On Friday 20th July the Year 2 students participated in a range of provocations to help spark their interest based on the topic of ‘Power’.

2F and 2G’s first rotation was based on cooking, self care and household appliances. Children were given the opportunity to explore a range of resources and technology from the past and present . We then documented our thoughts and wonderings on our iPads and in our CBL journals.

We were all very creative and used our imagination to guess what different objects could be used for.

Thoughts and wonderings about the electric can opener:

‘I think this is a shaver’

‘This looks like an ice machine that can make iced drinks’

‘This machine can pour water’

‘This reminds me of a machine I have at home that cuts food’


We hope you enjoyed reading our post ūüôā



We’ve got the POWER!

What an amazing day it was today for Year 2 students, who had the opportunity to explore a variety of provocations relating to

‘The POWER of Technology’.






In the first part of our session, 2B and 2E we focused on Power Sources and Technology. Students were able to tune in to the topic by reading books and viewing videos about different power sources.








For the second part of our session, students made paper windmills and created  kites. They were able to make connections to wind power through the creation of the windmills and kites.






In the final session of the day, students created a reflection on their learning. Students focused on their favorite activities throughout the day and why they though technology is powerful.

Jiya 2B: I really enjoyed watching videos of people dancing from the 1950’s and I could hear that the music was plain.

Curtis 2B: I created a kite using string and paper. I had to run in the direction of the wind to help my kite fly.

Paramveer 2E: When playing old games like pixie sticks and marbles, I was curious because we always plays games on ipads now

Ayaan 2E: We made windmills today because there are places that use windmills to create energy to make electricity.

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Power through Gaming and Systems

Today we were exposed to a range of provocations around the Big Idea of Power. The first provocation we participated in was with Mr Hampton and Miss Ashby. The activities were based around gaming and systems. We played many different games including: Hopscotch, Dominoes, Elastics, Marbles, Quoits, Pick-up Sticks and Pinball. We also got to experiment with the Littlebits and Beebots. We had lots of fun and it has got us wondering….. How do games relate to power? Do you know how?

2D & 2H

Welcome back to Term 3!

Welcome back to Term Three!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and now in preparation for the new term there are a few reminders to get us on our way.

Arriving at school and attendance:
It is essential that students are attending school every day and arriving to their classroom at 8:50am. Our classroom instruction commences at this time and if students come any later they miss out on important learning time and social interactions with their peers. Across the Year Two cohort we will be celebrating 100% attendance and punctuality when we achieve this within our rooms.

Lunch boxes:
We’ve loved seeing the amazing efforts going into packed lunchboxes. Just a friendly reminder that it is important your children have enough food for the school day, including lunch and snacks.¬†

Writing Seeds:
It would be great to see children bringing in seeds/writing prompts on Monday from their holiday experiences. This will help remember the wonderful moments they’ve had over the holidays and stimulate ideas and creativity in writing.

Please ensure that if your child has an iPad to bring in every day. It needs to be fully charged and have all required Apps downloaded and updated. This is really important as we will be using them on a daily basis as a learning tool throughout the term.

2018 P-2 ACPS Student iPad App List 

The Year Two Teachers are super excited to be back and we look forward to seeing all your smiling faces Monday morning, ready to learn and to follow our curiosities.



Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you are all having an amazing holiday break! I had to share the AMAZING news after checking the current scores on Word Mania.

Even though we are still in the practise rounds we are absolutely shining and putting in our best efforts. Well done to everyone that has managed to log on and have a game during the holiday period.

Remember the more we practise the more experience and skill we will have when it comes to the first round of competition. Not only will it help us in the competition but it will also help us as learners with our spelling!

Below is an update on our position on the National and Regional Leaderboard! 

Yes, you read that correctly! We are FIRST on the National Leaderboard and FIRST on the Regional Leaderboard!

You should all be super proud of your efforts and I am so excited to see what the competition holds for us.

Keep up the hard work and make sure you have a lot of fun playing Word Mania.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

** Comment below and tell us your high score or bonus point successes. Let’s all celebrate our wonderful efforts!**

Discovery CBL Solutions and concert in 2H

It has been a busy time in 2H. We worked very hard on researching and creating different ways to present our discoveries.

We really enjoyed seeing our ideas come together and getting to share our discoveries with 2D and our friends. We loved seeing the ways other classes shared their discoveries too.

Our discoveries were on lots of different topics such as Building and how they are made, Space and the solar system, How rockets work, The body, Our Eyes, Tornadoes and The Mars Curiosity Rover.

We also had the chance to show off our dancing and performance skills along with our pirate hats at the P-2 concert last week. We really hope your enjoyed our perfomance as much as we did!

We’re very excited to have fun on our holidays and come back to school in term 3 ready to learn a lot more!

Have a great holiday everyone!

Discovery Solution Open Morning

Dear Parents,

We had a wonderful turnout to our Discovery Solution Open Morning! Students were ecstatic to showcase their projects to their friends and families. There were able to explain the process and their journey within the Challenge Based Learning topic of Discovery.

Students in 2E and 2B took the opportunity to give each other written feedback about the solutions. They discussed their topics with each other and were very positive in their statements.

Thankyou for reading!

2B and 2E

CBL Solutions

This week, we have been working super hard on our CBL solutions! Our challenge for this Term is to ‘Showcase our Discovery’. Throughout the Term, we have been investigating our own questions, in an area of interest, to form our personal discoveries. We have researched our information using books and websites. We have developed our knowledge of the features of non-fiction texts through using books, and have built on our digital citizenship skills by using keyword searches and through evaluating the trustworthiness of websites. After collecting all our research, we have begun creating a display of our discovery in a format of our choice. We will showcase our discoveries to our grade 5 buddy class next week!


Friend Like Me

On Monday, we rehearsed our concert dance with Grade 2I. They came to our classroom and we practised the dance together. Mrs Fernandes and Grade 2I gave feedback on how to improve our dance.

Our concert dance was from Aladdin. – Benadee

On Thursday morning, all the Grade Prep, One and Two students did a final rehearsal in the gym. We sat in the red section and watched other children’s performances. When it was our turn, we went to the quiet zone and went back stage to get ready for our dance. We were really confident.

After school Hannah and I went to Maumau’s house and we ate noodles. We drank soft drink and we put on our clothes. I felt scared. – Olivia

After school we went home and had a rest. After that, we changed into our party clothes. We went back to school at 5:30. I felt happy and excited.- Sia

Then I came to school with my parents at 5:30 PM  and showed them where the gym is. РAvani

When we got to school, my class got ready. The boys wore sparkly hats, buttoned shirts, black pants and black footwear. I felt confident. – Aish

We put our feather boas on and went to the gym and waited in our lines. I wasn’t nervous at all. I was feeling excited. – Merza

When we got to school, we watched Tom and Jerry. We took pictures. I was nervous, happy and excited. – Shaurya

Some teachers were putting balloons in the gym. – Devika

We went to the concert dance in the gym. We did the performance. I felt happy. My parents were happy. – Armaan

I felt excited for the concert dance. – Milind

My mum and dad were happy when I was doing the aeroplane moves. – Sadika

We all started dancing happily. I felt excited. After the dance was finished, we went back to our classroom. Then we went home. All our parents were proud of us. – Avneet

Parents, if you have any videos of the dance from the red zone, could you please let me know so I can replace the video above?

Thank you,

Grade 2C and Mrs Mladenis




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