has allowed us to be more aware of what we are able to achieve within our classroom walls, which can lead to great success and learning throughout our educational experiences.

Here is what our students came up with when asked, what makes you a powerful individual?


It was fantastic to see the different perspectives students had when identifying the power they had within themselves. In saying this, another aspect we have been investigating is the power of words and their influences they have on us. One piece of inspiration came from one of our students to create a class time capsule, which was a fantastic idea. During the first week of term 3, students wrote a letter to their future selves and in that letter they had to write down, what they liked about themselves, what they wanted to be when they grow up and the goals they have set to work towards achieving for the rest of the term/year. Students worked through the writing process to plan, draft, revise, edit, conference and finally publish their letter. This was an excellent sight to see.


The next decision that had to be made, was when were we actually going to open our capsule? This question was put forward to students and many conversations were had. After a bit of deliberation the question was finally answered. It was decided that our time capsule would not be opened until Monday the 12th of December, 2016, one week before we finish grade two.


So here it will sit above our iPad cupboard, insight for everyone to see, wrapped up so know one can open it until the agreed date. Please come in and take a look at our capsule, and be sure to ask the students of 2F about it.

I wonder how much things will change in the next six months….

“A drop of ink can make a million think” – Lord Byron

Home Learning – Shapes

This term in class we are learning all about Shapes. We are learning about their features and where we would find them in our environment. Here are some ways we can strengthen our knowledge of Shapes at home:

  • walk your pet around your local community. Use a GPS activity tracker app (like ‘Nike + Running’ or ‘Runkeeper’) and try and create a 2D shape on your map of your walk
  • design the best treehouse in the world by using different shapes 
  • create a series of 2D shapes using Hopscotch on your iPad
  • make some model 3D buildings using cubes and triangular prisms

Your imagination is one of the most powerful tools available to you. If you can think of another amazing way to show what you know about shapes we would love to see it.

La Luna

During Term 3, one of the focuses’ the year two team is unpacking Narratives and developing an understanding of the power an author and illustrator has. Students have already begun identifying the rolls of an author and illustrator and are expanding their thinking when it comes to the types of text that are identified as a Narrative. It is very intriguing to understand students prior knowledge when it comes to texts associated with our focus.

Our first week of Narratives has been jam-packed with immersing students with texts associated with Narratives. One of the texts students were exposed to was ‘La Luna’. ‘La Luna’ is a short film produced by Disney and Pixar. It is a film with no dialogue whatsoever, however, it is also a storybook.


We watched the short film and then read the storybook together and students were able to develop a stronger understanding of the text when words were involved. Students also had the opportunity to compare the short film and the storybook. The response was phenomenal. I was very excited to hear the language students were using when describing each type of text.

Our comparison of the Short Film and Storybook.
Our comparison of the Short Film and Storybook.

La Luna is a fantastic example of how power can be utilized and described. It linked to our big idea of power (more so, the power of words), it combined with Narratives and provided us with an opportunity to expand our knowledge of text types.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.36.58 pm

This is also going to link with something very special this term…..but don’t tell anyone.. Shhhh!!!



WOW! What a fantastic first week of term we have had! It has been brilliant listening to the conversations students have been having in regards to our CBL big idea, Power. Our students are becoming powerful learners and engaging with the learning that has been occurring this week, as well as being excited for what is to come.

This photo was used in the CBL video!
This photo was used in the CBL video!

At the start of every term students are introduced to our big idea by watching a video created by our teaching cohort. This video includes images, music and short videos to entice, engage and encourage our students to think critically about our big idea. It allows students to visualise what we might be learning about for the term and opens and exposes students to new possibilities and ideas. Our big idea is not just apart of CBL, it is integrated and built upon in all learning areas which allows students to become fully immersed in Power.

What type of power is this?
What type of power is this?

Students reflected upon their feelings towards the CBL video and the big idea of Power. Here is what some had to say:

Talia: “I felt good about the CBL video because I think I can do really well with Power.”

Ali: ” I felt crazy because the video was crazy and I am excited to see if I can invent power.”

Marco: “It was good to see the different things with power and I can’t wait to learn powerful words.”

Tayla: “I was surprised because I saw different things to do with power.”

Power is Everywhere
Power is Everywhere

For Term 3 our challenge is to “Use Power for Good”, and we are certainly looking forward to what our students have to offer when it comes to their interactions, conversations and learning.

The Year 2 challenge for Term 3.
The Year 2 challenge for Term 3.

Stay tuned for what is about to come….

