Carnaval is coming to Aitken Creek in term 2!


During term 1 we leant about how Carnaval is celebrated across the Spanish-speaking world and worked very hard preparing to celebrate it in term 2!

We are proud that we are working across different subjects to make sure our school looks fantastic and we have great performances to showcase what we have learnt.

During week 2 there will be a number of performances during lunch times and the special event in on Thursday April 21! The whole school will meet at the gym during session 5, and parents are welcome to attend too!

Students can dress up on Thursday for the fiesta and dress up parade. Bring happy colourful clothes or costumes!


Thanks to Sirin and Tanya from 5C for their wonderful artwork for the poster.

This term is so much fun!

We are using our words in Spanish to say how we feel about different events… for example, how we may feet at a fiesta!


¿Cómo estás? ¡Feliz! / How are you feeling? Happy!

In blue group in Performing Arts and in Spanish we are learning a traditional dance from the Andes in south American, and making chapchas (o chajchas), a traditional instrument of South American indigenous people normally made of goats’ toenails! but ours are nicer and we don’t hurt any animals.

chajchas andes y2

Read more updates and what we are doing in other grades in our Spanish class blog.

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From Ms. Garcia and students.

CBL Community Solutions

During Term 1 our CBL big idea was Community. We discovered that our community can be small and that it can be really big! We learnt that there are different types of communities. They are Urban, Suburban and Rural. We also learnt that our school is a community that we are all apart of and we investigated other school communities. We found out what our school’s had in common and what was different.

Exploring different communities using Nearpod!
Exploring different communities using Nearpod!

We skyped with Mariana Llanos and brought her into our school community even though she was in another country.  We went on a school walk to see the different people that made up our community. It is made up of students, teachers, families, friends, office staff, other school staff and us.

Skyping with Mariana Llanos :)
Skyping with Mariana Llanos 🙂

Our challenge was to Build a Community of Togetherness. To complete our challenge we had to think of the problems within our community and then we had to think of solutions. Some of the problems we thought of were: people in our community weren’t showing the school values, we didn’t know what students in blue timetable were doing, we don’t find out about other schools and what their communities are like, and we were a community with Arcare next door but we are not apart of their community.

Exploring other schools.
Exploring other schools.
Sorting pictures into categories: Where do they fit in our community?
Sorting pictures into categories: Where do they fit in our community?

From these problems we had to come up with solutions for them. One of our solutions was to visit Arcare and build a community together. We wanted to skype with another grade to tell them what we have been doing and arranging teaching time with classes from blue timetable. Also we wanted to make a video or a book to show people how to display our school values as well as having school value monitors.

Reading to the residents at Arcare.
Reading to the residents at Arcare.

We had lots of fun exploring our big idea this term in CBL! I wonder what is in store for us next term….

Numeracy Fun with Robots

Students from 2A decided that for their CBL solution they wanted to bring together classes from different timetables. This fit well with our challenge to ‘create a community of togetherness’.

2A welcomed 2B in to their learning environment and worked collaboratively with Bee Bots and Dash robots to complete some interesting numeracy tasks.

Students were challenged to brainstorm as many different number sentences as they could to end up with a specific number as their answer.  Once they finished, they had to create simple algorithms using the language of forward, back, left, right, pause and go to make their robots create the number sentences they brainstormed.

This was a fantastic, engaging activity that brought students from both our red and blue timetables together for the first time since they were in grade 1. Both classes are looking forward to attempting something similar in Term 2.

Teaching Time with 2C

During CBL this term we have focused on the idea of Community. Our students had to think of problems we had within our community and one of them was that we do not see students and teachers in the blue timetable enough. To fix this problem students in our class came up with the solution that was to, organise teaching time with a class from blue timetable.

We are learning in Miss Farrugia's Classroom Community.
We are learning in Miss Farrugia’s Classroom Community.

The class we chose to organise teaching time with was 2C! To organise teaching time we had to email and send notes to Miss Farrugia to find out a time we can come into their classroom! We were so lucky that Miss Farrugia replied and we were able to go in on Tuesday the 22nd of March during session 1.

We really enjoyed reading with 2C!
We really enjoyed reading with 2C!

We were so excited to visit 2C and share with them what we have been learning about this term. We got to read to all the students from 2C and found out their favourite poems and books!!

What a fun reading session!
What a fun reading session!

It was so much fun!! Miss Farrugia and Miss Alebakis have even decided to do this again next term!!


Walk to School Program

This year we are very excited about our new whole school program called Walk to School Program. This program will begin in Term Two and as a whole school community we aim to get as many students and families to participate in our Walk to School Days. Once a month we have allocated a day for everyone to participate.

We have created posters for the school to promote our program, we are very excited about this.

Grade 2’s took part in a mini video – have a look and see!


  • To get as many families to walk to and from school safely.
  • To reduce school traffic during peak time.
  • To reinforce the importance of staying active and healthy.

How will the program work?

  • Once a month we will dedicate a day called ‘Walk to School Day’ and we will ask as many families to walk to and from school safely. To collate results, teacher’s will ask students who rode, walked, scooted or skated to school and add on their results onto a whole school google sheet. This could be also done during a numeracy lesson as well.
  • During assembly (for both groups) there will be a ‘Golden Shoe’ (trophy) awarded for the grade with the most participation during our allocated Walk to School Day. The class will keep the ‘Golden Shoe’ until the next Walk to School Day. (RED SHOE and BLUE SHOE)
  • Miss P to present the trophies during assembly.

