Coding a Blue Bot

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Today in 2A we worked collaboratively in groups to describe a series of steps to program a Blue Bot. We had to plan a route to program the Blue Bot to follow a path and write a sequence of steps (algorithm). We found out that we had to test our algorithms and debug if they were unsuccessful. Trial and error played a big part in getting our Blue Bots to the correct location using an accurate algorithm.

Check out a video of a Blue Bot in action: 

Hafsa – I had to debug because it didn’t work the first time.

Mo Yan – We created an algorithm that made our Bee Bot go to all the planets on the mat.

Word Mania Update

Wow, what an amazing thing to see! This morning when I logged onto Literacy Planet to see our updated scores, I was so surprised. All of your efforts are really standing out and our score proves it.

Currently we are sitting in 35th position on the National Leaderboard and 2nd place in our local region.

Keep up the hard work! We will be checking on our scores in class to monitor our efforts. Keep playing and aim for those high scores.

Well done to everyone who has contributed so far!


Good Morning Year Two Community,

It is that time of year again, the WORD MANIA CHALLENGE is here! We would love to see all students and parents involved in the challenge. We need everyone to jump onto Word Mania and play as many times as you can to build up the highest possible scores. Last year our Year Two students achieved a tenth placing on the National Leaderboard and won some amazing prizes.
Together we can achieve great things, so let’s get playing!

Accessing Word Mania:
Word Mania is accessible on desktop and mobile devices. Simply log in to LiteracyPlanet on desktop and click on the Word Mania icon, or can download the free Word Mania 2018 app (iOS and Android). Students use their LiteracyPlanet login details for Word Mania.

How to Play
Word Mania is an interactive online word building game. Players are given a board of 15 randomly generated letters, and have three minutes to create as many words as they can. Every valid word formed earns points. Longer and more complex words score higher, and scores can be boosted by building valid words consecutively, and using special Gold and Diamond letter tiles. Word building uses various literacy skills: phonemes, morphemes including affixes and plurals, spelling, word recognition, vocabulary and word knowledge. Students can play as many times as they like, and the sum of the highest 50 game scores by at least five students from the same grade will be their school’s score for that year level.

$350,000 in Prizes!

Word Mania Dates:
Practise – Thursday, May 17 – Sunday, July 29.
Competition Round 1- Monday, July 30 to Friday, August 3.
Competition Round 2 – Monday, August 6 to Friday, August 10.
Final Round – Wednesday, August 15 to Friday, August 17.

For more information visit:


World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day. We started off the day by brainstorming what we thought this day was all about.

‘I think it is about not using wrappers and keeping our environment clean’ – Caitlin

‘I think it is about keeping animals safe’ – Sehajnoor

‘I think it is about not polluting’ – Ayla

We decided that World Environment Day is about looking after the environment.

In reading we read about ways we can use less plastic. Then in writing we created our own persuasive posters about different environmental issues. We voted on the posters and chose the ones we believed were the most persuasive.


Scienceworks Excursion

Dear parents and carers,

“On the 30th of May, we got in the bus and we went through a tunnel. When we went through a tunnel, everyone was screaming. It was a long drive.” – Sia


“We saw the city. Then we arrived at Scienceworks.” – Shaurya

“First we ate food. Second we wrote about the senses: smell, hear, touch and see.” – Milind

“I worked with my mum, Jannat M, Shylah, Sadika and Benadee. We wrote about seeing, smelling, hearing and touching.” – Olivia

“My favourite bit about Scienceworks was the Planetarium. So we lay down in a chair and look up at the ceiling and we watched Tycho to the Moon! Scienceworks is so awesome!” – Benadee

“In the Planetarium the seats could push down if we leaned on them. We tried to make constellations.” – Avani

“My favourite bit about Science works is the bit that we go into a thing, slide the door and we have to push it. The other door opened. You go in it, then people think you disappeared. Then you pop out of nowhere when they aren’t looking.” – Aish

“We went to the exhibitions and we looked at very cool things like wheelchair races, rock climbing, running races, buildings.” – Merza

“After we went back to school and then we looked at some photos and went home. It was fun! I never knew Scienceworks existed but now I know.” – Avneet

Today we reflected on our learning experiences with some writing. Some of our writing is in this blog post!

We also surveyed each other about what we enjoyed about the excursion to Scienceworks. We collected data in a table using tallies. Next we graphed our results to show our data in a visual display.

Thanks for reading.

Balloon Magic

Today we completed a science experiment. We followed the scientific process as we had seen in Ada Twist Scientist.

We started by asking the question: What would happen if we mixed baking soda and vinegar together? We then made a hypothesis.

I predict the balloon will pop – Sophie

I predict the balloon will float – Arya

Next, we did the experiment. For the experiment, we had to fill an empty bottle with vinegar. We then put baking powder in a balloon using a funnel. We attached the balloon to the top of the bottle and watched what happened. Can you guess what happened?

….The baking powder mixed with the vinegar, which caused a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction produced Carbon Dioxide. The Carbon Dioxide had no where to go so it ended up inflating the balloon.


Skittles Investigation

In 2E we have been investigating Skittles.

We made different predictions about what we thought would happen when we added Skittles into water.

In our experiment, we followed a method and used materials to complete it.

2E discovered that the colours from the Skittles came off and melted into the water to make patterns and a design of colours.

We also discovered that the letter ‘S’ from the Skittles came off.

Thankyou for reading!

From Miss. Sahin and 2E

Sketchnoting in Grade 2C

Dear parents and carers,

We have been learning about the Big Idea of “Discovery”. Some of our questions were:

  • Why is space dark? – Olivia
  • How do you live in space? – Devika
  • How many stars are in space? – Jannat M
  • Who discovered space? – Avani
  • Why are there planets in space? – Sia
  • How is the sun made? – Lakshmeet
  • How many rocks are in space? – Japtesh
  • Why does space have gravity? – Shaurya
  • What are planets made out of? – Mirha

We have been reading books about space and researching answers to some of our questions.

We have also been sketch noting to take notes using key words and pictures. Here are some examples:

“I learned there are lots of planets.” – Shaurya

“I learned there are stars and the moon in the sky.” – Sia

“Space started with the big bang.” – Aish

“I learned there are thousands of things in the sky.” – Mirha

“I learned that Mars is red.” – Benny

“I learned about Earth.” – Armaan

Thanks for reading!

From Mrs Mladenis and Grade 2C


STEM engineering project based on The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The troll would not let the billy goats cross the river however the children from 2I using their scientific reasoning, problem solving and teamwork skills worked on constructing a raft to carry the billy goats across the river.

The process

  • Designing our rafts – which materials do you think will work best?

  • Building our rafts – do you need to change your design?
  • Testing our rafts to see if they sink or float.

  • Did  your raft support the weight of your goat?










Being Better Buddies!

This week we were lucky to spend almost all day Monday with our buddy class 5B. We worked together on Art, Spanish, PE, and Performing Arts activities.

We focused on Teamwork and showing our Classroom Expectations.

In numeracy we have continued our work on Problem solving and are trying new strategies.

We have also been looking at doubles facts and vertical addition too!

We’re looking forward to sharing more of our learning into discovery soon!

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