Year 2 Teaching Team.

PS. Check out our CBL Power video  below.

CBL Power from Ellie Alebakis on Vimeo.

“Education is the most POWERFUL weapon, which you can use to change the world!” – Nelson Mandela

Welcome to Term 3

Wow! The holidays went so quick. We hope that you had a lovely holiday with your family.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 2.57.37 pmTerm 3 is now back in full swing! So far this week, we have been learning about the power of books and shapes. We read a book called ‘The Quilt’ by Ann Jonas, throughout the book the character who owned the quilt shared her memories of each of the special quilt patches. Through a dream the quilt came to life and was the setting of different stories in her dream.


Following reading the book we needed to think about something that was special to us. We sketched an image using some basic shapes that we knew and wrote a paragraph about what is was and why it was special to us. Once we revised, edited and conferenced we started to make our quilt patch using felt. We cut and stuck down all our different shapes.

IMG_5278  IMG_5275

We have also learnt how to use the app ThingLink to make an interactive picture. We took a photo of our quilt patch and labelled all the shapes we could find on it, took photos of objects in our room that had the same shape and recorded ourselves saying the items we found.

The quilt will be used in something exciting this term! Shhhhhh.


Term 3 – Physical Education.

Hoping everyone is having a relaxing holiday.

Next term, all grade two students will be taking part in a ‘Superhero’ program, which focuses on making good eating choices, exercising, team work and goal setting.

Watch this quick video to identify your favourite superhero.

  1. Who is your favourite superhero?
  2. Why do we need to work as a team?
  3. What healthy foods do you know?
  4. How often do you exercise?
  5. Why do we need to set our own goals? What is goal setting?

See you soon! 🙂

Miss P.


Sharing our discoveries

Prep J and 2D were excited to meet up on the last week of Term 2 to share new and amazing discoveries we have made with each other.



Prior to the sharing, 2D learnt about ways to give constructive feedback to our buddies and the importance of whole body listening. They also prepared and brainstormed the methods they would like to present and share their learning with others: These included sharing using variety of digital tools to showcase their discoveries such as Twitter, iMovie, making a book of information using Book Creator, Pic Collage, Green Screen and Explain Everything. Students were given the choice to choose a medium to present their learning.


News report from Anna Kang on Vimeo.

2D was invited to visit Prep J’s class and we watched Prep’s first attempt at making an iMovie about their discoveries. They did an amazing job at explaining the different science experiments they have conducted in class. Some of the experiments that the Preps have done were familiar to the Grade 2s as we have also conducted them during our discovery unit. This enabled us to discuss our experiences and what we have learnt through our science experiments. We thank our buddies for sharing their discoveries with us and providing us with the perfect opportunity to practise giving  feedback and reflecting on our learning.



IMG_1349 (1)

Discovering our school in Spanish!


This term we had the challenge of learning words to describe our school in Spanish. First we took Buddy Bear for a walk around the school to figure out what words and concepts we needed to learn and the names of different school areas.

FullSizeRender IMG_1217

Then we made marionetas / finger puppets to help us write stories and learn the names of class resources and stationeries. It was so much fun! Muy diverido!


IMG_1344 2

We learnt to say Tengo / ‘I have’. We  identified different objects around our classroom, took pictures and recorded our voices saying a sentence about objects we have. Here is an example:

Mi escuela Y2 Project from Luluciernaga on Vimeo.

You can have a go and practise our vocabulary during your holiday!

Education Week in 2A

‘Technology: Create your future’ was the theme of the 2016 Education week. This suited 2A perfectly as we love exploring and investigating new technologies.

IMG_4953 2

Throughout the week we integrated the use of technology into our Reading, Writing and Maths lessons. We were able to use and explore new types of technology that we were yet to discover!


At the end of the week we were able to present what we had done to our parents and teach them how to use some technology. We think that they were all impressed!

Check out the video below of the presentation we did for our parents!



Welcome Better Buddy Car!

This week during P.E, we met Better Buddy Car. We were all very excited to meet Better Buddy and are looking forward to working with Buddy.

How will Better Buddy Car help us during P.E? Buddy will help us with our decision making during activities/games, spatial awareness, support one another and challenge us even more to make us better learners.

This week Better Buddy played Scarecrow Tiggy and was saving us by driving through our legs. Buddy also was the goal keeper during our goal kicking game.

We can’t wait to see Buddy next week in P.E and we are excited to see how he can help us.

Do you have any questions for Buddy? Write back with your questions.

Stay active,

Miss P and Grade2’s








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