Mega Maths

Having fun and building our understanding of place value. Mathematics is important in our life and we use it every day.

We are learning to tell time and count change.  We use our mathematical skills when playing sports and board games when we make strategic moves and keep score. We are also learning to solve mathematical problems in situations where the problems do not involve numbers.

Greetings from 2B

Welcome to 2B’s blog. We have been discovering about identity. We have done lots of work so far.  We have drawn self-portraits and labelled our self-portrait with our inner traits.  We have been discovering that what we look like on the outside matters but in 2B we have also learnt that  what counts is also how we are on the inside.

By Joel and Shyla 2B


Today in 2G we were revising how to visualise. A visualisation is when we use the text clues and our prior knowledge to make a picture in our mind.

We read ‘Boris Monster Scared of Nothing’ without seeing the pictures. Mrs Rushworth read the story to us and we used the text clues and our prior knowledge of monsters to help draw our visualisations.

We were then able to read the story and looked at how similar our drawings were. The text clues helped our visualisations and using this strategy helped us gain a better understanding of Boris throughout the story.


Our personal identity

In year 2 Art we have been very busy thinking about our identities. We started our exploration by writing down all of the things we like and the things that make us different. We then used an identity grid to draw pictures about ourselves and the things we like. We discovered that we all have different interests and that this is part of what makes us different, but also the same as others in our class. we used Coloured pencils to improve our drawing skills and and created these amazing identity grids to share with you. Can you tell what I like?

Bullying No Way

Tomorrow is National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence.

Here is some advice from Grade 2C about bullying:

Alana:  No bullying people.

Shahwaiz: If you see someone bullying someone else, you should tell them to stop.

Hannah: If you see someone hurt, don’t just leave them.

Rayshan: Don’t bully someone because it can hurt their feelings.

Olivia: You have to be a good person. Don’t bully people. Be a good role model.

Virraj: Never bully anyone.

Zahira: If you bully someone you can hurt your feelings and others.

Harjap: Never bully anyone or hurt anyone. If you bully or hurt someone, they might feel sad or angry.

Maha: You should never bully others because if they tell their dads or mums, their dads or mums will not let them come to this school anymore.

Gurchet: You should never bully someone because you can get in trouble.

Fatima: You should be resilient.

Riaz: Respect others.

Sarah: Be kind to others.

Joel: Don’t hurt your friends.

Emma: Do not hurt people.


What advice do you have to share about bullying and violence?



Identity and paper dolls

In 2D, we have been investigating our identity. Where does it come from? Where is our place in the world? What has made us unique?

In reading, we have read a number of stories by different authors that have strong links to identity. We have learnt that we are unique,that we should believe in our own individuality and this is a great strength in us all.

We have also learnt to be comfortable in who we are, accept others and use our differences as a point of celebration. We have celebrated our learning by creating classroom displays connecting what we have learnt with a story so we can build our comprehension skills.


We are really looking forward in the next coming weeks to share with you our own personal Challenge Based Learning solution.

The Water Pirates of Neverland!

 It’s Swabby’s first day on Captain Doorknob’s pirate ship. He’s nervous about the mission he’s been given. If he doesn’t find out what happened to the Captain’s water, he’ll have to walk the plank!

On Friday the 10th of March, all the year two students and teachers participated in our first incursion of the year! It was called The Water Pirates of Neverland: A Boatload of Trouble!!!!!

The interactive performance was about Water. We learnt about the importance of water in our environment, water pollution and ways we can save water at home. The performance was put on by 2 wonderful actors called, Nick and Tayla, they were from the National Theatre for Children. Their programs tackle important life lessons including energy conservation, the environment, health care, financial literacy, smoking prevention, nutrition, recycling, bullying, water conservation, electrical safety and more.

We learnt for easy and significant ways to save water at home. You can save water at home by turning the tap off when you are brushing your teeth, shorten your shower time to 4-7 minutes, fix leaking taps at home and only washing laundry when you have a full load. We all found out some interesting pieces of information on how to conserve water.

Here is what our students thought:

Harry: “It was cool!!!There was a lot of detail.”

Charli: “It was so amazing, I laughed so hard.”

Aiden: “It was FANTASTIC.”

Harrison: “It was good and a bit funny.”

Safe to say, we had a fantastic afternoon learning about ways to conserve water. We all laughed and enjoyed ourselves. It was the perfect way to spend our Friday learning in a different setting.

If you would like to learn more about the National Theatre for Children or even play some games on their interactive website, follow the link or scan the QR code.






Good Morning Everyone!!!

WOW, week 6 already! This term seems to be flying past and we are all enjoying ourselves and maximising our learning, which is fantastic to see.

AACPS is a registered eSmart school. eSmart is a behaviour-change framework that guides the introduction of policies, practices and whole-school change processes to support the creation of a cybersafe or ‘eSmart’ environment. As an eSmart School, we have a strong focus on the right of everyone to be safe and respected, and explicitly teach about this right and associated responsibilities.

All students at ACPS participate in Common Sense Media’s Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum. This curriculum provides the tools needed to teach students how to participate safely, responsibly, and respectfully in today’s digital world. Used by more than 70,000 schools, the curriculum is research-based and covers topics such as Internet safety, cyberbullying, online privacy, and more.

Showbie is a free educational app for teachers and students that makes creating and completing assignments, providing assessments, and storing grades easy. It is perfect for collaboration and utilising our 1:1 iPad program effectively. Showbie is essentially a digital portfolio that students will use from Prep all the way through to Year 6. It is crucial that our students have this app so they can create, collaborate and share their ideas.

Above is 2F’s Showbie class code: DLHEP. It would be fantastic if every student had this app and was able to use technology to its full potential.

Have a fantastic week. Miss Alebakis 🙂

Pancake Day!!!!!

Today in the wonderful classroom community that is 2F and 2G, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday. It is also known as pancake day. We were super excited to find out that we were going to make, and eat pancakes on this special day. Everyone in our classroom absolutely loves pancakes so it was fantastic to see such enthusiasm.

The Recipe
Our Ingredients

We started off by reading through the recipe on how to make dutch pancakes. We discovered that it was a procedural text – a procedural text is something that helps us create or make a product. Students identified the different parts of a recipe, for example, ingredients, cooking time, instructions/method. Using these parts students verbalised what ingredients we needed and more specifically, how much of each ingredient we needed to make enough pancakes for all of us.


Everyone had a turn at adding vital ingredients and worked our way through mixing everything together. After we added and mixed, it was time to cook!!!! The smell of pancake wafted through our classrooms and we were all very excited to taste.


Here’s what our students thought of Pancake Day:

The pancakes were delicious – Brianna 

They were yummy! – Blake 

It was very, very, very fun and exciting – Akshara 

We were making pancakes at school!!!!– Jaipreet 

They were the best pancakes I have ever eaten – Ashton 

They were nice and I liked them – Efe 

We had lots of fun eating the pancakes – Bebaik 

The pancakes were incredible – Chris 

The pancakes were fantastic and looked great – Charli 

We all got a turn at mixing, it was fun – Blessing 

When we were making the pancakes, my favourite part was eating. They were delicious. – Ela 

Pancakes are the best! – Bailey

Stay tuned for more adventures from 2F and 2G 🙂

Miss Alebakis and Mrs Rushworth, and all our amazing students 🙂

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