Walk to School Days – Aitken Creek

TERM TWO – 2016         22nd April, 13th May and 10th June.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 11 April 12 13 14 15


Week 2 Promoting Walk to School Day throughout the week 22 Walk to School Day (April)
Week 3 25 26 27 28 Assembly – Present Trophy BLUE 29
Week 4 2 May 3 4 5 Assembly – RED 6
Week 5 Promoting Walk to School Day throughout the week 13 Walk to School Day (May)
Week 6 16 17 18 19 Assembly – RED 20
Week 7 23 24 25 26 Assembly – BLUE 27
Week 8 30


31 1 June 2 3
Week 9 Promoting Walk to School Day throughout the week 10 Walk to School Day (June)
Week 10 QUEENS BIRTHDAY 14 15 16 Assembly – RED 17
Week 11 20 21 22 23 Assembly – BLUE 24


Walk to School Days – Aitken Creek.

TERM THREE – 2016         22nd July, 12th August and 2nd September.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 11 JULY 12 13 14 15
Week 2 Promoting Walk to School Day throughout the week 22 Walk to School Day  (July)
Week 3 25 26 27 28 Assembly – Present Trophy BLUE 29
Week 4 1 AUGUST 2 3 4 Assembly – RED 5
Week 5 Promoting Walk to School Day throughout the week 12 Walk to School (August)
Week 6 15 16 17 18 Assembly – RED 19
Week 7 22 23 24 25 Assembly – BLUE 2
Week 8 Promoting Walk to School Day throughout the week 2 Walk to School Day (September)
Week 9 5 6 7 8 Assembly – BLUE 9
Week 10 12 13 14 15 Assembly – RED 16


Walk to School Days – Aitken Creek.

TERM FOUR – 2016         14th October, 4th November and 1st December.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 3 October 4 5 6 7
Week 2 Promoting Walk to School Day throughout the week 14 Walk to School Day  (October)
Week 3 17 18 19 20 Assembly – Present Trophy BLUE 21
Week 4 24 25 26 27 Assembly – RED 28
Week 5 Promoting Walk to School Day throughout the week 4 Walk to School (November)
Week 6 7 8 9 10 Assembly – RED 11
Week 7 14 15 16 17 Assembly – BLUE 18
Week 8 20 21 22 23 24
Week 9 27 28 29 30 1 (December)

Xmas Themed

Week 10       15 Assembly – RED  
Week 11        


Yours in Sport,

Grade 2’s and Miss P.

Connecting globally through mystery skype




2D were looking forward to this all week! Today we were fortunate to meet a children’s poet, named Tiffany Stone,  all the way from Canada through Mystery Skype. This was a perfect learning opportunity as we were learning about different types of poems and writing some ourselves.

Prior to meeting Tiffany, we prepared our prior knowledge about poems and gathered thoughtful questions that we could ask her: “Where do you get your ideas from”; “How long did it take you to become  a poet”; and “What process do you go through during writing.”

Coincidentally, we found out that Tiffany also used Writer’s Notebook just like us! She shared many useful tips on how to get our ideas ready for writing and how to collect fabulous words that could make our writing look and sound amazing. Some of the tips included capturing interesting things that we sense around us, writing about the things we love and using thesaurus to collect synonyms. She also revealed to us her secret weapon, which was the rhyming dictionary!

The highlight of Mystery Skype was being able to share our poems that we wrote with Tiffany and getting lots of feedback. Mystery Skype was an incredible learning experience that motivated us to write more in order to increase our writing stamina.

2F’s Adventures with Prep H!

In 2016, 2F have been lucky enough to be paired up with Prep H, for this years buddy program!

Each week we have been working together and building a safe and supportive community. We have also been able to use our brand new PlayPod with Prep H! It has been a lot of fun being able to see what our students can create, while only using scrap materials such as; large pieces of cardboard, fabrics, barrels and much more!!!


Working as a team with our buddies!
Working as a team with our buddies!

Last week we also began constructing our own community with Prep H. This links in with teamwork, responsibility, leadership and our Term 1 big idea ‘Community’. Students are working really well together, building our school community out of boxes and other materials.

We are having lots of fun with Prep H and love having them as our buddies for 2016. I wonder adventures we will get up to this year.

The Play Pod!

We have been having so much fun at the Play Pod.


The Play Pod is full of ‘scrap’ that we can use to create, make and build interesting things using our imaginations.

The slide we made was very popular, everyone wanted a turn!


Some of us built a car and went for a bit of a drive…

IMG_4555 IMG_4548

We drove around so much we had to stop to fill up with some petrol.


Preparing our dance floor so we can get our boogie on…


We can’t wait to build more things.



We are very excited this term, getting ready for our Carnaval party for the whole school in Term 2 (April 21). This term in blue group we will be learning a song from the Andes region to learn more about how people in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Northern Argentina and Chile celebzamponarate Carnaval. We will also be making zampoñas (pan flutes).

It will be fun! Divertido!


Also, starting on Week 7, on Thursdays at lunch time at Art room 1 (Miss Kirk’s), we will have a special Spanish/Art club to do some displays for the festival.

Students in Year 1 & 2 are welcome.

Hasta pronto,

Señora García.

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