Discovering our school in Spanish!


This term we had the challenge of learning words to describe our school in Spanish. First we took Buddy Bear for a walk around the school to figure out what words and concepts we needed to learn and the names of different school areas.

FullSizeRender IMG_1217

Then we made marionetas / finger puppets to help us write stories and learn the names of class resources and stationeries. It was so much fun! Muy diverido!


IMG_1344 2

We learnt to say Tengo / ‘I have’. We  identified different objects around our classroom, took pictures and recorded our voices saying a sentence about objects we have. Here is an example:

Mi escuela Y2 Project from Luluciernaga on Vimeo.

You can have a go and practise our vocabulary during your holiday!

Education Week in 2A

‘Technology: Create your future’ was the theme of the 2016 Education week. This suited 2A perfectly as we love exploring and investigating new technologies.

IMG_4953 2

Throughout the week we integrated the use of technology into our Reading, Writing and Maths lessons. We were able to use and explore new types of technology that we were yet to discover!


At the end of the week we were able to present what we had done to our parents and teach them how to use some technology. We think that they were all impressed!

Check out the video below of the presentation we did for our parents!



Welcome Better Buddy Car!

This week during P.E, we met Better Buddy Car. We were all very excited to meet Better Buddy and are looking forward to working with Buddy.

How will Better Buddy Car help us during P.E? Buddy will help us with our decision making during activities/games, spatial awareness, support one another and challenge us even more to make us better learners.

This week Better Buddy played Scarecrow Tiggy and was saving us by driving through our legs. Buddy also was the goal keeper during our goal kicking game.

We can’t wait to see Buddy next week in P.E and we are excited to see how he can help us.

Do you have any questions for Buddy? Write back with your questions.

Stay active,

Miss P and Grade2’s








Celebrating Education Week

WOW!! What an incredible week to be a part of!! Education Week celebrated and promoted Technology in our classrooms. It was an opportunity to integrate technology into our learning and develop a strong knowledge of coding and programming.


To begin with, we used Hopscotch to create our own games. We watched a video clip to help us start and then tried doing it ourselves. We needed to code different characters to move, jump, spin around, turn, and change colour. Once we finished coding we could play our own games that we created from scratch.

Experimenting with Hopscotch.
Experimenting with Hopscotch.

We then had an EPIC, BeeBot playtime. We got to experiment with BeeBots and figured out what they could do. We identified how to program them to move forwards, backwards, left and right. From this, we developed a map of an obstacle course that we were going to make and program BeeBot to break through. It was a challenging experience and it took a while for us to get it right!


On Friday the 20th of May, our family and friends were invited to an open session. It involved opening up our classroom and sharing our work! It was fantastic to see parents come in and watch students show them all the incredible work we have been doing. 2F shared a video of what we want to be when we grow up. We are curious to see if this stays the same.

While reflecting on Education Week, our students said:

Kovidh: “It was a fun week of playing and exploring different games”

Tayla: “Excellent week of learning and exploring”

Raidyn: ” I liked playing with the BeeBots”

Makayla: ” BeeBots are really fun to play with”

Blessing: ” It was fun seeing the BeeBot go through the track we made”

It was a fabulous week to explore technology and discover something new. We will continue to build upon our technology skills throughout our learning!!

Miss Alebakis and 2F

CBL Discovery and Experiments

During CBL so far this term we have been researching and investigating different types of topics such as, Dinosaurs, Animals, Space, Plants and Machines. We have been learning about our own topics and solutions for our CBL challenge.

In order to predict and hypothesise events we decided to conduct some experiments to expand our brain power. The experiments were called, ‘Volcano Eruption’ and ‘Flower Colours’. We were able to predict what might happen and take some observations throughout each experiment. We documented our findings using our personal discovery journals using Book Creator.


Here is what we predicted – Flower Colours

Imogen: “I predict that when I put the flower petal in the water and food colouring, it will change colour”

Talia: “I predict that it is going to be a rainbow flower”

Laaibah: “I predict that it will become a rainbow flower”

Eventually we found out that the flower would change colour from white to either, red, yellow, blue, green or pink. We could see the flower slowly changing colour each day. It took 3 full days to see the end results.

Here is what we predicted – Volcano Eruption

Marco: “I predict that the volcano will explode”

Salim: “I predict that when the vinegar goes inside the bottle, it will explode”

We found out that when vinegar mixes with bicarb soda it causes a reaction, making the volcano erupt. It was interesting to see how different ingredients react when they are put together.

Experiments were a fantastic way to make predictions and discover something new. Our students absolutely loved the theatre of learning the different processes that we took to conduct an experiment.

Creating our Future through Digital Learning

2D and 2G were excited to share some of our technology based learning with our parent visitors on Friday afternoon during Education Week. The theme for the education week was “Technology: Create Your Future”. This was a great opportunity to showcase creative and purposeful ways we integrated technology in our learning.

The power of digital technology to enhance learning for our students amazed our parent visitors. They were impressed to see our future digital innovators showing off their digital skills. Students were extremely proud of their learning that they were able to share. Here are some of our learning that we shared with our parent visitors:

We followed a procedural text to connect circuits, exploring inputs and outputs putting Little Bits together


We explored directions and mapping using the Robot Dash and Bee Bots


We also became directors and created an iMovie trailer based on our topic of personal interest.


