Welcome to 2E

We have had a very busy start to the year and a fantastic time in the classroom. Earlier last week, 2E spent lost of time getting to know each other. Together the class participated in various activities to build on their physical, social and emotional skills as well as supporting one another by being positive, practising ‘good choice’ and encourgaing one another to do their best!

Here are some snapshots of 2E playing ‘Tell Me Something About Yourself’ activity. Students were able to find out facts about one another and compare similarities that they could bond over. The class was noisy with chatter and students were engaged in conversations about themselves.

Thankyou for Reading!

2E and Miss. Sahin



This week we have begun to work on our CBL solutions. There are a number of projects that we are working to meet the challenge and solve a problem. We are all collaborating and sharing ideas with each other.

Today was the National Day Against Bullying. We watched a video made by children about bullying and spoke about our own experiences. We brainstormed strategies to stop bullying if it happens to us or if we see it happen to others. We then made a poster about a strategy using our iPads or on paper.

Connecting globally through mystery skype




2D were looking forward to this all week! Today we were fortunate to meet a children’s poet, named Tiffany Stone,  all the way from Canada through Mystery Skype. This was a perfect learning opportunity as we were learning about different types of poems and writing some ourselves.

Prior to meeting Tiffany, we prepared our prior knowledge about poems and gathered thoughtful questions that we could ask her: “Where do you get your ideas from”; “How long did it take you to become  a poet”; and “What process do you go through during writing.”

Coincidentally, we found out that Tiffany also used Writer’s Notebook just like us! She shared many useful tips on how to get our ideas ready for writing and how to collect fabulous words that could make our writing look and sound amazing. Some of the tips included capturing interesting things that we sense around us, writing about the things we love and using thesaurus to collect synonyms. She also revealed to us her secret weapon, which was the rhyming dictionary!

The highlight of Mystery Skype was being able to share our poems that we wrote with Tiffany and getting lots of feedback. Mystery Skype was an incredible learning experience that motivated us to write more in order to increase our writing stamina.