We are very excited this term, getting ready for our Carnaval party for the whole school in Term 2 (April 21). This term in blue group we will be learning a song from the Andes region to learn more about how people in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Northern Argentina and Chile celebzamponarate Carnaval. We will also be making zampoñas (pan flutes).

It will be fun! Divertido!


Also, starting on Week 7, on Thursdays at lunch time at Art room 1 (Miss Kirk’s), we will have a special Spanish/Art club to do some displays for the festival.

Students in Year 1 & 2 are welcome.

Hasta pronto,

Señora García.

2D’s Data Investigation


In numeracy this week, 2D investigated the growth of student population in our school community since we have opened in 2011. During investigation, we brainstormed types of data required and the methods of gathering data. First method suggested was researching on the Internet. We went on the MySchool website to gather data and realised that data for 2015 and 2016 were missing.Anna2

This triggered our class to go on a data hunt around the school to find our missing data. We were successful in collecting the missing enrolment data when we discovered school photos hung up on the walls near the office and by asking lovely members of our school community.



We explored different methods of organising and representing data for our investigation. Going through this process enabled us to engage with the concept of place values. We used variety of learning tools, MAB blocks, maths digital manipulatives and Mindtools to help us connect our investigation with our new learning.


Using digital manipulatives such as Pieces Basic made our learning experience engaging. Most of all, it enabled us to visually represent and manipulate our mathematical concepts that otherwise would remain abstract.

Anna4 Anna5 Anna6 Anna7

2C’s Community Agreement

Throughout the year 2C will strive to show our school values of Respect, Achievement, Responsibility and Teamwork both inside and outside the classroom.

We will always try our personal best in all that we do including our work and friendships. We will help each other when other students and teachers are in need, by sharing our knowledge and ideas. We will be friendly and kind making sure that everyone feels included and safe in our classroom so that everyone feels happy at school. We will also take responsibility of our actions.

2C’s community agreement was created as a class. We brainstormed the ideas now hat we thought would make this year successful and great. The students and I worked together to create our mission statement it will be a great year as our classroom exceptions have been set. 🙂



Skype with Mt Austin Primary school

On Thursday the 25th February 2B and 2C had their first experience using Skype to talk to students in a different school. We had welcomed Mt Austin Primary School from Wagga Wagga into our school community to show the students and teachers what our community looks like.


During our Skype session we had discussed the differences and similarities that both our school communities have. Both classes had taken it in turns to ask and answer questions in regard to our school to find out new information about the other school. By the end of the session we had noticed that there are differences in our school such as the time we start and some subjects that we learn, but we have some similarities such as our school values.

IMG_7137 IMG_7141

Thank you to Mt Austin Primary School for welcoming us and sharing what your community is like we can wait to do it again. 🙂

Our Skype with Mariana Llanos

On Monday 22nd February we welcomed a very special visitor to our classroom using SKYPE. Mariana Llanos is an author who lives in Oklahoma, United States.

Listening to Mariana.
Listening to Mariana

During our Skype she read us her book ‘No Birthday for Mara’. It explored 6 main emotions that we can feel; happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, fear and surprise. We learnt to say the emotions in Spanish and we were able to act them out.

Acting out our emotions
Acting out our emotions

She told us to READ, READ, READ to make our brains smarter and stronger! Mariana also told us that she uses a Writer’s Notebook to brainstorm all of her ideas. Just like us!

This is a strong brain.
This is a strong brain.

It was great to have Mariana visit our Community. We really loved Skyping and hope that we can do it again soon!

Check out her website




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