Thank you to all the parents who visited and gave us incredible amount of encouragement. We loved sharing our innovations with you!

Education Week Open Afternoon

It was wonderful to have some of our parents visit us for our Education Week open afternoon on Friday. Gracias!/ Thank you!

We celebrated the theme of “Technology: Create Your Future” by learning how to spell some of the words about school objects we have been learning in Spanish using Bee Bots.

Untitled from Dan Summerell on Vimeo.

Students were separated in to small groups where they had to program Bee Bots to spell out a given Spanish word on alphabet mats. They first had to create the right algorithm on paper using the directions of adelante (forward), izquierda (left), derecha (right) and atras (behind) and indicating how many times they would use that direction, for example tres adelante (three times forward). Then they had the fun job of testing their algorithm by programming Bee Bot to move around the alphabet mat in the correct order. Students had fun saying Vamos! and pressing Go!


We hope all our visitors enjoyed seeing one of the many ways we are able to incorporate technology purposefully and creatively in class across subjects. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the challenges it created.


– Mr Summerell and Señora Garcia

Learning through experience

This was an exciting week for Grade 2s. On Thursday, we attended an excursion to Scienceworks and the Melbourne Museum as researchers to explore different discovery ideas we were passionate about. Prior to the excursion, we wondered and pondered about our ideas to generate thick questions that can guide us in our personal discoveries. The excursion was an excellent learning opportunity that helped us discover new learning through real life experience. Our individual questions directed us to the information we wanted to know. We recorded some of our new discoveries using our iPads to share with our Aitken Creek community:




Education Week in P.E

Technology: Create Your Future.

What a week!

We learnt that ICT can play a huge role in P.E by making us better athletes, improving our fitness, improving our knowledge and most importantly keeping us fit and active.

Grade 1-2 students focused on our kicking technique and learnt about sports that require to kick a ball. We learnt how to kick an AFL ball. This was pretty hard, but we understood we can’t throw the ball into the air, we need to drop the ball and kick the ball before it touches the floor.

As a class we analysed our kicking skill using an app called Coach’s Eye. This was really cool to see, as we were able to compare to people with their kicking skills.

We also took part in Dungeon Run and Just Dance interactive activities. This makes us work hard!

Well done to everyone!

Stay active,

Miss P 🙂

IMG_4843 IMG_1821

Our ‘Discovery’ excursion

On Thursday the 19th of May, the Grade Two students went on an excursion to Melbourne Museum and Science works to work on their ‘Discovery’ questions in CBL. Students who attended Science Works explored Space and Technology while the other students who went to the Museum explored Dinosaurs, the Earth and animals.

Everyone came back excited and ready to share their newly learnt knowledge with everyone explaining what we saw, what we liked and what we learnt about out topics. Here are some of the new information we came back to school knowing.

Cooper ‘ I learnt that when something goes into a black hole, it never returns to space.’

Clayton ‘ I learnt that the Red Back Spider is the most dangerous spider on the planet, it kills up to 600 people a year.’

Lalit ‘ I learnt that gases and smokes are a part of science. Science Works was fun and awesome; I learnt a lot of new things from there.

Insia ‘ I saw interesting things like a dead colossal squid and some dinosaur fossils.’

Anna ‘ I learnt a lot of new things about animals and wild animals. I also saw different animals under the sea, bones and skeletons.’

Charli ‘ I liked going into the 3D room looking at Volcanos. I learnt that Whales like to eat Squid.’

Benji ‘ I learnt that Dinosaurs no longer exists because there was a volcanic eruption.’

Aadya ‘ I learnt that Dinosaurs were enormous and scary, and they could also eat people.’

Jenna ‘ I learnt that Animals can’t survive with food and water, also in Africa animals can eat people.’

Angel ‘ I learnt that when stars explode in space, they have little black holes they go into.’

Dante ‘ I learnt that the Saber Tooth Tiger has sharp pointy teeth so they can dig into their prey.’

Udjith ‘ I learnt about different Rockets.’

Will ‘ I learnt that Jupiter is the heaviest planet in space.’

Keiana ‘ I saw lots of Dinosaurs, Bones, Animals, Bugs and Sealife. It was incredible at the Museum; I loved the 3D movie.’

Ridwaan ‘ I learnt that Dinosaurs are made of skeletons and they are all different.’

Sarah ‘ I learnt that Space never ends, it goes around and around.’

Harshil ‘ I created my own game, where you can choose the backgrounds and pictures.’

Gabriel ‘ I learnt about dinosaur fossils, fishes under the sea and the ocean. I saw a giant red spider which was poisonous.’

Bilal ‘ I learnt about spiders; they are dangerous and scary.’

Hussen ‘I learnt about Dinosaurs and when they become extinct people find their bones.’
Students had a great time attending the excursion, and they were able to explore as well as researching and discovering their topics. Thank you to everyone that helped during the excursion. We enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to do it again.

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