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Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to our Year 2 blog! Here we will share with you all the amazing learning and fun that has been taking place both inside and outside our classrooms.

We encourage students, parents, grandparents and carers to regularly visit and make comments on our blogs. Please be sure to only use first names to maintain privacy.

Our individual class blogs will help the students learn many important skills, like communicating safely and appropriately in online environments, writing posts, revising and editing, uploading images and files, communicating with others and much more.

Have a great year!!!

From, Mrs Rushworth, Mr Munro, Miss Surplice, Miss Barba, Miss Papargiris, Miss Fernandes-ieu, Mrs Mladenis & Miss Alebakis.

The life cycle of mariposas


This term we worked very hard learning about change. We read La oruga muy hambrienta / The Very Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish, using props, vocabulary cards and timelines. We made our own  mini books to practise our writing .img_1576-3

We played lots of games, interactive games, and learnt some songs. We learnt vocabulary such as oruga (caterpillar), mariposa (butterfly), huevo (egg) and crisalida (cocoon).

We made come beautiful mariposas using washed out markers, pipe cleaners and glitter and they were so much fun to make!

We also learnt the names of fruits, other common foods and the days of the week in Spanish. Thanks to 2C for their fantastic performance!

Did you like the performance?

Los días de la semana from Luluciernaga on Vimeo.

Art – Insect Paintings

Grade 2 Have been linking ideas of ‘Change’ by investigating and colouring insects in parts of the life cycle using blending techniques.  They’ve learnt to practice and give each other productive feedback to improve their drawings and make them as lifelike as possible. The improvements to their work have been fantastic. Please enjoy some of their final images!

img_2964 img_2988 img_2986 img_2984 img_2968 img_2967 img_2965 img_2963 img_2960
Miss Kirk

Changes in life cycles

We have been making artworks that explore the changes of a caterpillars life cycle. These are the caterpillars on a leaf we made. Next we will be making cocoons with wool and then 3D butterflies.

We made the leaves using watercolour paint and paper, then we cut them out and glued our pom poms on to make the caterpillar. We think they are beautiful, let us know what you think.

img_4973 img_4974 img_4971

Day Out to Explore Change in Gaming

On Friday 21st of October, we attended an excursion to ACMI, to explore the Game Masters Exhibition to support our learning about Change in Gaming. We were very excited, as it was the first time going to the city for some of us. We were worried at the start due to the rain forecast, however the weather looked after us.

Interacting with different moving images

The excursion was a great chance to immerse ourselves in different technologies to support our understanding of how technologies have changed over the years. We were able to interact with different moving images on display, which got us wondering and pondering about how they worked.

Briefing before entering ACMI

In particular, we really enjoyed the game labs that featured 100+ old and new games that were highly interactive. It showcased some of the most influential games from the arcade era to the latest console. Best part of visiting ACMI was being able to play games from different eras and experiencing old and the new. We were able to play a range of games including Mario, Nintendo and our favourite Minecraft.

Exploring features of modern video games
students immersed in minecraft
exploring Game Lab

We gained so many great ideas from ACMI that inspired us to create our own games to inform society of change in gaming. We are ready to take on the challenge!

Students predicting the future of gaming

ACMI Excursion

Wow!!! What an amazing day the year 2s had exploring ACMI and the surrounding cityscape.

Being wonderers in the best city in the world!
Being wonderers in the best city in the world!

We had a jam packed day filled with walks and adventures, while exploring the different ways our city has changed to further enhance our knowledge of our Term 4 CBL big idea of Change.

The bus ride into Federation Square was filled with excitement and a touch of nerves as some of our students had never experienced a day in our wonderful city. As we were getting closer and closer to the CBD our students were in awe of the massive skyscrapers our city has and begun noticing that some buildings were predominantly constructed out of glass, while others were mostly brick.

After enjoying our snacks by the river, we made our way into ACMI – The Australian Centre of the Moving Image, where we were going to explore how the moving image has changed and developed over time, how Australia has had an impact on film and how sound/visual effects are used in film making. Each section of Screenworlds was filled with touch screens, memorabilia and technology we had never seen before. Our students were immersed in the word of film and technology and they absolutely loved it.

Listening to Kevin explain what we might see in Screenworlds.
Listening to Kevin explain what we might see in Screenworlds.
Exploring how animation combined with live action film in the 1900s.
Exploring how animation combined with live action film in the 1900s.
We don't see many robots like this anymore.
We don’t see many robots like this anymore.

Our Grade 2s were also very lucky to explore the ACMI Games Lab, which was another section of Screenworlds. We played a variety of games such as Minecraft, Mario Kart 8, Fifa and more. We were so engaged and mesmerised with how far technology and gaming development has come since Space Invaders, Pong and Pacman were first released.

Being immersed in gaming.
Being immersed in gaming.

I would love to congratulate all the Year 2s on their incredible behaviour while on this amazing excursion. Our cohort followed instructions and supported each other for the entire day, which made the day flow so much better. We even had members of the community speak to our teaching cohort and provide us with positive feedback on the way our students showed their school values while in a public space. Well Done Grade 2s!!!

We even made it on the big screen at Federation Square!!!!
We even made it on the big screen at Federation Square!!!!


Exploring Games with MacBooks

Year 2 will be exploring changes in digital gaming. Here are some of the games that we will be exploring.

Basic games


Scratch games


Hope you have fun playing the games!



Changes around us!


It is spring, primavera, and we are witnessing a lot of changes around us! This term we are exploring how some animals change: how orugas (caterpillars) become mariposas (butterflies) and also how seasons change.

We began the term by listening to the story “La oruga muy hambrienta” (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) in Spanish, using our prior knowledge, listening carefully, looking at pictures and sounding out words to understand the story.

Image result for la oruga muy hambrienta

Home Learning Week 2&3

Hello Parents and Students, Welcome to Term 4!!!

Here are some additional home learning tasks to support students learning this term.

  • Interview your parents/guardians about their prior knowledge of our big idea for term 4, Change. What do they think it is? What do they know about it? 
  • Go on a photography adventure. Can you find any patterns in your community?
  • Problem Solving – Can you follow the problem solving process to complete the task?

Problem Solving

We cannot wait to see and hear all about your home learning.

Year 2 Teachers.

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